Lens-Artists Challenge #68 – LAYERED

“Layer by layer art strips life bare.”

Robert Musil



Amy has given us some interesting food for thought this week with her “Layered” challenge. I’ve chosen to feature some images I made over the course of a few evenings last week on Kiawah’s beach.  Our summer humidity has lifted and beautiful clear weather has become the norm. Sand, sea and sky combine to become one of Mother Nature’s best examples of layered perfection. My opening image also includes a set of beachfront umbrellas standing watch as the sky develops its beautiful layers of color.

sunset, reflection, beach, Kiawah Island


“I like to compare my method with that of painters centuries ago, proceeding from layer to layer.”

Alberto Moravia

In the capture above, the sky turns ever more beautiful just before the sun finally sets. A lone bird searches for its evening meal in the waters reflecting the colorful sky. I wondered about the people you can barely see in the waves beyond. Hopefully they returned to shore before the night went totally dark.

shrimp boat on ocean at sunset


“Magical realism allows an artist to inject layers of meaning without being obvious.”

Shirin Neshat

In the image above, while the ocean waves create a continuum of layers, a lone shrimp boat sails along the horizon.  Heading home or furthering its quest, in either case the crew is surely in for a long and lonely night. 



“The most memorable photos are layered, in good light, and have something really interesting going on.”

Joel Sartore

Drama developed across the sea as storm clouds gathered in the distance. Fortunately, they stayed where they were and their only impact on our area was some additional interest rather than a change in the weather. 

SEA OATS, SUNSET, Kiawah Island


There’s a magical layer of love that’s laced, designed to take us to a higher place.”

Bootsy Collins

Back on shore, sea oats blew gently in the breeze as the sky continued to display a palette any artist would envy. Warm, balmy temperatures combined with the gentle wind to create perfect beach walk conditions. Ours was occasionally interrupted by photography – patiently endured by my husband as always😊.

Moonlight over the ocean, Kiawah Island, ocean


The camera is a remarkable instrument. Saturate yourself with your subject, and the camera will all but take you by the hand and point the way.

Margaret Bourke-White


I’ll close with my final shot of the evening. The moon, just short of full, shone brightly across the waves. Just below, a shrimp boat cast a light within its glow. Here’s hoping your week has been equally lovely as fall continues to bless us with its beauty here in the US.  

Sincere thanks to Amy for her challenge this week – she, Patti, Ann-Christine and I look forward to seeing your responses. Please remember to link them to Amy’s original post here, and to tag them with our Lens-Artists tag.








141 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #68 – LAYERED

  1. Beautiful set of landscapes, Tina. Cloud Layers is a fine image. Glad you pointed out the beach umbrellas in the first– I might have missed them. 🙂 🙂
    That shot has a real SC ambiance.

  2. All of these are just wonders…what a walk, what a spot you live in…Magical. Impossible to pick a favourite. Just want to see them again and again!

  3. Wonderful images, Tina. The layers draw you in to explore their depth.
    Enjoy your lovely autumn. I sometimes think autumn is my favourite time of year but we’ve just had our first warm spring weekend that has woken up the birds to get nesting and the garden begging me to get out there. Maybe spring is my new favourite. Hehe!

    • Many thanks Wendy. A bit of a tie for me. I love autumn and it’s rich colors but it is a precursor to winter whereas spring brings summer so if forced to choose I’d go with the latter 🙂


  4. I’ve always enjoyed the skies over the ocean. Thanks for presenting such beautiful photos. Hope you are well. ❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Your set of images are incredible ~ I could spent many an evening on Kiawah’s beach with such views. Your opening shot is my favorite, both because of the layering theme but then simply because the colors and framing. But then each photo adds to the story – the shrimp boat on the evening Atlantic skyline is a shot of the incredible working life of fishermen and then the sea oats of sunset brings it all home. I love the Pacific Ocean very much, but your shots at Kiawah Island always contain much of the romantic part of early America ~ and it is nice to know such scenes and life is still going strong. Cheers, Tina, to continued great weather and sunsets 🙂

  6. A big, happy sigh of delight, Tina, when looking at these shots. They’re gorgeous! What an evening on the beach. Thanks for capturing this moment with your wonderful photographic eye. Thanks too to your patient Bailey who is a great partner on your walks!

  7. Wow, what a fantastic gallery … your image shows why I have to live where the ocean docks. Stunning, Tina – absolutely stunning. Love the light in every image.

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  9. So serene and beautiful, Tina. I miss the beach and those rosy hues that contrast just perfectly with the blues of the water. I’ve missed your superb photography lately (my own fault, obviously!) – it’s nice to be able to sit and appreciate it again with these photos.

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