Lens-Artists Challenge #86: Changing Your Perspective

globe, sculpture, NYC


“One moment the world is as it is. The next, it is something entirely different.”

Anne Rice

Patti’s perspective challenge brought to mind a recent visit to NYC. While the trip was primarily focused on family I did manage to capture a few images as we walked between locations in the city.  My opening image is a sculpture located on the upper west side of the city near Columbus Circle, as is the image below.

globe, sculpture, high-rise, NYC


“Humans see what they want to see.”

Rick Riordan

In the opening image it’s hard to imagine the size and scope of the city surrounding the globe. In the second image,  the same globe is shown in perspective to the nearby high-rises. As the song says, it really is “A Small World After All.” 😊  I loved the way the low-hanging clouds seemed to be clinging to the highest points of the tallest buildings.



“Those who were seen dancing, were thought to be crazy, by those who could not hear the music.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

My first post this year featured the incredible Calatrava-designed Oculus building in the heart of lower Manhattan. I found it interesting how capturing the building from multiple perspectives caused it to morph into something completely different. Above I’ve shown the building from the front toward the left side, while below my shot was taken from the left toward the front – changing the perspective simply by turning myself and my lens in the opposite direction..

Calatrava, Oculus, NYC


“Always focus on the front windshield and not the review mirror.”

Colin Powell

Below I’ve included a side view of the building seen beyond an interesting example of NYC street art. From this position it’s hard to see there is a building beneath the spread wing. There could just as easily be an open air theatre or outdoor concert stage below the spines.

oculus, calatrava, street art


“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”

John Lubbock

Finally, I shot the building as part of the surrounding environment.  In this context it seems quite small compared to the nearby high-rises, which I captured by changing my aperture and focus.

Calatrava, oculus, NYC


“The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close up.”

Chuck Palahniuk

In photography, as in life, perspective can make a tremendous difference. As Wayne Dyer says “Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.”   Wouldn’t it be nice if we all listened with an open-mind to those with whom we disagree or from whom we feel different? The world would surely be a better and more peaceful place for all of us.

Sincere thanks to those who responded to last week’s Treasure Hunt challenge – Patti, Amy, Ann-Christine and I  thoroughly enjoyed your creativity and appreciate your getting into the spirit of the hunt!  This week we look forward to sharing your changing perspectives.  Remember to TAG your posts to appear in the Lens-Artists section of the Reader, and to link them to Patti’s original post here. Finally, remember to visit Miriam’s Showers of Blessings blog next week as she Guest Hosts our Lens-Artists Challenge #87.





91 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #86: Changing Your Perspective

  1. These photos are breathtaking! I love your perspectives from the sidewalk, as it were. But you have isolated some of the color, the geometry, and the dynamics of the the plaza and its buildings just by turning your head and looking with a different perspective. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  2. A lovely visit this morning. Always a treat to catch up. New York never fails to provide endless views, images, ideas. I clearly have to go back to see the Oculus building. Your wonderful Wayne Dyer quote need to be imprinted in all of our minds and read everyday. Warm wishes…A

    • Thanks so much for the visit(s) Andrew – always happy to see your name pop up. Have enjoyed your series on the olympics very much. Best to you and yours as well – time to post an image or two of the adorable grands my friend!

  3. I hope to visit OCULUS someday. I like the futuristic designs of Santiago Calatrava. The second photo of the building pierced through the sky is dramatic. Excellent shots from different perspectives, Tina!

  4. What a difference a turn of the lens can make! NYC offers such great examples. And context is everything as your very cool first 2 photos illustrate. I agree – wouldn’t it be great if we could all respectfully listen to each other. Openly. I like that Wayne Dyer quote.

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  6. When our focus is on love, Tina. our perspective changes. The beauty of photography it does make me focus on what is in front of me instead of the big wide lens that cause an enormous concern. Love you post always.

    • Thanks Perpetua, its helpful to me too. Sometimes we stress over things we cannot control, and being able to establish our own parameters gives us something much more manageable on which to focus.

  7. Maybe I will have to go one day…even if I never felt the urge before. Big cities – No, but your amazing perspectives had the thought popping up. Lingering…Fantastic architecture, the Oculus, and you make it even more attractive. You had a post not long ago featuring the Oculus, and I was fascinated then too. Love all your images, but maybe my favorite is the integrated one. The mass effect. “Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.” Aren’t we a hopeless species? Thank you for a positive and sparkling post!

    • I’m not a city person either A-C. Great to visit but I’d never want to live in one. But there is SO much to see and do, and SO much to shoot! It’s important to be with someone who knows the city tho, otherwise it’s overwhelming and you can miss some of the most important things. Many thanks for the beautiful compliment

  8. The globe – is that a copy of the Unisphere used for the World’s Fair? I do like the tall buildings shrouded by the clouds.

    Hope your start to meteorological spring, today, has been good one. Sunny skies and warm. It’s been a two season day for us – a springy start, but now waiting on snow for the overnight. 🙂

    • Funny we had the opposite David. Frost this morning, sunny and warm by noon. As for the globe, no, it’s unrelated to the worlds fair unisphere (altho it’s not far away and I always think of it fondly!)

  9. Always a very interesting exercise that of changing perspective, especially when it is not so easily thought of in the beginning. I love how you showed various possibilities of a different perspective with only 1 or 2 subjects here, Tina. Thanks for the lesson. 😉

    • Thanks very much Juls – not so sure about a lesson but I do like to see things from all sides – through my lens or in my life. Sometimes harder than others 🙂

  10. That last shot really does put it in perspective Tina. The Oculus building looks huge in the Looming shot but like a small art display in The Big Picture shot. Well done 🙂

  11. I like that you showed the same building or the surrounding in your shots. That gave a different perspective from the other entries I’ve seen that showed different perspectives of different shots. I hasten to add that those others shots are wonderful, just a different, dare I say, perspective on the challenge.


  12. Awesome Tina. I love the world with the high rises. What a great shot, brings all kinds of perspectives to mind, how small our world is in our universe and even how small a part of our world we inhabit. And seeing the Oculus from all sides lets us form a 3 dimensional picture in our mind. An amazing building well portrayed.

  13. I like how you chose to show us the Oculus from different perspective. We get to see how it changes, as does its relationship to, and how it is influenced by the surrounding area depending on the angles from which we look at it. A wonderful reminder to walk around, to step back and forth, sideways, as well as up and down from the subject that I see through my camera’s lens…

  14. Outstanding!!! And right up my alley!! My father, who started covertly schooling me “perspectives” when I was very young, would have loved these gorgeous shots! “Perspectives” has been a major theme in my life!! Thank you so much!

  15. Just brilliant … gallery – now I feel the urge to visit NYC again … and see it from another perspective – that globe image is top class, Tina.

  16. A great set of images. Sometimes it just takes a small step or glance backwards: forwards: to the side: upwards or downwards to create a whole new perspective on things. Much the same as in life I guess!

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