Lens-Artists Challenge #97 – Pastimes

Kiawah Island, Cassique, Golf


“God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature.”

Anne Frank

This week we are happy to have Sue, Mac’s Girl guest hosting with her challenge “Pastimes“.  I gave the subject quite a bit of thought, as I am involved in so many things – not the least of which is photography. I decided instead to focus on an activity which is among my favorites for many reasons, golf.  There are those who might say (and I used to be one of them) it’s simply a dumb game. But I’m here to tell you it is SO much more than that! First and foremost, especially now, it is a wonderful opportunity to spend a few hours among some of nature’s most glorious scenery.  Exhibit A, Kiawah’s Cassique Golf Course shown above after a storm, is one of my favorite images of nature’s beauty.

golf, fun, color, female golf pros


“Winning has always meant much to me, but winning friends has meant the most.”

Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Golf is a wonderful opportunity to meet people, to make friends and to have fun. My husband and I have made many good friends, both here and around the country, after being paired with them on the golf course. The image above features two of my favorite people, both successful female golf professionals in our area.  I made the image as a photographer for the LPGA’s Girls Golf.  It’s an important annual event for young girls, many of them on golf scholarships. I brought along some colorful props and the kids had a great time hamming it up for the camera – as did the staff apparently 😊.  It was a nice way to “give back” for a good cause as well as to practice my portraiture skills. Interestingly, it also started me on the path to blogging, as I was asked to do a blog for the kids and their parents. After the tournament I created the first Travels and Trifles – the rest, as they say, is history.



“It took me 17 years to get 3,000 hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.”

Hank Aaron

Typically my husband and I do not golf when we travel to other countries. The exceptions are Scotland and Ireland, both meccas for golfers. In Scotland we enjoyed some truly world-renowned courses. But one of my favorite memories was the day we played a small course on the North Sea in Stonehaven, Scotland. The course, founded in 1888, is famous for having been bombed during WWII. Turning lemons into lemonade, the bomb crater later became “Hitler’s Bunker”, between the 1st and 2nd fairways. It was a beautiful, peaceful little spot – at least until a typically Scottish thunderstorm drenched us to the skin and forced us off the course 😀.



“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”

Heywood Broun

Speaking of thunderstorms, for the most part we’ve been very lucky with weather when we travel. We did run into one of the most violent rainstorms ever during a round at the Doonbeg Course in Ireland. Yep, that’s me a few years back with my formerly long, formerly brunette hair blowing in the wind and my rain jacket puffed up over my normally svelte self  😊! Doonbeg is located on the Atlantic Ocean, which it borders on 16 of its 18 holes. The fact that they have clothes dryers in the locker room tells you all you need to know! Perhaps the wettest I’ve ever been, I refused to give in until I finally took refuge in a shepherd’s hut and called for transportation back to the clubhouse. At least I gave it a good effort!

golf ball on tee


“If at the end of the day you can’t shake hands with you opponents and still be friends, you’ve missed the point.”

Payne Stewart

During the pandemic we’ve been fortunate that some of our courses remained open. We push our golf bags on our own carts, walking 4+ hours with friends in the sunshine. It’s fun, good exercise, a terrific mental challenge, a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and a wonderful opportunity to socialize while maintaining distance. Keeping a good attitude despite the usual errant shots is a never-ending challenge, and one on which I’ll admit I could use a bit of improvement.

Thanks as always to our followers who very creatively responded to last week’s Cropping the Shot challenge, and a big thank you to Sue for hosting this week. Please visit and link to her original challenge post here, and as always, remember to use our Lens-Artists Tag in your responses. We look forward to learning about the pastimes that bring you pleasure over the coming days, and hope you’ll join us next week as we return to our regular schedule with Ann-Christine’s Challenge #98. Finally, remember whether locked-down or set free, above all else Stay Safe!











94 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #97 – Pastimes

  1. another great blog Tina!!! I love the very happy …uplifting shots u chose…and your words are always so comforting!! i too have gone past the ‘stupid game’ re golf and am loving it…always hoping to play like u one of these days!!!!!!! I want to birdie #11 on Turtle just like u did!!!!!😜

  2. You make golf sound like much more fun than I imagined. Yes, I have never played golf. Your photos are lovely – especially got a kick out of the one of the 2 women – those expressions are priceless 🙂

  3. A great day for golf is certainly a great day for photography as well! And lo and behold I have discovered the dark side of Tina – well the dark haired side anyway….

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  5. Hi Tina – good to know the history of what led you to your blog – I always enjoying hearing the back stories – and how cool that yours unfolded from an outreach.

    I have heard about the charm of golf and felt it a few times from the hitting range. But that is all I have done.
    I used t listen to Joyce Meyers (inspiring teacher) and she loved her golf too.

    and wow – that “be the ball” photo was nice anchor to the post as you shared about how this pastime lights your life – because the light and color in that photo matched what you depicted.

