Lens-Artists Challenge #76 – On Display

“A breeze, a forgotten summer, a smile, all can fit into a storefront window.”

Dejan Stojanovic

LANTERNS, bicycle


This week Amy challenges us to illustrate “On Display”. As one who loves traveling, I’ve seen and photographed more than my fair share of wonderful markets and shops around the world. As further evidence that people are the same everywhere, there are always enticing displays to tempt shoppers whether it be in a high-end Parisian storefront, a night bazaar in Bangkok, a street pop-up in Hoi An or the outdoor markets of Prague.



“One of the joys of shopping is browsing.”

Steve Magee

I’ll admit I’m not much of a shopper, but I’ve often enjoyed browsing the colorful displays tempting visitors in our travels. It never ceases to amaze me how much “stuff” one might accumulate given the opportunity. Personally, having moved from our larger home of 17 years to a smaller one three years ago, I’ve promised myself never to buy another thing that isn’t absolutely necessary. While I may not be executing perfectly on that challenge I do think I’m doing much better 😊.

colorful, scarves, display


“Anybody can buy. It takes an artist to shop.”

Jennifer Finney Boylan

Rather than shop to buy, I’m much more content to browse and photograph. After all, do I really need one more hat, or scarf, or thing-a-ma-bob?  A good friend told me she has a rule that if she brings in something new, she must get rid of something it replaces. Challenging but not a bad idea. Another told me she puts stickers on every piece of clothing once each year. If she doesn’t wear the item before the next year, she donates it or tosses it depending on how it’s aged.

market, display, dresses


“On every shopping trip, there is one indulgence.”

Judy Blundell

There are shopkeepers who welcome browsers, as well as those who welcome only serious buyers. The trick is knowing one from the other and acting accordingly. In open air markets, such as the one above from a market plaza in France, vendors seem much more open to those who, like me, are only there to look rather than buy.

vietnam, cart, merchandise


“Buy, buy, says the sign in the shop window; Why, why, says the junk in the yard.”

Paul McCartney

Amy’s challenge presents us with so many opportunities – after all, isn’t a bird’s stretch of its wings a display? Perhaps it’s a farmers’ market with luscious vegetables on a stand….or a florist’s bounty in the window. As for me, I’ve gone with a traditional set of shopping displays simply because each evokes a fond memory of some of the countries I’ve enjoyed visiting. Here’s hoping you choose a response that brings you a bit of a smile as well. Speaking of smiles, many thanks to those who responded to my Nostalgic challenge last week. Most of us have proven that we look to our past with rose-colored glasses – and why not?  

For this week, Amy, Ann-Christine, Patti and I look forward to seeing your displays, whatever and wherever they may be. Please remember to link them to Amy’s original post and to tag them with the Lens-Artists Tag.  Also, a final reminder that the Lens-Artists team will be enjoying a holiday next week but will be back with you via Patti’s Pilotfish post on the 28th. We wish everyone who celebrates a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you then.




134 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #76 – On Display

  1. Tina the displays are beautiful. I enjoyed the open-air, three-dimensional, colorfully organized presentation of merchandise. A needed perspective after spending time today on Amazon!

  2. What a wonderful way to browse – and not buy – but take home the experience. The variety of items for sale – so colorful as well! Local shopping at its best! Love the details you caught in these.

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  5. Hi, Tina. I love these market shops. The scarf image caught my eye–as I’ve decided a scarf is a perfect thing to buy when we’re traveling since it doesn’t take up a lot of space! I’m with your friend–buy something new and then get rid of something old. It’s liberating! A beautiful collection, as always! All the best in the new year and have a wonderful holiday!

  6. Way to tempt us and teach us at the same time 🙂 You captured such vivid colors, I’m impressed you didn’t buy any of the items. I love the idea of just taking photos instead of doing both! Enjoy your break, thank you for all you do to keep this challenge going!

    • Thanks so much Shelley. The challenge has been a very rewarding experience for us, thanks of course to followers like you who keep us going. All the best to you this holiday season

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  7. I love photographing displays too, though sometimes you can run into trouble. I recall taking a photo of some pretty hand made candles on a market stall and the owner was quite aggressive about asking me not to. As Jo says, they might think you are stealing their ideas. I smiled politely and said that I would delete the photos if she wanted me to, but that I was going to use them on my blog post which might give her some free advertising. She quite liked that idea!

