2017 Supermoon Ascending

“We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun.”

John Lennon



This month we experienced one of the most beautiful full moons I have ever seen. It was the final super moon of 2017, putting on an amazing display for sky-watchers everywhere (at least those of us lucky enough to have seen it on a clear night).



“Go slowly, my lovely moon, go slowly.”

Khaled Hosseini

Despite Mr. Hosseini’s wishes, the moon did NOT go slowly, in fact it was probably fully-ascended in about 20 minutes. I’d checked Photographers Ephemeris and positioned myself where I thought I could capture a tree silhouette in front of the moon, but alas I was off by just enough that it was beside the moon instead. Β More importantly though, the moonrise was lush with a warm orange color and breathtaking in its splendor. Photography notwithstanding, it was quite a sight to behold.



“It was the kind of moon that I would want to send back to my ancestors and gift to my descendants.”

Sanober Khan

For my followers who might wonder whether I used my new Fuji or my Nikon, Β I must admit it was the Nikon. To capture the detail of the moon I used my 70-200mm lens plus a 1.4 TC and a sturdy tripod – none of which I have for the Fuji. YET! But I’ve ordered a tripod plate for the Fuji and have traded in a good portion of my Nikon kit to finance a new lens or two for the Fuji – so keep checking, it’s a journey for sure!

Wishing everyone stress-free holiday preparations 😊.


WPC: Ascend







81 thoughts on “2017 Supermoon Ascending

  1. Heavens! Those are the most dramatic moon shots ever, Tina πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Wishing you and yours much joy this Christmas! I still have the dreaded food shop to do but then I’m done.

  2. Hi Tina beautiful photos (as it was taken with a Nikon).
    Pity about the tree but that is because you were using Nikon with a Fuji mindset and the tree ended up not being on the film. Sigh I blame Jane

  3. Gorgeous captures, Tina. I had no idea the moon could appear this magnificent!
    It would have been a smahing shot with the tree in front, but no need to feel sorry. Next time it’ll work. πŸ˜‰
    Back in Norway I attended a lecture by the Nordic Nikon ambassador Roger Brendhagen. I especially remember a remarkable shot of the moon with a fox in front of it. It took a lot of planning to find the right spot and then two days outside flat on the tummy waiting for an animal to appear.


    • Thanks for the compliment and the link Dina. That photo is beautiful. I cannot believe the fox was so cooperative!!! Pretty amazing what we can accomplish with a bit of planning added to some good luck!

  4. WOW….just WOW!!!!! as gary took out his iphone to capture this magnificent event I said “Oh don’t bother…let’s wait for Tina’s post….!” I just knew u were on it!!! The details & color spectacular….THANK U for always sharing!!!πŸ‘ Happy Happy to u 2 as well!!

    • Thanks Jane – not easy but well worth the effort. One of the things I love about photography is it pushes me to get out for moments like these. So glad I didn’t let myself miss it!!

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  6. Tina

    You are becoming more “impressionistic” in your work. The first picture in particular could be a painting. The dark vegetation at the bottom I first took for black brush strokes that contrast so well with the clarity of the night sky. The faint glow above the trees is really cool, especially where the moon interrupts it and then the moon itself looks like a painter’s interpretation.

    On the second picture the moon looks more familiar with its details and introduces science via astronomy. That brings us gently back to the real world of photography. It was quite a sight wasn’t it?

    Hope you guys have a great holiday season



    • Thanks so much Andy – the vegetation was actually blowing with the sea breezes and because I needed a long exposure for the moon they did indeed look very impressionist. Thanks for noticing that :-). It really was something to see – quite extraordinary. Happy Holidays to you too Andy!

  7. Oh, my, Tina, these are magical shots! Just beautiful. My holiday preparations are mostly low-stress, which is nice. However, when both girls get home and I have a few days of work as well, it will get a bit crazier. But it will be worth it. The house has been decorated for some time, I finished wrapping the gifts this morning, the tree is up and expanding so that my husband and the girls can decorate it in a few days, and I’m making meal plans. So far, very good. I do love Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours and thank you for all the beauty you’ve shared during the year.


    • Thanks so much Janet – sounds like you are well on your way! We are traveling north for our families as usual. I hate the travel and miss making Christmas at home but sadly I don’t think that’s in the cards for us. Instead I remind myself that the holiday is all about family and we are blessed to have two wonderful ones!

  8. β€œIn all her glory” is fabulous! Makes me wonder if there are adaptors for the 70-200mm. Such a special lens. It would be nice to use on your new Fuji.

    • Thanks Kathy. There is an adaptor but the autofocus wouldn’t work and my eyesight isn’t good enough for manual focus. Fuji has a lens they are saying is comparable so we shall see.

    • This one was definitely one to admire Shelley, that’s for sure! It’s quite a challenge to capture it but honestly even if I hadn’t I’m glad I was out there to see it. Much too good to miss!

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