Lens-Artists Challenge #101 – A Single Flower

flower with bee


“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”


This week we are excited to have Cee, one of the most successful bloggers on WordPress, joining us as Guest Host. Beyond her creativity and talent, she is well-known for generously helping others to succeed. As a new blogger eight years ago (yikes!), it was Cee whose reblog of my post generated one of the largest responses Travels and Trifles has had. I still remember my excitement as the likes and comments poured in.  I couldn’t be more proud to see her leading our challenge with her amazing spirit and beautiful photography.



“Minds are like flowers, they open only when the time is right.”

Stephen Richards

I’ll admit that my archive of images is a bit short on flowers. Truly though, any photographer in the southern U.S. will most always have at least a few images of a beautiful magnolia. Fossil records suggest it has been with us for 150 million years, making it the first flowering plant. Unlike other flowers, these blossoms grow on trees, and are fertilized by beetles rather than bees. To my mind, their beauty is surpassed only by their incredible fragrance.

light, lily


“The loveliest of all, the lily family….with this plant the whole world would seem rich though none other existed.”

John Muir

Let me be perfectly honest, although I love flowers I have absolutely no talent when it comes to growing them. I am the classic “black thumb”, deadly to any flower that comes near me! I’ve been known to photograph them but not often, and more usually either when plentiful in a field or when they are being visited by a bee or a butterfly. That said, I’ve done my best to respond to Cee’s call for a single flower (although admittedly my opening image may be a bit of a stretch on that front).

partial daisy on green background


“The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the daisy of its simple charm.

Therese of Lisieux

Because I am not prone to photographing a single flower, and because at the moment we are restricted to our local environment, several of this week’s blooms are among those I’ve previously posted. On the other hand, they are some of my personal favorites so with your indulgence I’ve included them as well as several new images in today’s post.

pink and white rose


“A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way.”

Miranda Kerr

Those who follow me know that I include quotes as well as images to support my message. The search can be harder for some posts than others. Interestingly, it seems there are more quotes about flowers than one could ever hope to use. For today’s post I chose those that spoke to the individual species as well as those that referenced a perspective on our humanity. In today’s climate it’s helpful to find quotes that speak to hope, individuality, and appreciation of the differences that make us unique as individuals yet stronger as a whole.



“Connecting our hearts through love yields a nectar so sweet we are forever full.”

Amy Lee Mercree

Sometimes nature simply grants a gift, and our job is to be ready to take advantage of it when it is presented.The image above is one example. My attempt for most of that morning to capture a hummingbird without including a feeder had been very frustrating. Then, that afternoon while golfing near my brother and sister-in-law’s Colorado home, we came upon this gorgeous little bird feeding on vibrant red/orange flowers. I was thrilled to get the opportunity I’d wanted in a more natural environment. 

butterfly, flower, orange, red, yellow


“The butterfly is a flying flower, the flower a tethered butterfly.”

Ecouchard Le Brun

I’ll close this week’s post with three favorite images of butterflies on single flowers. The first image shows how wonderful nature can be when she blesses us with coordinated colors. The two below illustrate how beautiful  differences can be.

butterfly, flower, stripes, orange


“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. “

Maya Angelou

I particularly liked Maya Angelou’s quote above. In these troubled times it is important to remember that nothing worthwhile comes without difficulty. If we believe in the goal, the journey becomes more tolerable.

pink flower, yellow butterfly


“Where flowers bloom so does hope.”

Lady Bird Johnson

I got a bit carried away with Cee’s single flower challenge, which you can find here. We look forward to seeing your interpretation and enjoying the beauty of your responses. Be sure to link to Cee’s original post and to include the Lens-Artists tag so that we can more easily find you. We hope to see you again next week when Patti brings us Challenge #102 –  and as always our sincere thanks for your continued support. Special thanks to those who congratulated the team on our 100th Challenge – it’s been an amazing journey. Be safe out there and if possible, try to pause for a moment to enjoy nature’s bounty. 






157 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #101 – A Single Flower

  1. What a joy to see the hummingbird with the daylily. The wings give it an unreal quality, which is just how hummingbirds always strike me, even in real life!

  2. Not a flower photographer? These are all stunning! I Love the quote from Angelou – favorite images are the Lily (sooo gorgeous) and the hummingbird.

  3. For someone who doesn’t grow flowers, you sure have an eye for capturing the beauty of them and excellent quotes to go with each one. I love the ‘hope’ message in your post. That hummingbird capture is wonderful!

  4. Your images are inspiring Tina, they’re so beautiful. I had to chuckle at your black thumb. I’m a keen gardener who inherited my green thumb from my mum’s family I think, but I can’t grow indoor plants. It’s a certain death sentence for the poor things.

