Otherworldly Skies – WPC

“The sky has a huge heart open for all clouds even on the gloomiest of days.”

Munia Khan


This week my husband and I joined some good friends for 18 holes on Kiawah Island’s beautiful Ocean Course. The day started out bright and beautiful but as morning turned to afternoon the skies became a bit more foreboding.



“There is peace even in the storm”

Vincent Van Gogh

As we waited for the group in front of us to clear, it became apparent that a storm was imminent. Since we were walking the course and were quite a distance from shelter, we made the decision to call in for a ride back to the clubhouse. It didn’t hurt that none of us was doing a very good job of competing with the ever-increasing winds that came along with the clouds 😊



“Thunderstorms are as much our friends as the sunshine.”

Criss Jami

Since Ben’s challenge this week asks us to show a familiar scene in an otherworldly way, I thought these images of our normally-beautiful Ocean Course fit the bill perfectly. By comparison, I made the capture below in my backyard a few days earlier during a much more typical Kiawah day – quite the difference, wouldn’t you say?!



“In a dark and tumultuous place, know the storm will soon pass.”

Lorna Jackie Wilson








81 thoughts on “Otherworldly Skies – WPC

  1. OMG Tina these r gorgeous shots…SO mysterious…wow!!! hope u guys enjoyed your round….looked challenging😜👍

  2. Always love black and white. It adds a layer of moodiness to any sky. When the skies threaten, black and white creates a spectacular visual. Great collection of images for the challenge, my friend!

  3. Those are very dramatic skies! I like the quotation. I was once told to remember “this too will pass”, which I have found very helpful.

  4. Magnificent BIG sky and your group looks so tiny on the header. I must say the Eagle owns the space above. Between the dark clouds and cloudless atmosphere, a stark comparison. Nature always win when it comes to playing golf. Perpetua

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  6. Wow those storm cloud photos were amazing ! Beautifully captured, I liked the black and white. I’m glad we made the decision to quit when we did. Fun day to be with you and Bailey. Xo Pam

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    • Aha – not so Patti. The sky shots were all done with the Fuji! The eagle was my Nikon as I’ve not yet purchased a long lens for the Fuji. It did a great job with the atmospheric skies.

  7. Looks like a moody Scottish course! Every time I’ve seen a golf course there, it’s been under looming clouds like these. If your weather has been anything like that in coastal Georgia, you’ve had a great few weeks! Sorry this rolled in right during your golf outing, though!

  8. Loved these, T. Thank you. Certainly not much to catch right now. With oaks shedding and pollen coming out from everywhere, it always seems to be my least favorite time of the year. Of course we know this will pass and the beauty will return. Dar

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