Lens-Artists Challenge #16 – BIG Can Be Beautiful Too!

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Winston Churchill



Back on Lens-Artists Challenge #11, Amy was focused on “Small is Beautiful”. This week I’d like to submit that Big can be Beautiful too! Exhibit A – the gorgeous hawk in my opening image. He visited a large tree next to my home earlier this year and posed nicely until I could get a shot without too many leaves in the way.



“Life is one big road with lots of signs.”

Bob Marley

Speaking of posing, this beautiful peacock was giving us quite a show. I must admit I’d never seen a peacock fly, nor sit in a tree. Typically they’re on the ground strutting their stuff. This male showed us that peacock flight capabilities are actually quite good 😀. Well excuse us for wondering!



“Big results require big ambitions.”


Now there are those I’m sure who would say an alligator is not necessarily beautiful, but I would beg to differ. They are amazing creatures, built of strong armor and blessed with big, beautiful teeth – the better to eat you with if you are a small animal or an unsuspecting bird. Here on Kiawah, we don’t bother them and they don’t bother us. But a big lens and a bit of distance are very good things where gators are concerned.



“Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting.”

Christopher Morley

I’ll close with an image from this past week. A friend and I were shooting a very large flock of seabirds when they all decided to leave en masse. The tiny little sandpipers looked a bit lost among the large numbers of much bigger skimmers and gulls, but they seemed to hold their own quite nicely. But the MOST fun thing about the shoot was that I was sharing it with a good friend I’d previously known only through blogging. We had a great time connecting in real life vs virtually, and our husbands very much enjoyed the connection too. Whew!!

I look forward to seeing your Big Shots (pun intended) this week. Do remember to tag your posts Lens-Artists so that we can all see them in the WP Reader.  Be sure to check in with Patti of Pilotfish next Saturday for Challenge #17.

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Amy’s CHANGING challenge last week drew many interesting and creative responses.

Anvica’s Gallery showed us some very creative editing in her Out of Bounds post

Sue (Mac’s Girl) shared an amazing look at how times have changed in her Sign of the Times post about vintage advertisements




243 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #16 – BIG Can Be Beautiful Too!

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  3. Your photography is breath taking, as always, and I am planning on posting myself soon, but what really got my attention was you meeting a Blogging Friend in person. That is just the BEST! I also got to meet with my favorite friend this year, once at her home in Shreveport, LA and once at mine in Bellevue, WA. Our husbands too. It was so special. And to me, the best part of blogging so far!

    Thanks for the BIG beauty and for sharing that sweet story!

    • I agree CMP, it was great fun. I’ve met 2 other blogging friends and am seeing another tomorrow. It’s great making virtual friends and having them become real ones! A great, unexpected bonus as far as I’m concerned!

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  20. Big shots here (!) – technology doesn’t always work the way we want to, does it? love that gaitor – never thought I would say or write that…and the surprise peacock! I will see what I can come up with!

  21. After reading Jane’s comment and your reply – I went back and looked again and the bird’s taking off is really even more
    interesting than i first realized
    -I saw so many individual vibes with birds in different positions – wings straight up or some arched.

    And from the reader the row of birds in flight is like another wave and is in
    Sync with the water lines.
    Very cool and nice idea for a theme with big – the gorgeous peacock with big feathers and big colors and the first one – many ways to see big there
    And I felt “big confidence”

  22. Hi Tina it was a late entry but you made up for it being a BIG entry. Glad to see you’re okay; was wondering… Such big teeth you have grandmother, certainly not referring to you Tina or the wolf but the beautiful Alligator. Bedtime in South Africa, I can now go and dream of what to post.

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