Lens-Artists Challenge #76 – On Display

“A breeze, a forgotten summer, a smile, all can fit into a storefront window.”

Dejan Stojanovic

LANTERNS, bicycle


This week Amy challenges us to illustrate “On Display”. As one who loves traveling, I’ve seen and photographed more than my fair share of wonderful markets and shops around the world. As further evidence that people are the same everywhere, there are always enticing displays to tempt shoppers whether it be in a high-end Parisian storefront, a night bazaar in Bangkok, a street pop-up in Hoi An or the outdoor markets of Prague.



“One of the joys of shopping is browsing.”

Steve Magee

I’ll admit I’m not much of a shopper, but I’ve often enjoyed browsing the colorful displays tempting visitors in our travels. It never ceases to amaze me how much “stuff” one might accumulate given the opportunity. Personally, having moved from our larger home of 17 years to a smaller one three years ago, I’ve promised myself never to buy another thing that isn’t absolutely necessary. While I may not be executing perfectly on that challenge I do think I’m doing much better 😊.

colorful, scarves, display


“Anybody can buy. It takes an artist to shop.”

Jennifer Finney Boylan

Rather than shop to buy, I’m much more content to browse and photograph. After all, do I really need one more hat, or scarf, or thing-a-ma-bob?  A good friend told me she has a rule that if she brings in something new, she must get rid of something it replaces. Challenging but not a bad idea. Another told me she puts stickers on every piece of clothing once each year. If she doesn’t wear the item before the next year, she donates it or tosses it depending on how it’s aged.

market, display, dresses


“On every shopping trip, there is one indulgence.”

Judy Blundell

There are shopkeepers who welcome browsers, as well as those who welcome only serious buyers. The trick is knowing one from the other and acting accordingly. In open air markets, such as the one above from a market plaza in France, vendors seem much more open to those who, like me, are only there to look rather than buy.

vietnam, cart, merchandise


“Buy, buy, says the sign in the shop window; Why, why, says the junk in the yard.”

Paul McCartney

Amy’s challenge presents us with so many opportunities – after all, isn’t a bird’s stretch of its wings a display? Perhaps it’s a farmers’ market with luscious vegetables on a stand….or a florist’s bounty in the window. As for me, I’ve gone with a traditional set of shopping displays simply because each evokes a fond memory of some of the countries I’ve enjoyed visiting. Here’s hoping you choose a response that brings you a bit of a smile as well. Speaking of smiles, many thanks to those who responded to my Nostalgic challenge last week. Most of us have proven that we look to our past with rose-colored glasses – and why not?  

For this week, Amy, Ann-Christine, Patti and I look forward to seeing your displays, whatever and wherever they may be. Please remember to link them to Amy’s original post and to tag them with the Lens-Artists Tag.  Also, a final reminder that the Lens-Artists team will be enjoying a holiday next week but will be back with you via Patti’s Pilotfish post on the 28th. We wish everyone who celebrates a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you then.




134 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #76 – On Display

  1. Crikey, I didn’t know there were sellers that don’t entertain browsers – seems like they might be shooting themselves in the foot with such a strict policy 🤨

  2. Dear Buyer’s, We have Gold nugget’s for sale in Nairobi Kenya so am looking for the seriously buyer’s who can visited us for the trial shipment even to buy a small quantity to build a trust and confidence. We will do a physical smelting tests in front of the buyer’s to smelting all gold nugget’s into gold bar’s form. Don’t hesitate to contact us

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  4. I liked those hats, particularly the “matching” (or dueling?) Ronaldiño and Marlboro labels. If only inanimate objects could talk, what would they say within those stacks or piles? (“Buy me now!” or “Get me outta here!”)

  5. just love these very colorful displays!! I too am not a shopper & never really have the patience at home…only going out with my list directly to get what i need & never really browsing…..on the other hand when i travel i love to browse…see how the local culture dresses & lives not feeling any need to buy….
    love this post!!

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