    • Thanks Yvette, especially now it’s a wonderful outlet for those of us who play. And the blog thing was a surprising side benefit of the experience. Things always work out for the best, don’t they?!


      • yes – all things do need up working for good – and that is such a nice thing.
        Side note- the hubs and I just finished watching ESPN’s “the Last Dance” about MJ
        and in this last episode of wining the 6th Championship, MJ noted it was still light out and mentioned there might be time to hit some golf balls.
        ah – thought of you right away!
        just because of the timing with your post
        – so you and MJ have that in common –

  6. Love knowing this is where you started your blogging life. Golf, does indeed, reveal character in lots of ways, doesn’t it? Always a pleasure reading, and seeing your photo inspirations, Tina. Donna

  7. Excellent shots, Tina – and I could guess you would choose golf! Those ladies look just great! I never tried it, but my husband did. He loved the early mornings and the great natural surroundings, but was never really “hooked”. I have visited those great famous ones in Scotland and Ireland, and there were many people playing. Love the story of “Hitler’s Bunker”.

  8. Your images are gorgeous, Tina! I am not surprised that you highlighted golf. I’m trying to imagine golfing in the wind and rain in Scotland and Ireland. I love the details about “Hitler’s Bunker.” Talk about making good from something so devastating. Your shot of the golf ball is wonderful, as well as the portraits of the golfers camping it up. Interesting to hear how you started blogging, too. I can see why it was a natural progression….and we’re happy that you continued! Take care and stay well.

  9. A real gift today…. your blog mysteriously reappeared in my emails! I have been thinking about the gift of golf during these pandemic days… the friendships, the pause and praise of the beauty surrounding us… grateful grateful grateful.

  10. 🙂 As always – great pictures, dear Tina!
    You could sell “be the ball” for a lot of $$$ I bet there’s a golf company out there somewhere you’d LOVE to use this picture for a logo or an advertisement!!
    Have a very HAPPY week!
    Claudia 🙂

  11. I don’t playgold but I think it looks like a fascinating sport which is very much an “alone” sport but also a “with friends” sport. And I suspect it is not so easy to master the finer points of golf.

    • It is ever-challenging Anne, but like horseback riding I suppose it’s one step at a time, working on improving every aspect. A bit easier in golf tho, as we have only ourselves to train!

    • Thanks Brian! We also played a 99 cents, all you can play spot in Australia😃. It was a total hoot! The “greens” were sand and the kangaroos were everywhere. A very fond memory

      Sent from my iPhone


  12. Fantastic portraits Tina, even the ball is stunning. I’m always amazed at the intrepidity of golfers in all kinds of weather. Shows true dedication.

    • Well here at home we have a saying when it rains….”let’s go, it’s NOT the last day of our vacation” because that’s who golfs in the rain LOL. Thanks Wendy

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  15. I have never fancied golf, although I did actual like playing a golf game on the computer back in the ’90s and was quite good! Your “ball on the tee” shot is fabulous, you must have been laying on the ground to get that one!

  16. I’m not much a golfer; I’d probably be right there with Hank Aaron, collecting hits and setting new records in a single afternoon, LOL. 🙂
    Hey, you took a very pretty portrait in your formerly long, formerly brunette hair.

    BTW, on being NY bound, still a maybe but closer to a commit.

    • LOL thanks David. Let’s just say it’s been a while since that one was taken. Mentioned to my granddaughter about the upcoming event. She was bummed about no spectators.


      • I think the no spectator rule might be with all sports for a long while, especially as equestrian sports try to restart their seasons. If we go, the girls would probably be open to an off-site visit. They see part of their job description as encouraging younger riders, like your granddaughter, to keep learning, keep riding and keep having fun, even if they step away from competing. 🙂

  17. Beautiful images Tina and it’s a real blessing you are able to play golf at this time 💚 xxx

  18. Golf courses are beautiful places to walk and enjoy the scenery… but if you play the game like I do, you understand John Feinstein’s reference to golf as “A good walk spoiled.” 🙂

  19. Excellent choices for the challenge, Tina! Believe it or not, I actually found a Babe Zaharias stamp in the collection. As always, your pictures are superb! That first shot of the golf course is amazing! And I love the dress-up idea. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to host this challenge.

  20. Great post on one of the most wonderful and frustrating pastimes! We’ve enjoyed so much beauty on the courses in spite of our lack of skill!

  21. I love those quotes, especially Babe Dedrickson’s and Hank Aaron’s, Tina. Great photos of golf and clearly you have the love for it but also the social aspects. I love the image of the ball on the tee. I hope you are able to get out for a game or two. We are in Spokane this weekend preparing the build for our property. The change of scenery is much needed! See you next week!

    • Thanks Terri, yes we’ve actually been playing more, not less, during the pandemic. We’re fortunate they’ve kept several of the courses open. Good luck with the property, so exciting!

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