Lens-Artists Challenge #95 – ALL WET

grizzly bear, water, salmon


“All the beauty of this world is wet with the dew of tears.”

Theodor Haecker

As I considered the subject for this week’s challenge, my husband commented that because we live on an island it should be a very simple exercise. Since many of you are still in lockdown however, I challenged myself to use my archives instead. (Rest assured my island images will still appear in the not-too-distant future 🙂.) Having just organized many of my pre-Lightroom images, I chose to highlight a favorite travel memory – a visit with the very wet grizzlies of Alaska’s Brooks Falls.

bear with fish, water


“Nature is cold, wet, hard and unforgiving.”

David Remnick

The bears were extremely active the day we visited, focused intently on the running salmon  (which, crazy as it seems, DO swim upstream). They seemed perfectly at home in the water, finding purchase on small rocks, shore outcroppings and even somehow on the waterfalls themselves. They were also incredibly strong swimmers, which I suppose shouldn’t have surprised me, but did.  It was great fun shooting them as they fished, ate and protected their catch from the lurking birds.

salmon swimming


“You can cross the shore without getting wet, but you can’t get through life without tears.”

Oscar Auliq-Ice

If you’re wondering why the bears are so focused on the water, the image above should give you a better idea. The salmon are incredibly plentiful and are exhausted from their upstream journey. The bears literally catch them in their mouths as they jump to climb the falls. I worked hard to capture that moment but alas it proved impossible. I managed to get the bears trying, the fish swimming, and the bears eating the fish while defending their catch from the birds, but never did get the catch as it happened. 

wet bear swimming


“How very wet this water is.”

C.S. Lewis

The bear above may be the wettest we saw. Most of the bears were solely focused on catching fish. While there’s a chance this one may have been fishing underwater, candidly he looked much more to have simply been enjoying some fun. Then again there’s an old saying about the calm duck paddling furiously under water so who knows?!

bear, water


“If you stand in the rain you get wet, whether you understand water or not.”

Werner Erhard

I’ll close with the image above featuring a bear that seems docile enough. In fact she was a mama bear keeping an intense eye on her young cub. The cub was on the shore and was quite close to a fisherman who had ventured beyond a safe area. Needless to say, had mama decided the man was a threat my money was on the bear! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my departure from the everyday challenges of our COVID-19 world, and that you too have some archived wet images to share. Of course you’re welcome to shoot today’s world as well – maybe you’ve just given your pet a bath, or perhaps the dewdrops on your garden have given you a smile.  You might also choose the colloquial meaning of the term “all wet” meaning mistaken or completely wrong. Whatever comes to mind, we look forward to seeing your choices.

Last week Amy gifted us with her At Home challenge, to which you responded beautifully as always. Have you seen these?

  • Suzy Shipman of Suzy Blue shared her clever garden “bee hotel”
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  • Kelly of Compass and Camera captured a spectacular sunset from her Lake Tahoe home

As we begin to cautiously emerge from lockdown around the country and the world, please remember to continue practicing social distancing and avoiding crowds. Stay safe and if you can, be sure to join us next week when Patti brings us Challenge #96.











265 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #95 – ALL WET

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  6. Hey Tina! Thank you SO much for the shout out! 🙂 Much appreciated. Your grizzly bear photos are amazing!! Fantastic images. Looking forward to this challenge. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend. Thanks again, ~Kelly

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      • I can only imagine. The only bears we see are the teddies people put in their windows for a national “bear hunt” to keep kids amused during the lock-down

    • The world is an amazing place isn’t it Amy?! So much to see, and now no way to see it. I hope it’s something you get to experience some day, it’s amazing to see these beautiful creatures in action.

  12. Tina …. love the topic, fun and playful … just what I need. The bear images are just amazing. I saw a fishing bear in Alaska too. Some sight. Wonderful images and thoughtful quotes. Werner Erhard’s brilliant.

  13. Nice post, Tina. Better than watching NatGeo. By the way, isn’t it dangerous to be near the grizzlies? Or perhaps they are too focused on the salmons to care about you.

    • Thanks Jeremy, NatGeo it’s not but it was a wonderful adventure. As for danger, there are guards with rifles watching over any areas where the bears access land. I did see 3 fishermen in waders a bit downstream in the same waters they were in but the bears totally ignored them. I guess the fish are truly their focus. We did see several juveniles who wandered closer to people (ie, the one mama was watching for example) but again, guards with rifles were on alert. We were kept away from our floatplane for about 45 minutes due to a bear walking around near where it was moored.

  14. Awww … teddy bears! Make me want to give the s hug, maybe not. The second shit is magnificent how you capture the water and made me feel soaking wet, Tina

  15. Tina–these are wonderful. That second photo–I think National Geographic called and said they want it! 😀 The last photo is sweet, though. She has the ‘worried mother’ look about her. Perfect.

    • LOL, if only Lois!!! As for mama bear – I have a shot of junior standing on his hind legs facing off with the fisherman. Let’s just say the human would definitely have lost THAT battle!

  16. I love these amazing bear photos! It’s my dream to see Alaskan bears in the wild catching the salmon. We traveled by RV in Alaska for almost two months and never were able to see them like this. We were hoping to try again this summer while on a cruise but of course we don’t know if that’s going to happen. Thank you for this post!

  17. Ha ha! YOU’RE all wet!! 🙂 🙂 Let me be the first to say ‘I can hardly bear it’. Outstanding photos, as always. The challenge is ON!

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