Lens-Artists Challenge #14 – Look Through My WINDOW

“Through the window, I saw the beautiful world outside.”

Patrick Jennings



Taking today’s opening quote literally, I’ve chosen to open my response to Ann-Christine’s windows challenge with a look through my own kitchen window. As a nature lover I am happy to be surrounded by palmettos, oaks, and a lovely little lagoon, which draws beautiful birds and our neighborhood alligator. It does my soul good to enjoy the peace and quiet, surrounded by the morning sunlight before I set out for the day’s activities. 



“Drive nature out of the door and it will fly in at the window.”

Fyodor Dostoevsky

I made the preceding image of a beautiful oak tree reflected in a very wide window not far from my home on Kiawah. In this case nature truly is flying in at the window 😊. At the opposite end of the spectrum however, the view in the image below is from a high-rise apartment in New York City. I was enchanted by the raindrops that remained after a fierce storm as well as the incredible light it had created. It was a wonderful lesson on the beauty of nature in the very heart of a bustling city.



“Photography is both mirror and window, connecting subject and viewer through the heart, eyes and mind of the photographer.”

Tom Kennedy

Proving that nature is not the only beautiful thing seen in a window, I captured the image below in the middle of downtown Lexington, Kentucky. I was drawn to the dichotomy of the classic statehouse architecture reflected in the contemporary windows of the building across the street.



“If the house of the world is dark, love will find a way to create windows.”


From the archives, below I’ve included an image from quite some time ago – the cupola of St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest. I’d thought about posting it for Patti’s “look up” challenge last week but chose to go in a different direction. I was glad it fit this week’s windows challenge.  Imagine the job of cleaning those beauties!



“I live in a very small house, but my windows look out on a very large world.”


Finally, speaking of window cleaning, I captured my final image in Beijing, China. The window washers were working on the Olympic Village’s Aquatic Center which has since been transformed into a recreational water park. I had to smile at the tiny size of their squeegees versus the enormity of the structure. Not a job for the faint of heart!



“My favorite journey is looking out the window.”

Edward Gorey

Thanks to Ann-Christine for her fun challenge this week. Be sure to catch challenge # 15 at Amy’s ShareandConnect site next week, and remember to please include a TAG with your post to have it appear in the Lens-Artists reader section.





99 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #14 – Look Through My WINDOW

  1. Fantastic. If doors are a pathway between private and public, windows are an open eye on the outside world. 🙂
    Another blogger has an alligator in her back pond. Called Ali-Baba. 🙂
    I’ve lived in many, many places, but I’m not sure I like the idea of a gator in my backyard.
    Keep up the good work Tina

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  4. Thanks Dina – it’s hard not to connect with nature when you are surrounded by it. Fortunately our island is filled with many species of flora and fauna. We are most fortunate, except when Mother Nature throws one of her storms at us!

  5. It’s wonderful to see how you are connected to nature at home, Tina. The natural habitat looks so exotic and different than what we are familiar with. It’s impossible to pick a favourite here, each and every one tells a different story and is so well captured.

  6. Wow that view from your kitchen window is astounding! To look out the window and see such a beautiful scene would make my heart sing! We live in the city so my kitchen window view is of my neighbors house. But we do have a few good views of the trees in other rooms but nothing like your view. Gorgeous post Tina!

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  8. Hi Tina, I have to admit that I gossiped about you on my post . I think I am correct. I am not referring to the window washers although I have them in my post as well, but this time it is coincidental.
    You are certainly blessed to have such a view from your kitchen. Any pains with broken panes due to golf balls 🙂

  9. Great view out of you kitchen window Tina…and I do see the green back there too, nice 🙂 As much as I like that one, the NYC shot is my favorite. I love the contrast of the light on the buildings and the dark clouds and some of the raindrops do look like fall leaves blowing in the wind. Well done.

  10. Glorious examples! Although I have a lovely view from my window, your kitchen perspective makes me envious. My favorite is your Kentucky photo as I too am “drawn to the dichotomy” of old architecture reflected in new and vice versa.

  11. Very creative take on windows, Tina. The New York city rain windows sort of give an impression of tiny autumn leave flying everywhere lol. Also really like seeing the last photo in China again. Two small people up against cleaning something so massive and making a difference. The squeegees are really that small lol. But as the saying goes, a little goes a long way 😊

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  13. Beautiful view from your window, Tina! The raindrops do add a wonderfully different layer to a city scene. As for the window cleaning, I wonder if, when they’re finally finished, it’s time to start the process again…

  14. You are so lucky to have that view from your window 🙂 and hey, all your images are great, but I absolutely fell in love with the one of the raindrops in NYC.. That light, that mood.. Absolutely magical, I love that. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  15. Wow, amazing photos. Love the ones where you have captured the reflection. And your own kitchen window what a beautiful view to look out on.

  16. oh this is so varied and artys (and did you know that your window image from your “fences” lens-artist post was a picture that stood out to me. Not sure why – but you know how that happens – it was through the rainy window and had the fence with a slight part –

  17. You have a lovely view through your windows. And the Kentucky reflection is wonderful! Glass cleaning is my second most disliked household chore after cleaning the oven, but after seeing your last image I count myself lucky!

  18. Beautiful views through your own kitchen window, Tina! I love the oak in the window image.
    The last photo makes me wonder how long it takes to clean these windows….

  19. Tina – what can I say? You live in an absolutely gorgeous place in the world! Love all your shots, and was quite enchanted by the raindrops in the city photo. Cities are not something I connect with natural beauty – I guess you just changed that conception for me… I always love reflections – yours is no exception. And the biggest smile is of course the last shot – just great (!)

    By the way, I found you in the reader, could not connect blogwise?

  20. very interesting post ‘through my window”…wonderful details…’window washing’ certainly brings a smile to my face..WOW just crazy!! Also love ‘kentucky glass’ & NyC windows…wonderful eye…👍

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