Lens-Artists Challenge #64 – Out in the Country

“The country is lyric, the town dramatic. Together they make the most perfect musical drama.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



It has been said that there is nothing quite like a day in the country to restore one’s spirit. The smell of fresh mown hay, the wide open views, the freshness of bright green grasses as spring begins or the brilliant colors of autumn  – all combine to ease the stress of daily life in the city. 



“The country soothes us, refreshes us, lifts us up with religious suggestion.”

Edwin Hubbel Chapin

My husband and I are fortunate to have family with a home in the country outside of New York City – talk about a dichotomy! For them it is a welcome respite from the frenzied challenges of city life. For us it is an interesting departure from our quiet life at the beach. There is a unique beauty to country life – around every curve or corner one might see fresh bales of hay shining in the sunlight, or a quintessentially red barn – probably in need of repair, or the gentle curve of a country road through rolling hills.

Rolling hills, hay bales


“If country life be healthful to the body, it is no less so to the mind.”

Giovanni Ruffini

This week Amy has challenged us to portray the slow pace of life in the country or a small town. Somehow the two seem inexorably tied – as one typically leads to the other. My choices this week are all over the map, literally. I’ve included images from Colorado, New York, Michigan, Kentucky, Montana and Washington State. Can you guess where each of today’s images was taken? (Not to worry, I’ll include the answers at the end of the post.)

fir trees, canola field


“I lived in solitude in the country and noticed how the monotony of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.”

Albert Einstein

Throughout our many travel adventures, I’ve enjoyed the fun and excitement of some of the world’s largest cities. But I find myself feeling more at home in the small towns and villages that surround them. Perhaps it’s my imagination but it seems the people are friendlier, the air fresher and the natural scenery more beautiful than the often stunning creations of man.

Palouse farmhouse


“When life becomes too fast, I find relief at last – Out in the country”

Three Dog Night

As I put this post together I realized how much I enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. As a photographer, the way the light plays on the open fields, or catches the gentle curve of a horse’s back are more interesting to me than the bright lights of the big city – no matter how majestic.

2 white horses


“The country life is to be preferred, for there we see the works of God.”

William Penn

One of my fascinations with country life is the gentle nature of the creatures grazing thereabouts. We often come across farm animals like horses, sheep, pigs and cows as well as wild animals like deer and turkeys. It seems only fair that we should share nature’s bounty considering, presumably, they were there first 😊.

horses in corral


“Country things are the necessary root of our life.”

Esther Meynell

No  discussion of country living would be complete without an image of a wintry scene on a country lane. While I”m the first to admit winter and snow are not high on my list of favorite things, an occasional short brush with the snowy cold can be fun as well as photogenic. I’m thinking the image below may be the easiest for those of you trying to identify locations 😊.

snow-covered country lane


“The sun shines brighter in the country, making people more wholesome.”  

Lori Lansens

For me, life on the beach is a blessing I never take for granted. Having friends and family in small towns and in the country only adds to our appreciation of life in the “slow lane”.

Thanks to Amy for giving us a fun opportunity to explore the countryside – we look forward to seeing your views on this one! Remember to tag your post Lens-Artists, and to link them back to Amy’s original post. As always, we greatly appreciate your support and hope you’ll join us next week here on Travels and Trifles for Challenge #65.


  1. Ghent, NY
  2. Ghent, NY
  3. Traverse City, Michigan
  4. Whitefish, Montana
  5. The Palouse, Washington State
  6. Ghent, NY
  7. Lexington, KY
  8. Evergreen, Colo








118 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #64 – Out in the Country

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  2. Oh, Tina. Thank you for your gift of photography and narrative bringing life to my simple life. As I romanticize living life in the country which I experienced briefly, it would kill me 😳. Don’t mind visiting, though.

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  4. Ah – gorgeous countryside! Amber waves, I must agree with the others, stunningly beautiful. Love the horses and the angles especially too. And the last image now that winter soon will be upon us. Exquisite choices!

  5. Now that I live in the countryside I understand how different it is to living in a small town, or the suburbs of a large town. The most significant difference is the almost complete lack of traffic noise, I say almost because there is the sound of country life – tractors, animal carriers, slurry tankers and the like – and the clip-clop of horses’ hooves as they regularly pass by. Not to mention the cattle orchestra. All noises I was previously unfamiliar with, but which now I wouldn’t be without. Well, perhaps less of the cattle noise at times! Your photos are excellent examples of life in the countryside; “Through Amber Waves” is my favourite.

  6. Before the breathing air is gone, before the sun is just a bright spot in the nighttime…

    As I was reading your post, scrolling up to the two horses, Casey Casem announced #33 on the Top Forty for 9-19-1970. Three Dog Night’s Out in the Country. Listening to American Top 40 on SiriusXM’s streaming Internet service.

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  8. I really liked your pictures, seeing your country through your eyes, it makes me see it differently. I don’t have a great memory of my visit a couple of years ago. I guess I didn’t choose the places I visited well.

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  10. I really enjoyed these photos and not just because you have horses in some of them. Of the horse ones the “curves and angles” is a wonderful composition. But my absolute favorite is the “Amber Waves”. That is a magic photo.

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  12. So much of ‘countryside’ is what surrounded me in the UK and over time it dulled the senses. I still often regard it as boring, but after a long, dry spell it’s much easier to see the attraction. Heavy rainfall today was manna from heaven. 🙂 🙂 Your amber waves are remarkable, Tina.

  13. Tina Ji I shall say Subhaan Allah a heavenly peaceful reflection , simply beautiful serene and soothing scenesYou are indeed lucky to be in such a place on Earth, close to nature.

  14. Living in the countryside is the dream for many people, Love the opening image. These photos say much people longing for space and peacefulness.
    Such a beautiful post. Thank you, Tina!

  15. These are lovely! I happen to live near the “country” outside of Boulder….I’ll have to get outside later today and shoot some cool stuff!

      • You know, the winters didn’t bother me until this past year. I booked a trip to Mexico for this coming February in last March because I cannot take another one without a beach break!! It’s supposed to be another cold one too!

  16. Very fun to have us guess locations –
    And one that stood out was the amber waves of grain because I think as a child when singing that line – well we can’t feel the visual beauty from only lyrics

      • Yes! 🎼
        And it is still early for this fresh post- but I noticed someone else said they “love love loved” that pic so it might be a reader favorite (but we shall see…)
        I also liked the way you brought the snow one in when you did —

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