Lens-Artists Challenge #72 – Waiting

“Waiting is a skill like anything else.”

Lee Child

Sweetgrass, pink


Here on Kiawah we enjoy four seasons, but the degree of difference between each of them is far less than in most areas of the country. We don’t get the bursts of brilliant red and gold typically found across the U.S. as autumn sets in. Instead, we wait for the appearance of our beautiful pink sweetgrass to signal the arrival of the new season.



“Patience is not waiting; it is a quality of waiting.”

Sharon Weil

This year our summer lasted a bit longer than usual, and our wait for the sweetgrass finally ended along with October. The good news, of course, is that it also lasted further into November. The last few whisps of color are just now fading away.



“What we do while we wait may be more important than what we are waiting for.”

Tim Hiller

My husband and I were happy to have a long-awaited visit from two of my brothers and their wives this past week. We were all fortunate that the predicted cold front didn’t occur until the last day of their visit. I was especially happy that the late appearance of the sweetgrass meant that they were able to experience it for the first time. It’s really a very special element of a visit to the lowcountry, and one can never be sure about its timing.



“Instead of waiting for the right moment, BE the right moment.”

Kaiden Blake

Like many of you I’m sure, our weather changed from lovely fall sun and warmth to instant winter 😠 which for us means temperatures in the low 40s f / 4c.  Hopefully we’ll return to a bit more warmth before true winter sets in. Although ours is milder than most, our southern blood is less resistant to cold and wind so we’ll be waiting not-so-patiently for the return of spring! Hard to believe winter’s not even here yet and we’re anxious for it to end.



“Sometimes you wait for the right time and you run out of time altogether.”

Regina Sirois

Thanks to all who responded to Ann-Christine’s quest for creepy. It was really fun seeing your responses. Like many others I was surprised to find more creepy images than expected LOL. This week, Amy, Ann-Christine, Patti and I look forward to seeing what it is you’re waiting for. Remember to use the Lens-Artists Tag and to link your post to Amy’s original post here. We hope to see you back here on Travels and Trifles next week as I host Challenge #73.




122 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #72 – Waiting

  1. Love that sweet grass abstract! And all in the post with that awesome Tina flow…
    photos – wisdom and splashes of you.
    Oh and while I do love spring – I am not quite anxious for it yet!
    I am ready for the winter and holiday fun…

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  3. That sweetgrass is gorgeous! We have tumbleweed that looks kind of like that in the morning dew. I don’t think it’s the same though. I love how you captured different views of it to share. It’s cold and snowy here in Wisconsin, so it’s fun for me to take a peek at your warmer climate. Enjoy your week, Tina!

  4. I have not seen the sweetgrass before. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of it. And as for winter…..it has arrived with a sudden vengeance up here in Ontario. However the weather peeps are telling us that it will be milder this coming week and actually get a few degrees above freezing. Have a good week Tina!

  5. I don’t know this plant, but it is really beautiful and so are your photos. I especially like the Sweetgrass and Palmettos – what wonderful light! I suppose here the equivalent is the late summer heather which turns our hills several shades of purple. I am waiting for the shortest day to arrive (not so long now) so I can look forward to the days being longer! I know, it really isn’t cool to wish ones life away especially at my age!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful – worth waiting for! I tried to find Sweetgrass in my book, but there were many species of Sweetgrass…Finally I found your sweetgrass, and it is not the kind we have in Sweden. Love all your images, but the grass and egrets together with the wind blown one are my favorites.

  7. I was debating whether to add sweetgrass in the garden, now you have shown us how trully sweet they are, end of my waiting to plant or not to plant. Love the egrets amongst the grass

  8. Nature makes us wait- every human being waits for someone or something better, more satisfying joyful comfortable and perhaps paying, some wait for their loved ones, some wait in vain..I know we may never meet but I will have hope and wait…

  9. Tina, each has a charm that draws me into its beauty. The grasses are waiting to spread their seeds. I also am leaping into thoughts about spring (and it’s, as you said, not even winter). We’re having unusually cold weather for autumn, and winter garb is a must.

  10. The sweetgrass looks beautiful Tina, I especially love your image with the egrets among the pink grasses. I enjoy these seasonal appearances, for us it’s the purple heather in late Summer and early Autumn xxx

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    • Thanks Sylvia, as you know it’s not so easy to capture it just right. For every keeper there are 5 or 6 throwaways! I enjoyed this year’s crop but suppose with the weather it’s probably about done now.

  13. It’s true! Here we’re waiting for the shortest day so we can look forward to more hours of sunlight! Greedy people 🙂 🙂 But we don’t have your fabulous sweetgrass, Tina.

  14. A very special sweet grass selections, Tina! I especially love the sweet grass in the wind. You captured the beauty of these egrets and sweet grass.

  15. The sweetgrass and egrets is my favorite, although I enjoyed them all. I’ve read about the baskets made from this grass, but I’ve never seen them. And a Lee Child quote? Jack Reacher would be proud!

    Happy weekend.


  16. Wow, Tina, your photos of the sweetgrass are beautiful. We saw the finished product, the sweetgrass baskets, but I didn’t know what it looked like in nature. It was probably right in front of me and I missed it. We had fun in Charleston but I didn’t see nearly what I wanted to as my daughter wanted only to shop and eat! Oh well!

    • Well I guess you’ll just have to come back then, won’t you Cathy?! Glad you enjoyed Charleston – the grasses are only pink/purple in the fall and there probably isn’t much of it in town so I’m guessing you didn’t miss it. Hope you had some nice weather for your visit

    • Thanks Laurel – that was up at Cassique. got lucky with the egrets posing next to the sweetgrass. And yes, a truly miserable few days. Thank goodness my family left just as the worst was setting in.

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