Lens-Artists Challenge #71 – Creepy

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

Charles Addams

Locked doors, cobwebs


This week Ann-Christine has invited us to share some creepy images. If you’re anything like me, you tend to avoid such things if possible.  A quick trip through my archives showed me that in fact I do have a few such captures after all – who knew?! The locked and cobwebbed door above for example, is the entry to a crypt that gave me the creeps in the famous Recoleta Cemetery of Buenos Aires.  The question is, were they trying to keep people out, or keep the spirits in ? 😳



“Just tell yourself they’re only stories.”

Pamela K. Kinney

I’m not quite sure why vultures get such a bad rap. They actually perform an important service, cleaning up the dead animals that would otherwise litter our roads. When we visited New Zealand we were told they have a problem with their “road-kill” because they have no scavengers to haul away the carrion. That said, I must admit vultures still give me the creeps.

Buffalo Skull


“You can only be brave if you’re scared.””

Laurie Halse Anderson

The creepy skull featured above is one that we came across during our Botswana safari. Hopefully the cape buffalo that left it behind died of natural causes.

Dried Bats - Hong Kong Apothecary


“Sometimes the things in our heads are far worse than anything they could put in books or on film.”

C.K. Webb

The image above is from an apothecary in Hong Kong. They had quite a few things on display that many of us would find creepy.  I myself could not imagine any reason one might purchase a dried bat, nor what they would do with it if they did. Just sayin’.



“I write about the scariest monsters: The ones inside us all.”

Aaron Marcusson

The photo above is not creepy because of the disconnected head in a cage. Rather, it’s because it was the home of the notorious Marquis de Sade. The terms sadist and sadistic (taking pleasure from inflicting pain) are both derived from his name.



“It is not what we know that scares us, it is what we do not.”

A.G. Phillips

In closing, I’ll leave you with an image of what might be seen as the kind of moon under which vampires, ghosts and werewolves would emerge. That would be creepy right? Then again, one might see it simply as a beautiful full moon surrounded by cloudy skies. I’ll let you be the judge.

I join Ann-Christine, Patti and Amy in looking forward to seeing what YOU find creepy.  Don’t forget to link your post to the original post here, and to add the Lens-Artists Tab.




100 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #71 – Creepy

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  3. OK these are shots that really speak to u….really make u think…the harvest moon is just mind blowing!!! fabulous!!

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  5. Dear Tina Ji Hope you are well. Last week was busy with family commitments.I must admit that the very first image frightened me ‘absolutely creepy’ and the rest too, Special praise for the Marquis De Sade Image , it is great info for me..I read about him but now I have viewed the scene.Thank you for sharing such striking reflections, critters,vampirish moon and the webbed lock and chains.All can prove as excellent clues for a ‘creepy story’

  6. Must admit that I am glad that my contribution to society isn’t sadism.
    I may have thought up the “CREEPY CRUSTY CRITTERS” for that photo as well 🙂 No I wouldn’t you are the best. But it does remind me of “advice” to writers stating the following: Avoid alliteration. Always. I think that advice does not practice what it preaches…

  7. Great creepy shots Tina. I agree about the bats, they certainly make the skin crawl but it’s an excellent shot. And although I love a beautiful spider web, the thought of putting my hand in one is too creepy. I don’t do creepy so I’d better get out there and see what I can find.

  8. Out of all the images, the webbed lock image is creepy to me… I will be scared to open that door! Probably I am too scared of the humans! “It is not what we know that scares us, it is what we do not.” True…!

  9. Fantastic! The accompanying write up filled in the blanks so well and in places heightened the creepy quotient. Also the image of the dried bats was unexpected, never thought I’d see them stacked so neatly 😊.

  10. Ah – a great creepy gallery, Tina! Gorgeous images and high creepy factor – those bats…uahhh. And the first one, the door, I would never touch it. The vulture silhouette is beautiful and so is the moon. Excellent quotes as usual!

  11. A great series of photos, Tina, and really love the “Vulture’s Vision” shot ~ great lighting and such a perfect silhouette, creepy but also worthy of some respect. Also, your first shot reminds me a lot of me returning home after my travels 🙂 All the clean-up I will have to do for the next day. Cheers to a great Sunday ~

    • Thanks Randall. This week was more about the creepy factor than our finest photography efforts but I did like the effect of that vulture shot. LOL re the cleanup effort. Somehow I doubt that 😊

  12. CREEPY CRUSTY CRITTERS!!! I’m not gonna be able to get this image out of my head!!!

    This week’s challenge is terrifying as terrific are your images.

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