Lens-Artists Challenge #55 – DREAMY

“When dreams come true creativity becomes art.”

Martin Schuster

abstract branch photo


This week Ann-Christine has challenged us to portray things “dreamy”. As one who occasionally enjoys turning photographs into more abstract art, I’ve edited this week’s images using tools from Adobe’s Photoshop and Topaz Impressions. To me, the more impressionist versions create rather a dreamy portrayal of the original captures. I’ve opened with a simple cluster of branches made softer in their impressionist form.

abstract woodstock on branch


“In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.”

Janos Arnay

Above we see an endangered woodstork surveying the landscape as puffy clouds fill the sky. I remember exactly the moment I captured the scene, which was later used as the cover shot for a local magazine. It is fairly rare to find a lone woodstork, as these birds are typically found in communal groups. One of the things I find most interesting about them is that they are incredibly beautiful and graceful in flight as they soar silently overhead. Unfortunately, up close they are somewhat less attractive – except perhaps to another stork 😊.

egrets surrounding sweetgrass


“Always dream high.”

Md. Mujib Ullah

I’ve used an unedited version of the image above in a previous post, but thought it would also make an interesting dream-like scene. Here the birds are merely a suggestion of themselves, as is the colorful pink sweetgrass. It was a moment that followed a hard rain and the birds were taking full advantage of the creatures on which they feed. Coincidentally, I was also taking full advantage – of their focus on things other than yours truly 😊.



“Some people dream of success, others stay awake to achieve it.”

Ziad K. Abdelnour

This week’s final image is an edited moment just after sunset on the marsh here on Kiawah. We are blessed with some amazing colors throughout the year because of the seasonal nature of the marsh. My favorite season is spring, when the grasses are a bright shade of verdant green. During the summer months the green remains but is a softer, more subdued version of itself. In the autumn the marsh begins to turn a warm, golden color with borders of beautiful pink sweetgrass. Finally, during the winter we have a more subtle beige as grasses die out and new reeds begin to push out the old. Sunsets and sunrises offer deep, rich hues as they reflect upon the waters, colored by the grasses. Mother Nature’s palette offers variety which, try as we might, few artists can match.

We hope you’ll join us for Ann-Christine’s dreamy challenge – we look forward to seeing your responses. Remember to tag them Lens-Artists, and be sure to check with us next week when Amy offers our next opportunity. Until then, wishing everyone a wonderful week. I’ll be visiting with family this week – my apologies in advance if it takes a bit longer for me to respond to your comments. 


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93 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #55 – DREAMY

  1. wonderful post …gives me a very peaceful feeling. i just love the soft ‘dreamy’ look of the wonderful shots.

  2. Love how you took the creative leap with these images to help one see the world in a different way. Beautiful expression of your love for photo art, Tina. ❤

  3. You are right about storks, they look good from the distance. Closer look will wake us up from our dream world. Hope you are having fun with family. WP is giving me grief that my post is not showing up. Oh well.

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  5. Very dreamy images, Tina. Really like the Light on the Grasses. The wispy grasses look very soft and inviting. Great work editing again. Have fun with family 🙂

  6. I love the grasses and the white birds. The grasses are almost like wavy water with a pink wave breaking on the shore. They are all nice dreamy edits to your photos.

  7. Your impressionist versions for dreamy are all amazingly beautiful. The Light of Grasses is my favorite. The dream sunset is where I want to be… 🙂 Thank you, Tina!

  8. A wonderful sequence of dreamy images Tina, I especially love the birds in the header image and the grasses too 🙂💖 xxx

  9. Amazing, Tina! I guessed you would use the impressionist you for this challenge! Excellent mastery – and I love that first quote, especially. If I have to chose a favorite here, it will be the grasses – but I love all of them.
    Wishing you a lovely family week.

  10. I dream of a place of peace’ and your place is one where your images carry me in soul heart and spirit May All your dreams come true ameen.

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