Lens-Artists Challenge #108 – SANCTUARY

sea oats, blue sky, grass, kiawah island


“Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”


This week the Lens-Artists team is excited to welcome Guest Host Xenia Tran of Tranature and Whippet Wisdom. Her challenge, Sanctuary, is most appropriate for these troubled times. As I searched for appropriate quotes on the subject many alternatives were covered – things like home, books, religion and art for example. For me, although I appreciate and relate to all of those suggestions and more, I find my explorations of nature, often combined with photography, to be a favorite sources of solace.

beach path, bicycle


“In every heart there is a room, a sanctuary safe and strong.”

Billy Joel

This week I was asked by a friend to photograph her family as they were visiting from the midwest (lucky her, lucky them!). While I was awaiting their arrival I was struck by the beauty of the afternoon and the peace and quiet that nature affords us as we deal with life’s challenges. All of this week’s images are from that afternoon on Kiawah’s beach, and are a reminder of the incredibly restorative power of nature.

bicycles, beach path, sea oats


“The sanctuary of peace dwells within. Seek it out and all things will be added to you.”

Peace Pilgrim

A place of sanctuary has never been more important than it has become these past months. As we struggle with uncertainty, fear, and isolation it becomes ever more critical to find temporary escape – a retreat for moments of peace and calm. Spending time among nature’s offerings – the warmth of the sun, an ocean breeze, the shade of a forest canopy – nourishes my soul and brings me a sense of contentment. I realize how fortunate I am that all of these things are readily available via a short walk or bike ride. Sharing them with my husband or a good friend makes them even more therapeutic.

boardwalk, path, beach, kiawah island


“There is sanctuary in being alone with nature.”

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

My quotes this week refer primarily to our individual power to find a place of sanctuary within ourselves. However difficult things may be, we can surely find reasons for gratitude and opportunities for growth. It’s not always easy, but here’s to finding our way no matter the challenges we face.

Sincere thanks to the community of creative and talented bloggers who continue to honor us with participation in our challenge. Thanks also to Xenia for her interesting and beautifully presented theme this week. Please be sure to link your response to her original post here, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us all find you.  Next week we’re back to our regular schedule with Amy leading our challenge. Until then, be careful out there and stay safe!



95 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #108 – SANCTUARY

  1. I for one is with you that our sanctuary lies within, Tina, akin to a turtle carrying it’s shell as a home just to be. I see two bikes resting and I can only imagine the cyclists are out there this glorious sanctuary.

  2. Heartwarming words and lovely images, Tina. The opening quote is so true and I’m with you with photography and going out with the camera being a sanctuary. Good to see that the storm did not hit your part of the world too badly. x

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  4. Such a treat to visit you Tina. I love the first quote about the sanctuary being “inside you”. So true these challenging days. Hope you are doing well. Warmest wishes.

    • Andrew, many thanks for your visits! I loved Xenia’s challenge and am pleased it rang true for you. All good here including a narrow escape from last weeks hurricane thank goodness. Have been enjoying your amazing park and tree posts. They look so refreshingly cool!!

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  6. terrific post Tina!!! beautiful shots…and wonderful words !! here’s to all finding their sanctuary…especially in these trying times🍾

  7. thank you for taking us to your beautiful and peaceful world, Tina. what a blessing to be close to nature. it provides peace and calm and also offers healing as well as hope. beautiful pictures as always!

  8. Tina, this is a powerful powerful post that really puts things in perspective. I love the quote about being alone in nature. This time has really made me appreciate nature and the beauty around me even more than ever.

  9. Thank you for taking us to your glorious sanctuary – nature by the sea. Love the boardwalks and the “Into the light”. Just hit the chord. So beautiful and hopeful.

  10. Tina, you live in a sanctuary …. such a wonderful and beautiful place. I was playing with the thought of using the ocean for my entry. Because that is the ocean is truly a sanctuary for me. I think we all find the ocean and a coastline very special. Wonderful captures.

  11. Your post is gorgeous, Tina. You’ve captured the beauty and serenity of a special place. I am not at all surprised it’s your sanctuary! I also agree that the challenges are our creative sanctuary! We are indeed fortunate.

    • Thanks very much Patti, I’m so glad you were able to see it first-hand! Knowing you I’m sure your current spot in New England is also a natural sanctuary. I’m thinking your climate is a bit more enjoyable at the moment as well!

      • Me, too. I’m hoping we can come back down to SC next winter. We’ll see. And yes, you’re right about the weather here. It’s very warm for New England this summer. Quite a few days in the high 80’s and 90’s, which is unusual. But I’m loving the warmth after the chilly spring.

  12. Great photographs and words, Tina….I’m with you regarding the door to sanctuary lying within ourselves. …and the restorative powers of nature

  13. Loved bending with the wind..no people, no structures, etc…just the natural and peaceful beauty of our God given nature.

  14. A beautiful post and wonderful quotes and photographs Tina. You live in an amazing place and it’s so true that the door to sanctuary lies within ourselves. Thank you so much for sharing and may you and yours stay safe and well too 🤗💖 xxx

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