Lens-Artists Challenge #46 – Delicate

“After the storm her beauty blooms… her roots deep in her southern soil.”

Nancy B. Brewer

magnolia, B&W


Here in South Carolina we are well into spring. Birds are nesting, their chicks crying aloud for the next meal. Mating alligators bellow their intentions for all the world to hear, adorable spotted fawns are being closely watched by nearby attentive does. Perhaps most impressive,  our native flowers are bursting through winter’s chill, reaching out toward the warm southern sun.

B&W Magnolia


“Fragrant o’er all the western groves; The tall magnolia towers unshaded.”

Maria Brooks

This year the many flowering magnolia trees are clustered with more blossoms than I’ve ever seen. They began early, budding at the end of April and the first of May. The blooms are large, and the creamiest of white. Surrounded by verdant green leaves and adorned with red and yellow center seedpods, they are well known for their glorious fragrance.



“Majestic flower! How purely beautiful Thou art.”

C.P. Cranch

This week I set out on my bicycle for a magnolia expedition throughout our beautiful island. (I also did manage to catch 2 sweet little fawns and some colorful roseate spoonbills but will save them for another time 😊). I’ve chosen some of my favorite images and presented them in black & white to remove any elements of distraction from the purity of the delicate blossoms. The trees are very tall so the challenge is in capturing blooms at a reasonable height, open to the light and at a peak stage of growth. 



“And while thy breeze floats o’er thee, matchless flower, I breathe the perfume, delicate and strong.”

C.P. Cranch

While putting this post together I learned that the magnolia is one of the oldest-living flowering plants. Fossilized remains go back as far as 20 million years, and possibly as far as 100 million. They pre-dated bees and are believed to have developed as beetle pollinators.  Magnolias were considered a symbol of purity in ancient China and are also used in traditional Asian medicine. Several perfume fragrances feature magnolia as a primary scent.



“Magnolia…C’est la fleur qui promèsse La perpetuité de la jeunesse.” 

Marela Stancu *

To me the purity of these stunning blossoms were a perfect match for Ann-Christine’s Delicate challenge. To see the challenge in its entirety, click here. We look forward to seeing your interpretations.To see others’ responses, be sure to visit the Lens-Artists TAG in the WordPress reader.



  •  Translation: Magnolia…it’s the flower that promises the perpetuity of youth.








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