  5. Pingback: Lens-Artist-PC-101-Single-Flower – WoollyMuses

  6. Ha! For someone who doesn’t photograph flowers, Tina… 🙂 🙂 I particularly love your camellia and the rose. Didn’t know that about beetles not bees. Live and learn with the lovely Lens ladies!

  7. Your florals are spectacular, Tina! I love how you captured the light and angle of the lily…truly inspired! My own sunflowers are beginning to bud, so I’ll be blowing up IG and the blog with their beauty soon!

  8. This is a wonderful post. I particularly like your showing us flowers in conjunction with those other creatures who really depend on them for their well-being. A true celebration!

      • yes, taking photographs is collecting memories. There’s a story about a couple of mice prepering for winter. All are working hard, but one is sitting around lazy. Asked, why she didn’t help bringing food into the storage, she answered that she’s collecting memories. I know, I alreday told that story in my blog, but I can’t find it. So, I’m going to tell it again soon.

  9. Tina! You have outdone yourself with this challenge. Stunning photos and the hummingbird sipping the nectar and the butterflies ant the little bee on the first photo. Thank you these photos and the lovely quotes are the icing on the cake of my Saturday.

  10. Thanks so much Lisa, glad you enjoyed. Those little birds are almost impossible to catch away from the feeder so I was very excited to see one in a natural setting.

  11. My favorite it your top photo (the colors are amazing!) and the hummingbird photo. We have a hummingbird feeder (most frequently visited by woodpeckers!). I love seeing hummingbirds visiting actual flowers, and agree with you, that seems so difficult capture in a photograph! Great photos! 😊

  12. What a stunning series, Tina! All are so beautifully captured. I especially love the hummingbird, butterfly captures.
    I, too, love LBJ’s quote. 🙂

  13. I believe I’m obsessed with white flowers, and so I take photos of them frequently. But you’ve shown me how lively color can be as well — especially if blooms are homes to various insects. Your close-ups of butterflies is just as remarkable as the close-ups of the flowers, and I thank you for inspiration.

    • Thanks very much Rusha – I’m a bit of a sucker for the whites myself. I did a post a while back of the magnolias in B&W and was very happy with how they turned out. This was a new one for this week as they’re currently in bloom all over our island.

      • They’re in bloom here, and I may post some pictures of those tomorrow. They were taken with an iPhone since I was walking in my neighborhood, so they’re not as good as so many that are in this week’s challenge. But they’re still lovely. Have a good weekend.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous flowers, Tina. One is prettier than the next. But my favorites include the hummingbird (kudos for capturing such a great shot of the elusive bird) and that soft pink rose. Wow. Your post is lovely and thoughtful, as always.

    • Many thanks Patti. Yes I was really happy to get that hummingbird after working hard all morning with no success. He hung out for quite a while giving me plenty of opportunity to catch him in action!

  15. Tina, I think this is my favorite post of yours! I loved gardening so much and your quotes are perfect! The hummingbird, the butterflies, the half of a daisy…..
    The pictures and quotes brought me such joy in a truly difficult time. Thank you very much -God bless and keep you.

    • Thanks Jude, yes the hummingbird was almost the size of a bee. But I was so trained from my morning of near-misses that I was armed and ready for him LOL. It was an extra bonus that he chose such a beautiful flower for the shot 😉

  16. Gosh, has it been 8 years. Yikes! You just aged the two of us. It’s been a fun journey for the both of us. You have come so far. Your flower photos are absolutely spectacular. You can post them any time I will continue to be amazed. My favorite pick I think is the hummingbird capture daylily. I’m so honored you and the Lens-Artist group asked me to co-host. I’ve felt like a new blogger again just waiting to see responses. At least this time, I know I will get some responses. Thanks for the honor Tina. 😀

    • I know Cee, I’m amazed it’s been so long. I just finished doing a blog-to-book for each of the years I’ve been blogging which was really fun and rewarding. Thank you again for agreeing to join us. Your post was spectacular – so glad we helped you with new energy – you’ve helped SO many of us along the way. The honor is all ours.

  17. Truly loved everything about this post…the quotes were wonderful, and nothing is more beautiful than the breathtaking flowers and the creatures that survive because of them…thank you God!

  18. You did well. More is better most of the time, except for when the pollen count becomes too high. 🙂

    Hope you’re not getting too much rain. The problem, out west, is not enough.

    • Oh no, don’t get me started on pollen David, it’s the cause of such horrible allergies. Fortunately we’re past our pollen season here. It was a week of rain but we’re through with the worst of it and today was actually quite glorious!

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