Lens-Artists Challenge #28 – CURVES

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

Phyllis Diller



2019 is now well under way, the holiday decorations are back in storage, and it’s time to think about some of the more common features of our everyday lives. This week, let’s pay some attention to curves  – in nature, in architecture, on our roads and in our lives … just about everywhere if you think about it.



“In life as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.”

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

While my husband and I were exploring Israel and Jordan this fall, I was surprised at the prevalence of curves. I found myself shooting them everywhere – whether on purpose or coincidentally I’m not exactly sure.  As I was putting together this week’s curves challenge, the turning of the calendar page made me think about some of the curveballs life throws at us. How we deal with them can make all the difference in our view of the world and our place in it.



“My life is one long curve, full of turning points.”

Pierre Trudeau

Let’s face it, no one ever makes it through life without facing a curveball now and then. The dictionary defines it as something which is unexpected, surprising, or disruptive”. Life’s curveballs can be as serious as a sudden illness or the loss of a loved one, or as insignificant as an unexpected bill or a delayed flight. Think about the last few curveballs you’ve faced. Were they important or simply annoying? Was your reaction proportionate or did you end up more stressed than necessary? If you ask my husband he might tell you I have a bit of a tendency to take small matters more seriously than necessary. Just sayin’ 😊.



“Magic lives in curves.”

Mason Cooley

I’m not really into making New Years resolutions but I do think it’s a natural time to think about what’s good and right with our lives versus those things that could use improvement. For me, channeling my energy toward taking a more positive approach to life’s ups and downs is an effort worthy of attention.




“Those who think only in straight lines cannot see around a curve.”

Romina Russell

How about you; how are you dealing with life’s little curveballs? Think about it as you’re putting together your response to this week’s challenge – and remember to tune in next week for Lens-Artists Challenge #29 on Patti’s Pilotfish blog. We look forward to seeing your responses and as always, we remind you to use the Lens-Artists Tag so that we can all find you in the WP Reader.


Have You Seen These?

Last week Amy challenged us (here) to share some of our memorable travel moments.

Wishing everyone a terrific week ahead!


Note: All images created with Fuji X-T2, edited via Adobe L/R and P/S











253 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #28 – CURVES

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  11. The prevalence of archways and curved spaces in the ancient world isn’t too surprising. They had their share of dedicated craftsmen, and to do it with a lack of technology that we’re accustomed to in our times.

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  14. My favorite one is the light at the end of the tunnel. For me it is like a symbol that the dark times won’t be last forever. But the rest of photos are also beautiful. Thanks for taking time to think about the theme, Tina.

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  17. Great challenge topic, Tina! I’m looking forward to sharing some of my own photos of curves this week! I love the shot at Petra… reminds me of Antelope Canyon, AZ photos. That place is still on my bucket list.

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  20. Although I love photographing curves, particularly those that occur in nature, my response is more of a technical one. It’s a bit of a “lens-artist behind the scenes” in the creative process: https://wp.me/p2owKx-13X
    Thanks for hosting and your photos are beautiful as always, Tina. Something that struck me about them too, was how they are happen to be in really sharp focus, just a detail that stuck with me.
    Cheers, Amy

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