Lens-Artists Challenge #74 – Abstract

“Do not copy nature too much. Art is an abstraction.”

Paul Gauguin


Patti’s challenge this week, abstract, took me in a different direction than she may have intended. Rather than follow my normal pattern and include a number of different images, I opted to present one image in several different ways.


“Abstract artists tell their stories with shapes, color, edges, movement, and value.”

Gwen Fox

I manipulated my original image (included at the end of my post) using post processing tools available from Topaz Studio and Photoshop. The effort was rather time-consuming, not so much because of complexity, but because of the number of possibilities available.


“You can’t look at abstract art without thinking.”

Patricia Cole-Farullo

My goal was to preserve the idea of the natural scene – which was really beautiful – but presented in a more abstract way. It was important to me to take a number of very different approaches to explore what kind of reaction they would engender – both my own and that of my followers.

Abstract Funk

“I understand abstract art as an attempt to feed imagination.”

Jean Helion

I will admit I am not a big fan of abstract art. In fact, of all of my images this week the original, unedited version is my favorite, followed by the more impressionist “Artistic” version. I remember being struck by the natural scene as I walked through what felt like a “forest primeval”. It was important to me to capture it as it appeared late one afternoon last week.


“How do abstract artists know when they’re getting better?”

David Leffel


“The abstract patterns created by light… simplify design and strengthen composition.”

Ann Pember

I would be interested in your feedback on which of these “creations” (if any) you find appealing, or do you, like me, prefer the original (shown below).

Live oak, forest


“Abstract painting is abstract. It confronts you.”

Jackson Pollock

Many thanks to those who replied to last week’s “COLD” challenge. Patti, Ann-Christine, Amy and I enjoyed seeing your interpretations from both the past and the present. Here’s hoping this year’s winter is kind to all of us! 

PLEASE NOTE:  Because Ann-Christine is traveling, next week’s challenge #75 will once again be hosted here on Travels and Trifles. Hope to see you then!





111 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #74 – Abstract

  1. Ha ha. Innovative approach! I personally am almost always partial to a superb original photo, and yours is stupendous as usual. (I’m running out of adjectives to describe your good work.). Abstracts cannot be compared, IMO. I like all of your different takes, of which Abstract Funk is perhaps my favorite.

  2. I love working with Topaz Studio! I know what you mean by time consuming – so many possibilities! I use it on most of the photos I post – but first I crop them and color correct them in GIMP.
    Abstract Funk and Sketchy are very appealing, though the original is too.

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  4. Such a tough choice, but I’d have to agree with you – the original real deal is my favorite. It has such a “painting” feel to it. But all your variations are gorgeous – one for every mood 🙂

  5. Great idea, Tina. I like the sketchy and abstract funk versions, quite different but both appealing. I prefer realism as a rule but I’ve also enjoyed some of the offerings in this challenge.

  6. All of the impressionist versions are unique interpretations of the original. Occasionally I will play with Nik Tools to generated interpretations of a particular scene that I think would look well in a more abstract fashion. I think my favorite is the second image in your series.

  7. Tina, labor-intensive efforts, and I especially enjoyed the results of sketchy. While abstraction in photography works in many instances, there are just as many where the representational is of greater value.

  8. It’s amazing how different the scenery can look Tina, the ‘Real Deal’ is my favourite! xxx

  9. I rather like Sketchy and Funk but I would almost always rather have a genuine photographic image, Tina. It’s fun to play sometimes, but Nature does a pretty good job, doesn’t she? 🙂 🙂

  10. Wonderful interpretations of the theme, Tina! I love Topaz Studio; I think I learned about it from you. I know how much time this must have taken you! Mine will also be a nature shot edited in Topaz, but only one or two.

  11. What an unusual take on the theme. They are all lovely, though I think the one called “artistic” is my favorite. I see why you picked that original to work with; it looks pretty abstract already!

  12. It is funny to see software do the process that a Gauguin, Van Gogh or Monet did in his mind and visualization. I like the top one best, the cropped image on your header. To me it grabs the essence of the tree and its state. In a photo it is – given the apparent reality displayed – more difficult to put in a layer or mood or something that you do not see straight away. But i like the way you played with that photo and turned it into something different. To me you could lose more of the original photo and zoom in on the exciting parts like in the cropped version. Than the viewer has to get into a creative process himself.

  13. Dear Tina Ji once again you excel.This is fantastic the Real and the Abstract’ Artistic is the best, though all are striking and reflect your divinely gifted skills. I may add that ‘Beauty lies in the Eyes of the Artistic Camera person’ and that is Your goodself.

      • Dear Tina Ji I am inspired by your work.In fact you have become my Teacher. My initial love for drawing and painting has kept my spirit alive.Allah keeps linking up his special, chosen. talented artists who highlight His creativity and share His Presence with the world. Your work reflects divinity. I captured a sunset view which had completely locked my vision with its glory. One image with its variety of abstract options I am preparing for your Challenge..this I have learned from you , a beginners , hope you like it. I think of you often.. Stay Blessed with joy and success. Amen. Thank you.

      • Dear Talented Friend I must appreciate highly professional work done with dedication passion and love. I noticed the word ‘writer’ written in your introduction and a little research took me to the magazine of your Island. A beautiful reading collection. I have a Group called New World Englishes on FaceBook, I have shared Your article there for my friends and family. ‘https://www.facebook.com/groups/1951958688239242/

  14. This was a cool presentation. Unlike many of the other comments, I love abstract art (not necessarily abstract photography). I thought most of these had something of interest. My favorites were “wild” and “funky”. I think “funky” could be a beautiful, large-print wallpaper. Fun!

  15. My 3rd attempt to comment (due to my own laptop probIem). I like ‘sketchy’ very much Tina! Mysterious and invites me to explore. Showed it to my OH and he really liked it too.

  16. Definitely like abstracts. Would have to see Funky enlarged but it does stand out. Any one could look great against a neutral setting.

  17. Interesting project! 1. Like an unfinished painting 2. Lonely 3. Soft 4. Interesting and layered 5. Eerie 6. Fantastical 7. My favorite

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