Liquid Magic – Kiawah’s Beach and its Birds

“Mother Nature is the greatest artist and water is one of her favorite brushes.”
Rico Besserdich


To me, this week’s “liquid” challenge called for a post highlighting Kiawah’s amazing 10-mile beach. Rather than focus on its beauty, I’ve chosen to feature the incredible birds that thrive on its waters and the life teeming within them.



“I will find comfort in the rhythm of the sea.”

Charlotte Eriksson

Birds of all sizes and shapes arrive throughout the year to feast on our shores. Royal terns such as those in my opening image and the one below dwarf the tiny plovers and dunlins who also enjoy a place to rest as they access the nutrients in our waters. This past year a local program was initiated to educate residents and visitors about the importance of leaving the birds undisturbed as they use our shores to prepare for the next phase of their migration.



“Be alone with the sea for it is there you will find answers to questions you didn’t realize exist.”

Khang Kijarro Nguyen

Although I must admit I felt a bit like a voyeur, I was amazed by the mating rituals of our feathered friends as they frolicked among the waves. Should I apologize for having invaded their privacy by photographing the scene below? Apparently the smaller birds weren’t the least bit interested!



“We have the responsibility to care for the ocean as it cares for us”

Suzanne van der Veeken

As one who appreciates the beauty, power and absolute criticality of our oceans, I find myself thinking about the issues we humans can influence. Issues like proposed seismic testing, plastic pollution, overfishing and of course climate change are several things on which each of us can have an impact. What are YOU doing to make sure our children will be able to enjoy the oceans tomorrow as we do today?


84 thoughts on “Liquid Magic – Kiawah’s Beach and its Birds

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  3. I always love your juxtaposition of photos and quotes, enhanced by your talent and perspective. My laptop and internet connection were causing problems for a while so I was not able to view the blogs I subscribe to regularly. A few–including yours–are ones I did not want to miss and I knew I would go back to see what I had missed. Incredible. Thanks for sharing.

    • Patti, thank you so much for the lovely compliment. Hopefully your tech issues are behind you and you can rejoin us as we move into the brave, new, non-WPC world!


  4. Regarding your test post: gongratulations you have passed the test. As for the current post, I need some time to regain my composure and stop blushing after being exposed to the bird lovers 10 mile long mating rituals! Fricking and fracking beautiful photos

  5. beautiful post….so free & childlike….there plenty we can do…we just must be aggressive about it!!

  6. Beautiful photos Tina !! I recently read where straws have become a problem – I think they are not giving them out in some of the restaurants on the OBX unless requested. Great idea!!

  7. Lovely pics Tina, makes me want to walk along that beach. I completely agree about looking after our oceans, we take them for granted. Did you know about plastic-free July? That’s an opportunity to encourage people to change thoughtless habits.

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  9. Nice shots. 🙂 Several restaurants are now asking if you want a straw and if so a lot of times they are paper which is a good move. I also recycle everything, and the amount of actual trash I have to dispose of each week gets smaller and smaller.

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  11. Wonderful bird shots all round, Tina. Lovely blue hues in the water too. Don’t think you need to apologies for invading their privacy. If they were mad, they’d probably have flown right at you 😂

  12. Beautiful shots, Tina. When I think of words that go with the sea, I often think of Rod McKuen’s “My Friend the Sea” and remember hearing him “sing” it. Good memories.


  13. Bird watching on the seashore is indeed medicinal. Ain’t a voyeur, Tina, these birds have no bedroom manners. Vancouver voted to ban plastic straws a step in the right direction.

  14. Don’t forget to cut up the plastic holder that keeps six-pack sodas together. Don’t want these around birds, or other animals’, necks. Thanks for those shots of our feathered friends.

  15. Frick and Frak is my favourite photo among a selection of lovely ones. For me I am trying to cut down on plastic. I understand there are plastic rings that hold drink cans together that can be eaten by fish.I am looking for those in the grocery stores.

  16. How lucky those birds have the environment where you live to recover and rest before the next phase of their journey. If only all oceans were as pristine the world would be a better place.

    • Happily we are quite a haven for them and are ever-vigilant about our environment. I’m trying hard to reduce my plastic usage but it sure is tough these days Pauline

      • I always take my reusable bags to the supermarket and as of next month plastic bags are being banned from supermarkets in our area. That’s good news, but it needs much more

  17. Great first quote, and your focus on the oceans and their fragility and strength are apt in today’s political environment. How can anyone not understand the connection between the health of Mother Nature and human nature? It’s a puzzle that confounds me. Enjoyed each of your images.

  18. Beautiful images Tina, it looks like a wonderful beach to explore the wildlife! :o) xxx

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