Lens-Artists Challenge #91 – Simplicity

willett at ocean


“The greatest step toward a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.”

Steve Maraboli

Patti’s Simplicity challenge this week brought to mind an evening a short time ago when my camera and I were strolling Kiawah’s beach. There was a small flock of willetts foraging along the water’s edge and the little one above seemed to have had a bit of success. For today’s post I’ve chosen to simplify the images by treating them with a soft shade of sepia to reduce distraction.

two willetts, ocean edge, sunset


“Simplicity is an exact medium between too little and too much.”

Sir Joshua Reynolds

I have to smile at the number of people made miserable by stay-at-home mandates. How many times have we all wished for some peace and quiet? For some time to ourselves? For just one day of rest with no responsibilities?  Well, it seems we’ve gotten our wish and then some! Now of course, we are wishing for less of the same – fickle humans that we are.



“Simplicity embarks not on what is seen by the naked eye, but dwelling on what is in the heart.”


Most of nature’s creatures live very simple lives. They eat a limited diet, live in a specific habitat and in most cases adhere strictly to “follow the leader”. Human nature being what it is, we are a bit less structured. No matter what we have, often times we yearn for something different. If nothing else, perhaps this crisis will teach us to appreciate those things that are most important – our loved ones, friendship, and the rewards of a life of simplicity. 

four willetts


“Simple solutions require the most advanced thinking.”

Richie Norton

Thanks to all of our followers for your continued support, and a special thanks those who responded to last week’s Distance challenge. Our thoughts go out especially to those in the Covid-19 “hot spots” as well as our heroic health care workers. The heart-warming actions of so many during such difficult times restores our faith in humanity and in each other. 

We look forward to seeing your responses this week to Patti’s Simplicity challenge. Be sure to link to her original post here, and to include the Lens-Artists Tag. Next week we’re excited to welcome John Steiner as our Guest Host. Make sure you don’t miss his post by following his always-interesting blog, Journeys With Johnbo.  Until then, stay safe and keep your distance.


126 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #91 – Simplicity

    • Thanks Wendy. Actually not really. We are still able to be quite active here and somehow I seem to have less time instead of more. Go figure! How about you?

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      • I’m working from home but it’s minimal and my procrastination gene has become dominant 🙂 so no, I’ve not done any better. It’s strangely difficult to remain focused on any one activity.

  1. Your images capture that simple joy of bird watching, Tina! Shorebirds are fun to watch. Love the hushed tones of the images! Seems like with everyone keeping it simple and keeping their distance, there a lot more blogs to read!

  2. ” If nothing else, perhaps this crisis will teach us to appreciate those things that are most important – our loved ones, friendship, and the rewards of a life of simplicity. ” I cannot but agree. And I love your choices here – and the sepia touch! So delicate, and oh, the light.

    • Oh Tracy, aren’t we all!! It’s a brave new world out here. I find myself wondering how my mother, with 5 young children and a husband who traveled extensively on business, ever made it through! We are all learning to cope as best we can. Many thanks for your lovely compliment.

  3. I can see how you have softened the shots, Tina. I’m sure it’s simple but, but, but … I’m no expert like you. As the old saying goes, KISS! Keep it simple, sweetheart.

  4. Very nice treatment of these images, Tina! I like these birds but drab on drab can be tough to make into something—good choice. And the last one with the hint of sunset is lovely.

  5. Beautiful photos, Tina. I’m glad you didn’t overdo the sepia. I’m sure you’ve seen splendid photos that have been overdone during the sepia or B&W conversion.

    Simplicity, we can use a whole lot of that right now. If I had my way, I would mount up and ride into the sunset. When Laurie would ask when I’ll be back, she would know the answer before I would say “I don’t know.”

    I hope you are mask ready. Stay well, stay safe. 🙂

  6. Oooh … I love the sepia touch to the photos, nice!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about our challenging times of late. They are thought-provoking and inspiring. I agree it does seem that nature gives us hints on what works well. Stay well – stay safe and keep on clicking great photos!

  7. Beautiful, thoughtful post, Tina. I love how you expressed this: “Human nature being what it is, we are a bit less structured. No matter what we have, often times we yearn for something different. If nothing else, perhaps this crisis will teach us to appreciate those things that are most important – our loved ones, friendship, and the rewards of a life of simplicity.” I totally agree! Your photos of the willetts beautifully evoke the theme of simplicity. Be well, stay well.

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  9. These beautiful bird photos at the Kiawah Beach expressed simplicity perfectly. “No matter what we have,…” so true.
    I agree this crisis will teach me to appreciate the things I have taken for granted. Great post, Tina.

  10. The simple form of these birds is enhanced by the sepia tone. Many animals are showing up in places that were previously packed with people. A small, but temporary, silver lining.

  11. I always appreciate your appreciation of nature and the world that surrounds you. Hope that you are safe and well, and that your island has been spared. It’s certainly a time for gratitude and reflection.

    • Thanks Sally, fortunately we’ve thus far been spared from the worst of the situation. Everyone knows how rare it is to be able to continue, carefully, to enjoy nature each day. And the earth seems to be responding well to its vacation from its human inhabitants so I suppose there is at least something positive to be said for the crisis. You be well too.

  12. Beautiful images Tina, I especially love the pink hue in the sunset capture. It looks as if we will remain in lockdown for a while longer and we’ve quickly adapted to the ‘new normal’, enjoying this special time together. We don’t know how long it will last and how many of us will pull through. We’re treating each day as a gift, like we always have. Stay safe and healthy and much love from our house to yours xxx

  13. Love these and the sepia tone. As always, your quotes and insights add so much to your post. I agree: we are a fickle bunch. Take care.

    • Hi Leslee, so nice to see your name pop up. Hope all’s well with you and yours. Quality time gives us more opportunity for creativity – as long as it doesn’t last too much longer!

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