Lens-Artists Challenge #74 – Abstract

“Do not copy nature too much. Art is an abstraction.”

Paul Gauguin


Patti’s challenge this week, abstract, took me in a different direction than she may have intended. Rather than follow my normal pattern and include a number of different images, I opted to present one image in several different ways.


“Abstract artists tell their stories with shapes, color, edges, movement, and value.”

Gwen Fox

I manipulated my original image (included at the end of my post) using post processing tools available from Topaz Studio and Photoshop. The effort was rather time-consuming, not so much because of complexity, but because of the number of possibilities available.


“You can’t look at abstract art without thinking.”

Patricia Cole-Farullo

My goal was to preserve the idea of the natural scene – which was really beautiful – but presented in a more abstract way. It was important to me to take a number of very different approaches to explore what kind of reaction they would engender – both my own and that of my followers.

Abstract Funk

“I understand abstract art as an attempt to feed imagination.”

Jean Helion

I will admit I am not a big fan of abstract art. In fact, of all of my images this week the original, unedited version is my favorite, followed by the more impressionist “Artistic” version. I remember being struck by the natural scene as I walked through what felt like a “forest primeval”. It was important to me to capture it as it appeared late one afternoon last week.


“How do abstract artists know when they’re getting better?”

David Leffel


“The abstract patterns created by light… simplify design and strengthen composition.”

Ann Pember

I would be interested in your feedback on which of these “creations” (if any) you find appealing, or do you, like me, prefer the original (shown below).

Live oak, forest


“Abstract painting is abstract. It confronts you.”

Jackson Pollock

Many thanks to those who replied to last week’s “COLD” challenge. Patti, Ann-Christine, Amy and I enjoyed seeing your interpretations from both the past and the present. Here’s hoping this year’s winter is kind to all of us! 

PLEASE NOTE:  Because Ann-Christine is traveling, next week’s challenge #75 will once again be hosted here on Travels and Trifles. Hope to see you then!






111 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #74 – Abstract

  1. Such an interesting and stimulating group of images Tina. Not surprisingly I love the abstract interpretations of the original images. As you can see I am catching up, as so much has been happening here. Always inspiring to visit Travels and Trifles and my apologies for my lack of diligence in visiting you. xo

  2. Just fabulous Tina. I love your exploration!! I too like u prefer the very natural beauty of the photo…quite stunning!!

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