Lens-Artists Challenge #138 – Natural Light

storm, kiawah island, fisherman, dock

“A painter works with color as the medium, a photographer works with light.”

Carlotta M. Corpron

Amy’s Natural Light challenge is sure to deliver a treasure trove of sunrises and sunsets, all beautiful in their presentation of nature’s gifts. I’ve chosen to illustrate the light a bit differently this week. I’ve opened with a stormy sky captured on my iPhone one Kiawah afternoon. The storm was about to erupt and a fisherman was scurrying off the dock to reach safety. The deep color of the clouds was broken in places by the last remaining rays of sunlight peeking through. Nature at its best.

Bryce Canyon, hoodoos, clouds, light

“It takes darkness to be aware of the light.”

Treasure Tatum

The dramatic light shining in the image above captures the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon in Utah. It followed a violent storm, the remains of which can be seen in the clouds above the canyon. My husband and I dashed to and remained in our car while the storm raged. Returning to the canyon when it abated we found ourselves alone with this amazing scene, as any other visitors had long departed.

double rainbow, light, storm, clouds

“Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and light to conquer it.”

Amit Ray

Not unlike our experience in Bryce Canyon, the red beaches of Prince Edward Island in Canada were made that much more beautiful by the light which followed a storm. There, a double rainbow appeared to further embellish the landscape.


“Let the starlight shine upon you, let it lead you to your peace.”

Victoria Moschou

Not all light is found between sunrise and sunset. Some of the most beautiful light can be found in the twinkling of the stars after the sun has set. My capture above was made at just such a time, when the stars were bright in the night sky over the ocean. Even on a slightly cloudy night, such as the one in my image, the stars can still shine brilliantly.

flower, bokeh

“O Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on earth.”

Roman Payne

For photographers, the world is filled with amazing subjects just waiting to be captured. While the glories of sunrise and sunset present us with wonderful opportunities, there are many other ways to see and show the light. Both the previous and the following images are examples of simple subjects that, when captured in the right light, become quite special. Above, a beautiful bokeh was created by light on the water beyond the flower, while below, the sinking sun created a lovely backlight on the coneflowers. Yes, they’d seen better days but were still exquisite. How fortunate are we to be able to see, save and share those little moments of delight?!


“A photograph is your vision, held together by light.”

Steve Coleman

Sincere thanks for your wonderful responses to Ann-Christine’s SOFT challenge, which showed us how very many kinds of softness there are! Thanks also to Amy, for pushing us this week toward the light. We look forward to seeing your adventures with light, wherever they may be. Please remember to link to her original post here, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag. I’ll be back to lead next week’s challenge right here on Travels and Trifles. We hope you’ll join me then and in the meanwhile will continue to stay safe and be kind.

169 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #138 – Natural Light

  1. These photos are so glorious. You are inspiring me to watch the light before and after storms with my camera. I’ve always most liked the light before the sun sets – dusk. The colors can be so ethereal.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment – being an inspiration is about as good as it gets. I too love the ethereal moods of dusk, especially since I’m not one for the earliest hours. Appreciate your stopping by.

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  3. Fabulous, Tina, just fabulous! The glory of them all – outstanding. I must say my choice, if I have to make one, must be the starry night. I seldom see such an image, and this one really speaks to me.

    • Many thanks Ann-Christine. That was my first foray into nighttime shooting and it was really fun seeing the results of my efforts. You don’t really know how well you’ve managed to capture the skies until you head home and look at the results.

  4. Hi, Tina. It’s impossible to pick a favorite this week! Your images are truly gorgeous. That first one with the fisherman tells a wonderful story. Your shots of the canyon are stunning as well as the rainbow in PE Island. Like you, I look for those “after the storm” opportunities. Sometimes they create the best conditions for remarkable skies/clouds/colors. And thanks for your feedback on my photos in my latest post. I’ll follow your suggestions and see if the images can be clicked and enlarged. Thanks and have a wonderful sunny week ahead.

    • Many thanks Patti, I agree storms are the photographer’s best friend! Especially for those of us who tend not to make it in time for the early morning light 😊. Wishing a sunny week ahead for you too!

  5. Beautiful images Tina, the skies are amazing and I especially love the colours in the starry night xxx

  6. Thanks for adding beauty and joy to my Sunday morning, Tina. I can’t wait to get to Bryce and Zion and the Grand Canyon and other Southwest beauties I haven’t seen for many, many years.


    • Definitely my pleasure Janet – we were so impressed with both places. I’d love to live a bit closer to visit them more often but it’s quite a trek from the southeast!

  7. Magnificent photos Tina, especially the stormy clouds. As for the canyon, it was literally lit up with all its craggy nooks and peaks displayed spectacularly . Also I’ve never seen a starry sky like the way you captured. It must be so beautiful in person . A pleasure to go through your post, Tina.

    • Many thanks Sheetal. The canyon was amazing after the storm, the light was truly exquisite. As for the stars, it was a group outing and the help of some fellow photographers was a big part of my success that night. Despite the pandemic, with masks and caution we were able to share our knowledge which was really a special treat.

    • Thanks John – we were amazed at the beauty of Bryce – you’re fortunate to be much closer to these natural wonders. Of course, the stars are available to all of us 😊

  8. Love your stormy skies – perfect examples of how beautiful landscapes can look in less than perfect weather. The Bryce Canyon shot is a particular stunner!

  9. Very nice collection, Tina. But the first one really stands out. I also like the quote by Treasure Tatum. I already knew the idea of the quote before. But here it’s phrased to the point!

  10. Ohh Tina… the light and the subjects you choose have just taken me on a visual vacation! Thanks for taking me away on your beautiful “visions held together by light!” ~Jane

  11. This is a fascinating response to the natural light challenge Tina. The photo of the ‘calm after the storm ‘has such amazing clouds. I can see the head of a cat at the top of those clouds. But I digress. Your photos bring out so many interesting perspectives and colors. Pretty in Pink would be my favorite because of the backlight that is caught at the edges of the flowers giving them a whole new dimension.

    • Thanks Anne – LOL re the cat. I hadn’t noticed it but you’re absolutely right! I enjoyed the challenge and wanted to bring something different to it. Glad you enjoyed.

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    • Thanks Anne – sometimes it can be so annoying when you find a subject you love and the light just isn’t right. Then again, simple things can become beautiful so I guess it’s a fair trade!

  13. What an amazing collection of the magic light, Tina! I agree with Hien, every photo here is “a gem to be treasured”. STARRY, STARRY NIGHT, Wow…

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  15. I don’t know where to tell you how wonderful this post is Tina. The Bryce canyon is spectacular, then a double rainbow and then………..wonderful πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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