    • LOL avarice will win out every time. One of my favorites was a guy in Hong Kong. I took a photo of him butchering some meat directly below the “No Photographs Please” sign followed by an image of a camera in a circle with a diagonal line through it. He probably just figured a)I couldn’t read b) I was blind and faking it or c) I was just another ugly American 😊😊

  8. I like your style, Tina! Sometimes I shop a little but I would rather photograph the displays like you have done. These are beautiful and I’m sure they bring back some fond memories. I managed to link mine to Amy’s post today with my theme of holiday decor! Enjoy your break and have a wonderful Christmas and holiday!

  9. I like the rolling display most – and the person’s eyes .
    But the post flow was fun –
    Oh and my hubs tries
    To have the “item in means an item must go” type of balance –
    But for me – it is not so easy –
    But what is easy is to be pickier about what comes in – and less stuff feels great! As I am sure you know after downsizing

  10. A happy, colourful display, Tina! Love those summer dresses – they reminded me of the days my mother and I went to markets together. She would always buy a skirt, while I always bought a dress. Those days are gone now.

    • Ah but not really gone A-C. They live on in your memory. Today I was listening to Christmas music on the radio and Little Drummer Boy came on. It was my father’s favorite and for those few minutes he was right in the car with me. Those are moments to treasure

  11. How beautifully you’ve captured the ‘colourful displays’, Tina. Every picture is an eye catching gem. I agree with you about the accumulation of ‘stuff.’ The years living in our small shack taught us we don’t need much but we’ve still managed to fill our house. 🙂

  12. I absolutely love your first and last shots, Tina 🙂 🙂 I’m a bit shy of photographing stalls. I always feel an intrusion if I’m not actually buying- especially crafts because they may think you’re stealing ideas. Shop windows are fair game though, and quite tricky through glass. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the lovely posts and ideas this year, and to wish you and yours the happiest Christmas!

    • What a lovely thank-you Jo. It’s been great fun running with the challenge. Our 4 team members have become wonderful, trusted friends and our following has created a terrific community of bloggers so we are most grateful for both aspects. Love to see your name pop up! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season as well. See you in the New Year!

  13. Nice interpretation of “On Display,” Tina, and not at all what I was expecting when I saw your title. My mind always goes to the birds first 🙂 !

    I also like the first image with the bike best, a pleasing composition and the color and texture of those lights are intriguing.

  14. Buy, buy, says the sign in the shop window; Why, why, says the junk in the yard 🙂

    I have never heard this line or song and I love it. The on display theme gave me a hairbrain idea (a manipulation on the theme I’m afraid). No a creative application of course and this quot.e seals it. tina I may not remember these photos (I am not that big a shopper of looker at available shopping), but I will certainly remember Paul Mccartney’s quote. Thank you. As for the photos – rolling display is my favourite

  15. Oh, a great set of colourful displays, Tina! I never posted Rory ‘Nostalgia’, but depending how this week goes, I may do a belated post!! Hope you and yours have a great Christmas

  16. I think this presentation is absolutely gorgeous, rainbow, lovely as fills the vast boundless sky, the images bring joy and smiles.The home story is similar as we too shifted from a big house to a smaller compact manageable one. And our faith guides us to ‘Give; If you give one you get ten times in return..or the double of it,even if it is a pair of socks.I had kept aside one pair when the phone rang,’Mom I am at a shop shall I buy socks for you?..even before the pair left the house, two new ones were on line’ Miracles! love this presentation ,Tina Ji you excel again

      • Indeed true and more miracles are still happening..I may have a surprise for you TRS Thank you for your inspiring prompt.

      • Thank you Respected Talented Tina Ji My stories from Real Life are part of The Cowbird Collection’ You are a gifted writer as well with the discerning divine eye.Stay Blessed amen Have a wonderful holiday with joy and peace amen

  17. I am a looker only. No more stuff. And, happily, my “I need that!” husband is finally seeing the light. Geez–a man and his stuff. It’s a terrible thing. Great captures, Tina.

  18. I love this post, Tina! Beautiful display photos. I enjoy window shopping and go crazy about markets, which gets me into trouble everytime… I have the same rule like your friend’s, do have to try hard to make it work though. 😊

  19. A topic of timely relevance for me. My daughter won’t get rid of anything, and I want to be a minimalist. I’ll be an empty-nester soon enough though, then I’ll probably miss her mess and clutter, right?…… 😏

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