The Gift – WPC

“What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time.”

Andre Derain



Jen has asked us to tell a story with our captures this week and for me it’s an opportunity to share a recent nature photography experience. In the shot above I’ve captured a friend standing in a disappearing sandbar during a shoot earlier this week.



“Light is precious in a world so dark.”

Kate DiCamillo

For the better part of 90 minutes, we shot landscapes in a grey, flat sky covered in clouds that showed no sign of clearing.  I crossed a deep stream, wet to the tops of my calves and covered in sand, to capture a flock of birds on the other side.



“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”

Roman Payne

We found ourselves shooting textures in the sand, scenes that lent themselves to B&W post-processing, monochromatic birds and any other subjects that might translate into something interesting without being lit by the stubbornly non-existent sun. Suddenly and with absolutely no warning, there came an unexpected break in the clouds and an incredible light burst through for a very brief moment.



“What we choose to do with the light while it’s here is up to us.”

Alexandra Elle

When the light appeared the landscape became glorious in every direction. The grasses were greener, the water bluer, and the sand grew positively luminous. The moral of the story is – never give up. Work the scenes you’re given and be ready (and appreciative) if the gift of a few perfect moments should come along.  


Many photographers can create nice images in good light. For me, it’s what we do with bad light that offers a more interesting challenge 🙂. Here then,  a few of my “creations” from the earlier part of the day.



“You can make it dark, but I can’t make it light.”

Jodi Picoult



“Every day you play with the light of the universe.”

Pablo Neruda





“If darkness surrounds you, look for the light.”

Ann Marie Aguilar


Last but not least, a capture of the sun’s final moment before the clouds closed back in.



“We must bring our own light to the darkness.”

Charles Bukowski

Here’s to the gift of light in moments of darkness – may we all appreciate both for the lessons they bring.


WPC: story


NOTE: For the photographers among us, I took advantage of the outing as an opportunity to compare Fuji vs Nikon, shooting duplicate photos with the two cameras. I’m happy to report the Fuji held its own despite the use of an 18-55mm kit lens vs Nikon’s legendary 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, an unfair comparison indeed. 


























90 thoughts on “The Gift – WPC

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  2. Your photographs are stupendous. They make me quite ashamed to be exposing mine to public view! But I comfort myself with the thought that I’m a happy snapper. I’m truly amazed at yours.

    • Thanks Mari, don’t ever think that about your work! Photography is all about what we feel when we look bat at the memories we’ve created and I wager yours are wonderful!

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  3. An interesting story Tina and you have demonstrated just what a huge difference the light can make, that is a stunning photo. But also you inspire us not to give up and then show us the different kind of beautiful image your imagination and creativity can create

  4. As always, your beautiful photography never fails to move me. These are absolute classics and the quotes lend poignant wisdom. A cool comparison with the cameras, but as someone once told me, the talent lies behind the camera ❤

  5. just gorgeous Tina!!! they r all so interesting….their different displays of light….just amazed over ‘all about the light’ & ‘last light’…..brilliant!!

  6. I love your posts Tina they are a complete package 🙂 The photograph of the brief moment of light was gorgeous but I loved the first photograph too – it spoke of all that you had/have to do to capture and create such stunning works of art.

  7. Tina – your images are like browsing coffee table photobooks – eye candy but also uplifting for the heart.

  8. All were beautifully captured and well presented. Such an inspiring post, Tina! It always is a wonderful treat to visit your site. 🙂 💖

  9. So true that good photography is about light and time. You seem to have it down perfectly! Love the quotes, love the photos – especially “All About the Light” and “Last Light”.

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  11. These are great pictures. I particularly like the one where the beach gets lit up by the sunlight after a period of cloudiness. I can almost imagine my own reaction if I were in the same situation. Unfortunately, I only get to tell stories on the beach when I am on vacation.

    • Thanks K – my favorite as well. I was fortunate that I had camera in hand and was looking in the right direction! The light really only lasted a few moments and then it was gone.


  12. Yes, “here’s to the gifts of light in the moments of darkness.” Has been a theme of mine lately and there you said it and captured it so beautifully. Thank you friend for so many gifts you share. Love those wilets…

  13. wellllllll Miss T – we obviously weren’t on the same photo shoot.! Love your pictures and what you did with the light, or lack there of. One does need to pick up the camera more than once a year! Love all the bird pictures and the last one with the sun.

  14. This post is wonderful, Tina! I love the shot of the burst of sun. The colors are magnificent. Hooray Fuji! I am ever more appreciative of the sun, now that we’re back in Michigan. Here, the sun is the “artful dodger” all throughout winter. Hope it is shining bright in your part of the country!

  15. This is so beautiful, Tina. What a wonderful choice of sayings by famous people, all about light! The photo where the sun comes out, is fantastic.Very special, thank you.

  16. Beautiful and thought provoking as always. We all had that cloud before the moon nights and that dreary 50 shades of grey days. Then either a mindset change is essential or a GIFT. And I enjoyed your gift

    • Thanks Abrie – nothing worse that an overcast night when we are trying to capture a special moon, or other celestial event. Unlike a sunny sky, some things are not available the next day 😦 . Perhaps the gray days are sent to us so that we better appreciate the light when it comes.

      • Well there is actually something worse than imperfect weather – having perfect weather and forgetting your camera bag at home as happened this week-end. A friend his daughter and my daughter hiked Lion Head in Cape Town on early Saturday to be on top of when the sun rose. I was under the impressionism my camera bag is in my car and I had to take mental photos of a beautiful sunrise…

  17. The quotes on light and darkness are close to heart, Tina. Since I am very sensitive to both, I have to learn what to do with both. Most of all I focus on the lgith when it’s dark, yet I have to find comfort in darkness when it’s not available. Oh glorious light makes a world of new meaning. The photography is always stunning. My highlight for the week is your weekly WPC. Much appreciate your work. Perpetua

  18. So Enjoyed your story and creations, Tina! Thank you for taking us…and interesting with the camera comparison as well. Patience is a great asset when photographing. I am not that good at patience – but trying to develop it.

  19. Beautiful series, Tina. Love your bird shots. Sounds like a great shoot with the club. Had to smile when you said, “suddenly, without warning, the clouds broke”…I envisioned a voice from the sky yelling, “get ready, here it comes!” 😄The 70-200 is legendary for it’s results but also legendary for breaking your back. Still have mine for occasional workouts.

    • LOL re the autocorrect AND the voice in the sky 🙂 Agree wholeheartedly about the weight of the 70-200. My back was really unhappy with me the next day. Seriously difficult to handhold it these days but until I get something with reach for the Fuji it’s my only choice for distance. Did you ever get the 90 mm?

  20. I like all the shots and edits, Tina. There’s beauty in the black & white/grey and in the color as well. They provide such a wonderful contrast when one follows the other this way. Beautifully done. Looks like a great time.


    • Thanks so much Janet – it felt like hard work there for a while, and my back was complaining the next day, but worth the effort. I always feel contented when I’ve done a hard shoot and am satisfied with the results.

  21. Tina, So fun to see more of your beautiful shots from that evening:) And I’m sure happy to hear about the Fuji performance!

  22. What a wonderful photo essay Tina. I had a similar day this week when the sun hid behind the clouds for a time and it looked as though the day was deteriorating into rain, but we continued to walk on the beach seeking treasures and eventually the sun came back out. No birds though, other than two faraway gulls. Your birds are pure delight.

    • Many thanks Jude – it’s funny about going out specifically for photography. Clouds can be stellar subjects but those flat, grey skies are such spoilsports! Good for you (and for me too!) for sticking it out!

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