Beach Patterns: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

“Leave behind on the fabric of this planet a pattern of yourself.”

Dominic Rouse



This week Ann-Christine has challenged us to find patterns; man-made or natural, home or away. As one who loves the patterns often found in the sand of our beautiful beach, I’ve chosen to share a few of my recent favorites.



“Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, light and darkness which it provides.”

Junichiro Tanizaki

Sometimes the patterns are created by the wind, other times by the waves, and sometimes, as in the capture below, by the beautiful creatures who frequent our shores.



“Art is pattern informed by sensibility.”

Herbert Read

Mother Nature gifts us with patterns everywhere. Her delicate footprints can often be found alongside our own at ocean’s edge. Happily, our avian neighbors seem to enjoy them as much as we do.



“We artists have been affected by patterns in nature since day one.”

Kristi Bridgeman


Thanks to Ann-Christine for this week’s interesting challenge.  For more information on how to participate, click here. Remember to tag your post “Lens-Artists” to make sure it appears in our reader section.







121 thoughts on “Beach Patterns: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

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  2. As Anne-Christine-Leya (??) is the host this week and her blog is called “See the world in a grain of sand” your approach is doubly apt Tina.
    Your photos and this quote by a renowned photographer: “Her delicate footprints can often be found alongside our own at ocean’s edge” Tina Schell, and the quote by lesser known photographer Dominic Rousse, made me think. Now despite my blog being called Abrie dink hardop (Abrie thinks aloud) thinking is quite a novel concept for me…

    It would be wonderful if we left a pattern of ourselves without the need for others to recognize that pattern. I can learn from my feet; they leave a pattern on the beach knowing that tomorrow that pattern will not be there to be admired by others.

  3. So nice to come back to WP, and to again be amazed by your work Tina. Great opening shot ~ fitting for you, as your patterns are always eye-catching. However, your third shot is surreal – perfect framing and those birds… I just spent the past weekend on the Puget Sound with family, and there is nothing quite like the water. Wishing you a good evening and happy shooting 🙂

  4. I love the patterns in the top photo — it almost looks like an intricate weaving. And look at all the birds… as the tide recedes, it’s dinner time! Love the photos.

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