Colors of Summer

“In every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”

Rachel Carson



This week my husband and I had a beautiful stroll along Kiawah’s beach and were surprised to find that many of the island’s summer visitors had already arrived. Our beach is never very crowded but we had plenty of company on our walk. There were swimmers, surfers, bicyclists, sun-worshippers and families with children all along the way. The thing that most got my attention though, was the myriad of colors everywhere I looked – especially after the drab browns and grays of winter.



“The month of June trembled like a butterfly.”

Pablo Neruda

We passed many a colorful scene like the one above. I found myself wondering whether the holes were meant to lead one to the water, or to dig to some foreign part of the world! (I don’t know about you but I remember as a child being told that if you dug deep enough you’d reach China  😊).



“The island is ours. Here, in some way, we are young forever.”

E. Lockhart

We came upon a group of children gathered around a net filled with sea creatures. It turned out they were all being home-schooled and as part of their curriculum they’d been brought to the beach to learn about the various animals within the sea, the importance of the tides, the ecology of the dunes and many other of the important aspects of our oceans and beaches. They had a teacher with them as well as many of the moms. One of them told us that in addition to the lessons they were learning, it was a great way to add socialization to a group of individuals that normally study alone at home.



“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

William Shakespeare

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the bright orange of our Loggerhead Turtle nesting signs. Each summer, Kiawah’s beach serves as a nesting area for the huge (up to 350 lbs) mama loggerheads who come ashore to lay their eggs. Each nest typically holds 100-150 eggs, which incubate in the warm sand for about 2 months. Once the eggs are buried the mothers return to the sea. Their tiny offspring will most often hatch in the pre-dawn hours.  In addition to keeping meticulous records, Kiawah’s Turtle patrols protect the nests from predators like birds, coyotes and foxes. Once nest activity is observed, they are there with flashlights in the pre-dawn hours to guide the little ones to the water. Loggerheads are an endangered species and the patrol’s incredible commitment has increased the ratio of successful hatchings from 2% per nest to an average of 70%. In 2017 there were a total of 354 nests so clearly the results are well worth their efforts.

For those of us in the US, welcome to summer. Here’s to warm sun, cool breezes and no big storms!


All photos created with iPhone 8+



84 thoughts on “Colors of Summer

  1. Looks like a wonderful week at the beach. Did you get to see any loggerhead turtles? Just curious because I’d never heard of them until I read your post.

    • Actually we live at the beach which is a nesting ground for the loggerheads. Although the get huge (around 350 lbs) the babies are very tiny. I’ve seen a net of babies hatch and also have seen a few adults while boating. They are amazing !

  2. Wonderful pics, especially the umbrellas viewed through the balustrade & the kids. Reminds me how I’m missing summer, here in the middle of the (admittedly mild) Aussie winter.

  3. A lovely uplifting post Tina. Thank you. We all need one in these difficult times. Interestingly when I was a little boy digging holes in the sand, I was told if I continued digging I would reach Australia 🙂

  4. Your iphone photos are beautiful, Tina, so vivid and sharp! So interesting to read about the turtles and nice to know so many caring volunteers are out there doing their part to guide the babies to the ocean. Must be a sight to see! You must be slightly clairvoyant–my Sunday Stills theme for July 1st is “Summer.” 🙂

  5. wonderful ‘summer’ post Tina….love seeing the beach from the mountains up north. Growing up vacationing on the jersey shore, i too was told i could reach China if i dig deep enough😘

  6. Love your beautiful beach, Tina. Happy to see you also have turtles nesting! I would like to see the little ones one day, crawling towards the water and a life at sea. great series as always. And Shakespeare is my man.

  7. While the first picture is more symmetric the second one is mysterious because it shows activity devoid of people. Loved your pictures, Tina!

  8. It is lovely to read the beach isn’t always that crowded. Lol at being told as a kid you might reach China if you dug deep enough. You do wonder how deep you need to dig if you were to reach the water…or the other side of the world 😂 It also sounds Kiawah is a cozy nesting point and you get to see many birds as they come and go. Happy summer, Tina 😊

  9. Lovely summer colours. I love looking for bright colours to photograph and actually have a couple of similar blue parasols! In England we were always digging to Australia 😀

  10. The colorful shirts and items on the beach really make your photos pop, Tina. I also like your header’s POV and how you managed to get so many umbrellas in the squares of the railing.

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