Lens-Artists Challenge #59 – Angles

“A little perspective, like a little humor, goes a long way.”

Allen Klein

lamp, angles


This week we’re looking at angles – both the geometric ones (such as in the light fixture above) and as the perspective from which you see something. Not gonna lie – Ann-Christine threw me for a loop with this one!

ceiling with many angles


“Perseverance and perspective until victory.”

Lincoln Diaz-Balarty

I had to look high and low (literally and figuratively) for images that fit the challenge. Both the light fixture in my opening image and the ceiling in the image above seemed to me to include as many angles as one might ever want. Both were found by the simple act of looking up.



“The challenge of art is always searching for something different; a new perspective.”

Lucovico Einaudi

On the other hand, I spotted the image above by looking down. I liked the angles in the cross as well as those created by the cracks in the pavement. Much as in life, different perspectives allow us to see things differently – perhaps giving us a better understanding of others’ views of the world.

gold, star, circle


“Let us pause, change perspective and see things more clearly.”

Sergio da Silva

I’ll close with an image of a golden star – which has both large and small angles set within its circular form. Perhaps the idea of our looking at a situation from every angle would help to make the world a better place. What do you think?

Thanks to Ann-Christine for pushing me to really give some thought to her challenge and its multiple meanings. We’re looking forward to seeing your interpretations as well.  Be sure to tag them Lens-Artists to appear in our WP Reader section, and stay tuned as Amy presents next week’s challenge on her Share and Connect post. Not sure how to tag? Here are some helpful instructions from our friends at WordPress: Why Tag?  and  Tag Instructions


75 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #59 – Angles

  1. I think the images are classic sacred and highly striking with unique embedded colors…beautiful setting and presentation.Tina Dear you are truly gifted.

  2. you can tell you put some thought to this – and my fav ois the crusader cross – so much to soak up with the angles and colors – and patterns – and then what you wrote:

    “Much as in life, different perspectives allow us to see things differently – perhaps giving us a better understanding of others’ views of the world.”
    well said

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  4. I like it that your post is angling in on perspectives (or is angling fishing!!)
    And on a more serious note the first ever commentary I received is this: Dis die beste ding wat mens ons kan gebeur – herwinde of nuutgevonde perspektief.
    And because I like you I will translate it: That’s the best thing that can happen to us – reclaimed or new-found perspective.

    • Love the quote Abrie, and the translation, thank you very much! Funny enough we are going fishing tomorrow here at my brother’s home in the mts of Colorado. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  5. I can resonate with what you said about being thrown for a loop on this challenge. Like most of the Lens-Artists Challenge, since I participated, it made me at first to respond literally to the theme and then eventually as I go along the journey of looking for the perfect shots that fits to every theme, I then get to be flown away to a transcendence of greater meaning.

  6. All great shots, Tina! I think you found wonderful ones for the challenge. It definitely took some thinking outside the box this week! But you met the challenge beautifully 🙂

  7. I did expect the literal version as well – and you really did it accurately! Brilliant, angle filled shots. Hard to chose a favorite here, but the ceiling and the shining star speaks to me. Glad you got hooked in a loop!

  8. So many angles. Tina. The first shot appears to be a prism or facets of a diamond. And the cracks on the cross add a new dimension. Yup, this assignment is a challenge.

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