Nature’s Lines – WPC

“Embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

Albert Einstein



If you spend time looking for lines in nature, you’ll be amazed at how prevalent they are. While my opening capture of nature’s lines looks like a plant with some of its fronds missing, in fact the fronds are there but have lost their color due to this winter’s unusual frost. To me, in addition to the lines, the color changes made the plant more interesting – as did the sunlight brightening the verdant green. 



“I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”

Vincent Van Gogh

Often here on Kiawah our beach is re-designed by the effects of tidal surge. One afternoon as I strolled along with my highly-portable Fuji 🙂 I was amazed by the grooves that had been carved in the sand.  Clearly Mother Nature has her own ideas about how to create lines.



“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

Henry David Thoreau

On another beach stroll, this time with iPhone in hand, I came upon a jellyfish washed up onto the sand. In this case the lines are one of the creature’s natural features. Interestingly, jellies can be found in every one of the world’s oceans and have survived for over 500 million years. They are actually not fish at all so are more often referred to as “jellies” in today’s vernacular.



“Nature is pleased with simplicity.”

Isaac Newton

Moving further inland, on a recent visit to Magnolia Plantation (which I featured in a previous post) I decided to try my Fuji on some vertical pans.  Although I must admit it took me a bit more effort that it had with my Nikon, I was pleased that once I worked it out, my Fuji handled it quite nicely. Clearly the issue was my comfort with the new camera’s mechanics rather than it’s capabilities.



“Let us give Nature a chance; she knows her business better than we do.”

Michel de Montaigne

Finally, I’ve closed with an image of many lines. Those in the sand are of course the result of the hand of man on one of our beautiful golf courses. But notice the line of plated armor down the back of the alligator, and the lines that run between the top and bottom of his tail. If that’s not one of nature’s most interesting sets of lines, I don’t know what is.  As any golfer would agree, there would be no penalty assessed for a ball left in this bunker! 🙂

Wishing you a week filled with natural wonders.













42 thoughts on “Nature’s Lines – WPC

  1. Beautiful series, Tina, a diversity of shots showing the wizardry of nature and geometry. The lines in the sand is a peaceful shot, and a perfect way to start a morning. I think the jelly lines is a great match with the sand shot too. Wishing you a great day ahead.

  2. Oooh! Those lovely lines Tina and of course my favourite – “swamp treeline”. Just back from a wonderful visit to Colorado and Utah with its spectacular landscape full of lines everywhere. Hope to post before Wednesday. Best wishes…A

  3. T-Bear Loved these. You so got me into the lines of that gator. Beautiful!! Missed you today. Hope your back is better. Darv

    Sent from my iPad

  4. We’ve been watching the Zurich Classic in Louisiana this week – alligators certainly add to the challenge of shooting a good round…

  5. Tina, these are wonderful! My favorite is the 4th one. I just think it is so beautiful.
    Springtime is my favorite time to look for lines. I like photographing close to the ground as the spring flowers begin to pop up.

    I just purchased a Fuji camera (XT-2), and I love it, but the learning curve has been steep for me. I have always used Nikons, and I would not trade my D810 for anything, but I wanted something a bit smaller and lighter for travel, street, etc. So far, so good, but so foreign to what I am used to. 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks Lisa. Mine is an X-T2 also and I’ve always shot Nikon so I feel your pain!! Trying to get comfortable with it before a big trip this fall. Basic shooting is easy but creative camera work takes some extra time until it becomes 2nd nature. I do love the WYSIWYG tho 😊

      Sent from my iPhone


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