Lens-Artists Challenge #13 – LOOK UP

“Look up from what you’re doing and see what a beautiful world you’re in.”

Ralph Marston



This week Patti invites us to look up, giving us the opportunity to rise above the maelstrom of the daily news for at least a few moments.  I’ve opened with an image of storm clouds gathering above our Arthur Ravenel Bridge which connects the city of Charleston to the northern suburbs. Completed in 2005, it’s a relatively new addition to the greater Charleston area that can be seen from most anywhere, including Kiawah. Its beautifully designed span draws the eye and greatly enhances our skyline.



“Keep looking up, that’s the secret of life.”


Charleston was one of the first places in the world to offer religious tolerance, and is known as the Holy City because of its many churches (400+).  As a classic example, above we see the steeple of Saint Philip’s Church. It has persevered through war and a major fire as well as natural events including earthquakes, hurricanes and even a tornado. A much-loved site for tourists and Charlestonians alike, it was built to stick out into the street.  According to local legend its protrusion was designed to force people to slow down and think about living a good life. 



“When you look up, you go up.”

Herschel Walker

Charlestonians are proud of their many beautiful gardens which thrive in our hot, humid climate (although as a transplanted northerner I find it a bit on the warm side 😉 ). Many of the city’s historic homes are enhanced by the placement of lovely flower boxes which are continually refreshed and add color to the city’s palette. Known for its southern hospitality, Charleston has received numerous awards including best city in the US by Travel and Leisure readers for the past 6 years in a row. 



“Become the person your younger self would want to look up to”

Goitsemang Mvula

Perhaps another reason for her popularity, Charleston has become quite a “foodie” city, drawing gourmands from around the country to sample her many restaurants. Southern specialties such as grits, biscuits and fried chicken are readily available as are the bounties of the nearby sea – especially the delicious shrimp caught just off our shores. The sign in the image above is painted high overhead, on the side wall of a local favorite.



“Looking up at the sky was the best idea I had all day.”

Marty Rubin

Finally, I’ll close with an image I captured last autumn, as we are still enjoying summer-like temps here in the Charleston area. Despite an occasional complaint about the lack of local fall colors, every once in a while one can look up to see a tree that offers a bit of autumn’s magic. That combined with the beautiful purples of our sweetgrass is just enough for me!

Be sure to visit Patti’s post here, or for more information about joining our challenge click here. Tune in next week to see our next challenge presented by Ann-Christine at https://lagottocattleya.wordpress.com


91 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #13 – LOOK UP

  1. Hubby and I hope to visit Charleston this winter. Thank you for the lovely preview! And, love this: “Become the person your younger self would want to look up to”

  2. Wow! 400 churches! Lots of looking to the heavens there! I love the architecture of old churches, but there is no doubt you picked the best shot for your opening in this challenge. What a beautiful bridge!!

  3. Loved your wonderful highlights of Charleston. That bridge is amazing. Perfect ending with the colors of autumn. Fall is almost in full bloom here. 🙂

  4. A beautiful place, great shots and autumn colours! Love that window – and of course the colourful leaves. No colours here at the moment…hopefully they are coming!

  5. Love your post. Mine is on the bridge also. I didn’t realize you could see it from Kiawah though. Have you seen the park underneath on the Mt Pleasant side? My last picture was taken there and it’s amazing to stand underneath it. It really requires you to look up!

    • Oddly, I can’t find you any more Gina. When I cluck on you it’s a foreign language post 😡. I have seen the bridge from both sides and from the cemetery too. I do love it!

  6. I like your different ways of looking up. So much beauty in your photos. I’m enjoying the autumn leaves here in Portland, Oregon, one more day before going to California. I like your quotes of profound thoughts. I think Charles Schulz has a light way to tell the greatest truth of life.

  7. Impressive Tina. Naturally I am referring to your photos as well especially Autums colours. But primarily I am gongratulating you on your deceleration off running for Charleston’s mayor. With such enthusiasm the other candidates do not stand a chance!

  8. The window box is beautifully planted and I like the quirky sign painted onto the wall. I am always looking up, down and around just in case something escapes my eye. Have a lovely week Tina, there’s not much in the way of autumn colours here yet either, though I wonder if the harsh spring and the dry summer will affect the trees. The heat may induce more reds, or trees might just drop their leaves quickly.

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  13. Religious tolerance did exist long time before in the Persian Empire and lateron aswell in the Mongolian Empire of Dschingis Khan, just to name two. Historical geetings from the rest of the world @ Ulli

  14. Charleston is without a doubt one of the most picturesque cities we have in the country. And, the container gardens and window boxes are like icing on a delicious cake. Beautiful shots. That last photo is more color than I’ve seen so far this fall. We’re slow to the color parade this year. 🙂

    • Thanks Judy, I agree about CHS. Hopefully the cruise lines won’t spoil our little paradise. Quite a battle brewing on that one. As for fall, not here yet either-that one from last fall 😊

  15. All photos are so gorgeous with your usual addition of beautiful prose. I like Welcoming Window because I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more perfectly planted window box, and this one caught my eye. I’ve crossed that bridge, but I had a hard time capturing a photo of it while my husband was driving. You did a great job!

  16. The bridge is a work of art and such a moody cloud shot you grabbed – also love the mural –
    so many paintings I see on Brick walls are abstract art or a little zany –
    but this ad has such a balanced and strong feel – from the sun’s rays gmto the fish scales
    So much to enjoy

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