Lens-Artists Challenge #151 – From Large to Small

beijing, rooftops, China

“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.”

Wassily Kandinsky

This week Patti has given us a double challenge – first to choose a color and second to show images that range in size from large to small. After much thought I decided on orange, and have opened with a large example of rooftops from Beijing’s Forbidden City.

flowers, red rocks, colorado

Orange is the happiest color.”

Frank Sinatra

My second image above shows a beautiful garden of orange and yellow flowers fronting some of the huge orange-red rocks of Colorado. Although the image presents it as a beautiful natural landscape, in fact just beyond the tallest flowers is a treacherously difficult golf fairway which has gobbled up many a ball from golfers such as yours truly.


“When life gives you lemons….they could really be oranges.”

Ellen DeGeneres

Moving on to slightly smaller examples of orange, I’ve included a personal favorite image above. I captured these three monks sauntering along a dirt road in Cambodia using umbrellas as protection from the bright sun. I’ve posted this photograph more than once, and have a framed version of it that a friend painted from my image hanging in my home.

chihuly, glass, art, seattle

“If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable – each segment distinct.”

Letty Cottin Pogrebin

The image above was part of a Chihuly art exhibit we saw while visiting Seattle, Washington. His glass artwork is all incredible, but I especially loved the way this piece was displayed in a glass structure through which one could see downtown Seattle. Each piece was unique and the fact that it was orange and yellow helped me to decide on that color for this week’s challenge – as did the following image of a performance artist posing in front of a fun piece of local wall art. Two VERY different, medium-sized approaches to art.

performance artist, colorful

“Be patient. Everything has its time. You can’t make an orange mature right away because you are hungry.”

Bangambiki Habyarimana

The images that follow are examples of small touches of orange – and of course they’re among my favorite subjects – the winged residents of Kiawah. The first image is very special to me. For 20 years here on Kiawah I’ve searched high and low for a painted bunting. It’s a tiny, very colorful bird, seen primarily in the spring. I finally saw, and photographed my first-ever last week on a neighbor’s bird bath. Can you believe those colors?! I was much more excited than most people would have been, especially considering I’m not really a birder, but this little one has been on my “must see” list for a very long time! Notice the band on his right leg, which tells us it’s not his first visit to Kiawah.

Painted Bunting, colorful, bird

“Orange is life. It’s unexpected but beautiful.”

Aly Martinez

Birds aren’t the only winged creatures on Kiawah, nor are they the smallest. Here’s yet another beautiful, small example of orange on the wing.

gulf fritillary, butterfly, orange, green leaves, spots

Orange strengthens your emotional body, encouraging a general feeling of joy, well-being, and cheerfulness.”

Tae Yun Kim

Finally, although breaking the rules a bit and going back to a large splash of orange, I thought it only appropriate to finish with a natural orange flourish – a beautiful sunset reflected on one of Kiawah’s many lagoons.

sunset, Kiawah Island

“The sky takes on shades of orange during sunrise and sunset – the color that gives you hope that the sun will set only to rise again.”

Ram Charan

Once I decided on my color for this week it seems I found it everywhere! My task then became finding small, medium and large examples. I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices and will have fun putting together your own responses to Patti’s challenge. Be sure to link them to her original post here, and to add the Lens-Artists Tag.

I’ll close with a sincere thank you for your responses to Dianne’s Let’s Get Wild challenge last week. It was great to see nature unspoiled in so many beautiful places and we very much appreciate Dianne’s having taken the helm. We look forward to seeing your choices for this week and as always wish everyone a safe and wonderful week ahead.

122 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #151 – From Large to Small

  1. Tina, as usual, your samples of lens art are simply breath-taking, from one picture to the next, I held my breath as I read the quote. I understand why the monks held a special place in your friend’s heart. How perfect. their steps, their color coordination, and you can imagine their conversation. The Colorado rocks and flowers reminded me of learning to do cursive writing and getting you slant to all go the same way. God must have been practicing his cursive rocking. A truly lovely post. Thank you.

  2. Natural Orange Colorado … that must be Red Rocks Golf Course, SW of Denver. I’m not a golfer, but I know the Red Rocks area there is a great scenic. Red Rocks is much like Garden of The Gods in Colorado Springs. The Kissing Camels course has GOG as its backdrop, I think you would be taking photos more than golfing.

    The daughters and I are now in SoCal for four weeks, the second leg of the riding campaign. Monday was our travel day.

    • It’s actually Arrowhead in Littleton CO. David. I’ve played Kissing Camels, and have been to Garden of the Gods. Some of my favorite places in Colorado. Enjoy So Cal – wishing the girls well with their competitions!

      • So many golf courses to keep straight, LOL. When the PGA was in Kiawah, did you go or watched on TV? I would presume TV would be better – no line for the concessions or the restroom. Thanks, Tina. 😎😎😎

      • I have a friend who is an avid golfer. When the US Open and the Women’s US Open were held at the Broadmoor, she worked both tournaments as a volunteer. Her primary job was to shush the crowd. She showed me the polos, the visor caps, and the credentials badge which were her souvenirs. The big get was the Annika Sorenstram autograph.

  3. These are all seriously good shots, Tina.
    Chuffed for you to have finally photographed the Bunting. I fully understand what it’s like ”chasing ” after a subject for years. Well done!
    The one that tops the lot for me, though is the Three Monks. Smashing composition.

    • Thanks so much Ark (love that word chuffed. Must remember to use it!). The monks image has been a favorite of mine for many years. The bird was a special moment. Both make me smile, I’m so happy you commented on them both.

  4. Your photos and work never cease to be astounding, Tina. Each shot tells a unique story. Very happy for you that you managed to see a tiny bunting after so long on Kiawah. His colours are stunning, so eye-catching that I am sure he turns heads wherever he goes. Hope you get to see him again 😊

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