NYC Transformed

“Random acts of kindness, however small, can transform the world.”

Amit Ray



Like many others here in the U.S., my husband and I are visiting family to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  Our travels took us to New York City, where I was amazed to see there are still quite a few beautiful autumn leaves on the trees, transforming parts of the city into a colorful wonderland.



“Personal responsibility leads to national transformation.”

Sunday Adelaja

On a grand scale, nature can transform our world. In New York City, on a somewhat smaller scale, several cityscapes have been transformed into lovely parks and paths for residents’ enjoyment. In today’s post I’ve included scenes from Fort Washington Park which my husband and I visited earlier this week.



“Don’t ever stop believing in your own transformation.”

Lailah Delia

On a smaller level still, textures and effects can transform simple iPhone photos into interesting personal perspectives.  I’ll close with an artistic view of the George Washington Bridge, as seen from the park. It serves to transform the city into an egress/ingress point for travelers like ourselves.



“If you wish to transform, pretend this day until it is so.”

T.F. Hodge

As we enjoy our long weekend with family, both immediate and extended, love and friendship figures high among the many things for which we are grateful.  May you be equally blessed.

WPC: Transformation











66 thoughts on “NYC Transformed

  1. Hi Tina

    Hope you had fun in NYC. Perhaps you can help me with two questions:

    These pictures-How did you blow out the focus on the perimeter of these pictures and how did you give them such a gossamer yellow tone?

    Photo on Canvas-When a photo is printed on canvas does it automatically lose some sharpness in its details?

    The bridge photo should be entered in a contest for painters. It looks just like the Early Impressionists.



  2. I love the foggy or blurred edge feel here, Tina.
    and I remember other times when you have checked in from traveling to NY. So fun when bloggers do this because in a way – they let us roam with them – or it just adds a personal touch.
    and we went baltimore and also found a lot of color to still be soaked up – I guess the warmer weather has delayed the final dropping of leaves along the upper east coast.
    oh and the bike image is my fav of the post – the meandering dashed street line and the straight on bike tire – with the edge – very cool

  3. just gorgeous Tina!!! brilliant shots with your special touch makes for a true work of art!! thank u for sharing holiday in NYC!!!

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  5. Wonderful autumnal photos in New York, Tina. Sounds like you caught the last gasp of fall when you visited. Really like the first quote Amit. The smallest thing you do or say can leave such a profound impact – sometimes it is the small acts of kindness that help us see the bigger picture. Happy Thanksgiving. We don’t celebrate it here in Australia but no reason why we can’t be thankful and greatful. Always good to do, and remind ourselves to be thankful and greatful. Hope you and your husband are having good time together. Wishing you well, and stay together 🙂

    • Thanks Mabel – yes, “last gasp” is probably the perfect description! But I expected all of the leaves to have fallen so I was pleasantly surprised. Agree, more gratitude would be good for us all!

  6. Lots of lovely textures going on here Tina. You remind me to have another play with those! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are enjoying your time away from home. Always much in life to appreciate.

  7. Have a great time, Tina. Loved the various layers and you narrative with inspiring quotes. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in England, but we have a lot to be grateful for! x

  8. Your French Impressionist GW Bridge is quite lovely. These are gorgeous images Tina. I hope you are having a lovely weekend with your family. It’s what life is all about and gives us so much to be thankful for. Warmest wishes and a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

  9. Love these autumn pics of NYC. I tend to take pictures that every tourist takes of monuments and places of interest. You’re reminding me to look closely to see nature’s beauty. And I really love the artwork in the last picture. Nicely done. Happy Thanksgiving!

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