Lens-Artists Challenge #11 – Small is Beautiful

“Even the smallest blessing on earth is enough reason to be thankful for your life.”

Edmond Mbiaka



Well as most of you know, this was quite a week here in the southeastern US. Hurricane Florence unleashed her fury on our friends in North Carolina and for most of the week threatened us here in South Carolina. Thankfully, our island was spared and our week brought nothing more than a bit of rain and some wind – and of course quite a bit of angst. 



“The smallest of action is better than the greatest of intentions.”

Mohammed Imran Uddin

As our fears were stoked by the weather forecasters and the continuously shifting hurricane models, my husband and I decided to “shelter in place” with a wait-and-see attitude. Ready to leave at a moment’s notice in response to our governor’s mandatory evacuation notice, we and many of our neighbors were fortunate that our decision turned out to be a good one as the storm never really impacted us. One thing it did do, however, was cause me to get out on a regular basis to check nature’s reaction to the atmospheric conditions. All of today’s images as well as my header were created as the threat of the storm hung over our heads.



“Big is only an accumulation of many smalls.”

Richelle E. Goodrich

Apparently the kayakers in the capture above had also decided to await the storm’s arrival while enjoying some of the glorious colors it created in our waters and across our skies. The light this week was quite glorious – almost as if nature was giving us a gift before bringing on the impending havoc. 



“An oak tree is just a small nut that persevered against the taunts of doubt and fear.”

Matshona Dhilwayo

As our waterways rose, high tide created beautiful scenes such as those above and below. Puffy clouds were reflected on unusually blue waters, and small blades of marsh grass replete with tiny snails poked through. River dolphins meandered through the streams, no doubt feeding on the bait fish which seemed as confused as we were. 



“It’s the little things that make big things happen.”

Anthony T. Hincks

The light was simply amazing, painting the grasses in shades of green and gold under colorful skies. Riding my bike was a bit more challenging than usual in view of the stronger winds, but the vistas made it very much worth the effort. Happily my X-T2 is light enough to accompany me as I ride about. Interestingly, at one point I stopped to shoot a mama deer and her fawn. As I sat motionless on my bike, the mama came right up to me and began licking the salt from my legs. Perhaps the storm threat had made her a bit more daring than usual!



“A house is never small or empty when filled with love.”

Anthony Liccione

Finally, a small roseate spoonbill seems to have lost its way and been adopted by a flock of egrets. I made this capture early today as the birds feasted on the bait fish exposed in our lowered lagoons. This particular pond is directly behind my home, and although we’re often visited by egrets and herons, and occasionally hawks and eagles, it’s the first time I’ve seen a spoonbill on it. He looks a bit envious of his larger brethren, don’t you think?  🙃.

Our thoughts are very much with our neighbors to the north as they continue to experience heavy rainfall and probable continued flooding. Here’s hoping Florence picks up her pace and heads off into the sunset soon.


Please visit Amy’s “Small is Beautiful” challenge, and should you decide to join in you can find more information on our challenges here.




113 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #11 – Small is Beautiful

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  2. Your magnificent imagery definitely portrays the calmest of calms before the storm and give no indication of the angst that was being felt at the time of their capture. I am glad that you were able to experience such beautiful moments and that you were spared the impact of the storm when it made landfall further north.

  3. So happy to know you were safe although of course my heart went out to all your neighbours to the North. A wonderful gallery of glorious images, beautiful quotes and the orange on orange stole the show. Warm wishes.

  4. Hey Tina, glad to hear you guys escaped a Florence hit with just a little rain and wind. Tough to think about what they’re going thru in N. Car. Nice colorful series, great shot of the egrets.

    • Andy! Great to see your name pop up! When are you going to join our challenge ??😊😊. Thanks for the kind thoughts, agree wholeheartedly about our N.C. brethren. We have several friends up there hoping their homes are still standing. Tough indeed

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