Lens-Artists Challenge #142 – Photography as Art

Spanish Moss

“Art is both the taking and giving of beauty.”

Ansel Adams

This week Ann-Christine is hosting “You Pick It”, a challenge for which we choose our own subject. Since there were several comments about the artistic interpretations in my recent post about Magnolia Gardens, I chose to focus this week on photography as art. My opening image of Spanish Moss was captured last week here on Kiawah as the late afternoon sun peeked through the dense foliage.

reflection, green, art

“Photography is an art form – human beings expressing their understanding of and connection with life, themselves, and others.”

Lisette Model

On the same photography outing I created the image above with a slow camera pan on a reflection of palmetto trees in the marsh. I loved the verdant green of the water which looks to me almost like the careful strokes of an oil painting.

egrets, art, impressionist, birds

“The camera need not be a cold mechanical device. It can be an extension of the mind and heart.”

John Steinbeck

I took one of my Magnolia Garden images about as far from reality as I could in the rendition above. My intent was to have the image appear as if in a dream. The birds were so free and delicate with their beautiful white feathers I couldn’t resist.


“If photography is truly an art…it’s about what’s inside of you. … artistic expression, not objective duplication.”

Brooks Jensen

Yet another Kiawah scene captured during last week’s outing, in the image above I focused on the single oak tree limb gracefully curling through the leaves and moss. I purposely overexposed the shot to emphasize the contrast between the limb and the feathery foliage. I applied an impressionist filter to the background in post processing to emphasize its ethereal quality.

art, impression, palmetto, moon

“A photograph is an art form; it means different things to different viewers and is totally subjective. Like music, sculpture, painting, it stirs up a different feeling and thought within anyone who looks at a picture.

Edmond Terakopian

The scene in the image above reminded me a bit of the South Carolina flag, which has become quite controversial of late. We are working to standardize on a single image for the flag and our politicians cannot agree on which is the best option. I applied an impressionist filter and overlaid it with a bit of texture to create the final image. I think it would make a lovely flag but adding another option is probably not the best idea at this point ๐Ÿ˜Š.

reflection, trees, water

“Photography is a bridge between science and art. It brings to science what it needs most, the artistic sense, and to art the proof that nothing can be imagined which cannot be matched in the counterpoints of nature.”

Ernst Haas

My final image above is Straight-Out-Of-Camera. I saw it as nature’s version of an impressionist scene. It is simply the reflection of a copse of trees on the waters of a small lagoon. The colors come from a blend of last autumn’s remaining leaves with the early greens of spring’s new growth, all set against the reflection of the mid-day sky – proving once again that Mother Nature knows best.

It was great fun seeing your portrayals of geometry in last week’s challenge – you took us on quite a world tour! As always we thank you for your support of our challenge. This week we look forward to seeing which subjects you choose and how you portray them. Remember to link your responses to Ann-Christine’s original post here, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag. Amy will be our host next week so stay tuned to see what she comes up with! Until then, please stay safe and be kind.

151 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #142 – Photography as Art

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  4. Tina, such beautiful artistic interpretations of your images! “Out on a Limb” is a great study in contrast and colors and “Moon and Palmetto” has such soft delicate colors in the sky contrasted by the palmetto and grasses. My two favorites!

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  6. ยกIโ€™m impressed!!! I love this kind of images. Last week I took the Lensbaby for a walk and some of the photos I got have a very impressionistic touch, Iโ€™ll publish them.

      • Havenโ€™t you decided yet? Did you get to try it? Iโ€™m not finding it easy, but I like the challenge… weโ€™ll see, who wins.

  7. I love them all!! Love that you see such beauty, such gentleness in contrast to the harsh reality us humans are engulfed in. So important to stay connected to nature ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

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