Old-World Charleston – WPC

“This place is special to me and I just wanted to share it with you.”

Anthony T. Hincks



When my husband and I decided to move south, there were a number of key items on our wish list. We hoped to find a beautiful natural setting ☑, access to an active lifestyle ☑, an adequate airport for staying connected with family and friends ☑, excellent medical care ☑, and a nearby city of reasonable size with restaurants, cultural activities and charm. After 17 years we still believe we’ve found the best of all worlds with our choice  – including our access to the charming city of Charleston, SC.  My opening capture is the city’s iconic pineapple fountain, a symbol of welcome, friendship and hospitality.



“The place cast a lovely spell on me that seduced me one breath at a time.”

Brenda Sutton Rose

Walking through town in springtime, the bouquet of jasmine follows you everywhere. Horse-Drawn carriages transport visitors down cobblestone streets lined with moss-laden giant oaks.  Often one can spot dolphins at play along the beautiful harbor. It’s a place in which you can imagine what life was like centuries ago.

Charleston has received awards too numerous to count in recent years, but some of the more notable include:

o  #1 small US City – Conde Nast Traveler Readers (6 years in a row)

0  Best City in the US – Travel + Leisure Magazine

o  Best Town – Outside Magazine

o  Top community with Green Spaces – National Geographic

o  One of 29 Best Small US Cities – National Geographic Travel

o  South’s Best City – Southern Living‘s readers

o  Several James Beard awards for our outstanding restaurants



“This is the place of places, and it is here.”

Gertrude Stein

In response to Erica’s challenge for the week, oftentimes when I seek inspiration I head into downtown Charleston, as I did this past week with a good friend and fellow photographer.  Meandering through the streets and alleyways, we came upon an interesting scene in photography-friendly Philadelphia Alley (named because of a contribution that city made to rebuild the area after a major fire). If you look closely at the end of the alley in the image above, you will notice a craftsman we found hard at work as we wandered in.



“Habits, places and faces grow into you over time, like tree roots burrowing into stone work.”

Frances Hardinge

Although I am normally shy about asking strangers to allow me to photograph them, in this case the opportunity was too good to pass up. Not only did I ask if we could take photos, I also asked him to create some dust for us while we were shooting – a request with which he was happy to comply. For me it was the favorite set of images from the day – proving how important it is to be open to opportunities you cannot plan in advance 🙂.

For those who are interested, here’s our workman from a bit farther away.



“Your promised land is your place of fulfillment”

Sunday Adelaja

Here’s to a week of unexpected opportunity and inspiration – and a Happy Mothers Day to those of you who inspire us all. For more responses to Erica’s “Place in the World” challenge, click here.


NOTE: Despite it’s contemporary excellence, because Charleston truly feels like an old-world city I’ve processed this week’s images using Nik Silver EFEX pro.  All images captured with Fuji X-T2.

77 thoughts on “Old-World Charleston – WPC

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  2. Charleston sounds and looks very charming, Tina. I can almost smell the scent of the flowers and the close up of the craftsman’s hands is my favourite, a true gem. Awesome editing!

  3. These are wonderful, Tina!
    I especially love “Wall of Jasmine,” and “Master Craftsman.”
    There must be a wonderful scent when walking past all of that Jasmine. 🙂
    Have a fantastic weekend!

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  5. What a great presentation of your ‘place’, Tina! Loved the editing of your shots too. I hope to visit one day…one of my best friend couples are planning to retire there in a couple of years.

  6. So much of what Charleston is all about encapsulated in one post, Tina. I love the study of the craftsman and how you pull us in for a close up. I can imagine many happy hours of wandering. 🙂 🙂

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  8. We share similar feelings about Charleston…wonderful post! The “Wall of Jasmine” with your quote touched a note!!
    Love the processing treatment of your captured images.

  9. I do like the photos of the workman in action, but the fountain and Philadelphia Alley are the ones I would frame. Whatever filter you used or processing techniques, you made these photos quite special.

  10. All very nice and good use of Silver EfEx. I love to roam those streets and good for you for taking the plunge with the tiler. I am happy to know that you still find Charleston alluring even as “we” continue to pour in.

  11. Looks like quite a town and you obviously found your perfect place. Great photos and I like the sepia tint to them, especially Philadelphia Alley and the Master Craftsman close-up shot. I am glad you plucked up the courage to ask him if you could photograph him working.

  12. Wonderful images of Chas, Tina. As you can guess, the portrait and detail image of the tile man’s hands are favorites. It drives home that the people make the city.

  13. Your weekly post grows on me, Tina. Not just your beloved Charleston, crocodile included. I bet many of your readers have visited you to see this place.

  14. Beautiful images Tina, I love the ‘old-world’effect and it looks like a very inspiring city ☺💖 xxx

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