Lens-Artists Challenge #160 – Inspiration

impressionist, path, steps, flowers
Come into My Garden, Middleton Place

“In their biographies, artists like Michelangelo, da Vincci and Bach said that their most valuable technique was their ability to inspire themselves.”

Ralph Gibson

Inspiration – we all seek it, we find our own ways to achieve it, and we surely recognize its importance. Unlike the artists in my opening quote, I’ve not been the best at self-inspiration. For me, it is the company or encouragement of others that often inspires me. Whether in a class, working with other members of our local photography club, or simply out shooting with friends, I’m inspired by the company of those I respect and whose friendships I cherish. My opening image, for example, was captured this spring in an outing with a good friend during a visit to nearby Middleton Plantation.

flower, yellow
Mellow Yellow

“Photography is food and inspiration to the artist.”

Max Dupain

I’ve been fortunate to participate in classes and photo shoots with many renowned professional photographers thanks to my association with the Kiawah Photography Club. I am always inspired by their commitment and talent as well as their generosity in sharing their thoughts and expertise with us. I also find it inspiring to help others. My image above for example, was captured as I was showing a good friend how to make the most of portrait mode on an iPhone.

photographer, purple hair
Working the Scene

“My goal as a person and as a photographer is to …share the precious gift of thought and inspiration we are all endowed with.”

Guy Tal

In the same outing as my previous image, I was drawn to the purple hair of the artist above. She was photographing LA’s beautiful Getty Museum garden as well as sketching it. I captured her silently from behind, then introduced myself and asked if she’d mind my photographing her. She laughed that I should be interested in her and happily complied. My favorite image of all though was my first, the candid capture shown above.

flower, iris, purple
The Color Purple

“Take inspiration from everywhere. Be aware of everything.”

Lee Widdows

I enjoyed focusing this week on a personal inspiration, and invite you to visit my previous post on the subject about some of the other things that inspire me. I’m looking forward to seeing what inspires all of you. Be sure to link your response to Patti’s original post here and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to appear in our WP Reader section.

I’ll close this week by joining Lens-Artists team member and this week’s host, Patti of Pilotfish, in acknowledging and offering heartfelt thanks to our Guest Hosts this past month. John Steiner, Anne Sandler, Rusha Sams, Beth Smith and Ana Campo did us proud with their creative and thoughtful challenges. We also, of course, thank all of our followers for your continued support and participation. We look forward to returning to our normal schedule and hope to see you next week when Ann-Christine leads our challenge. Until then, as always please stay safe and be kind.


103 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #160 – Inspiration

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  4. Oh, that first photo had me right away — what a great technique and quite impressionistic. And yet the next one was great as well taken with an iPhone. I’ve tried using Portrait mode with varying success. This one was masterful. And what an eye to capture the visitor in the garden in your third photo. Lots to inspire. Lots to appreciate.

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  8. Glorious images Tina, I especially love the way you captured the flowers, and your photography club sounds wonderful πŸ’œ

  9. Beautiful pictures for the challenge, Tina! I like what you’ve done with the first image of Middleton Place. And the yellow flower really pops! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on what inspires you.

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  11. Tina, I find you a very inspirational person with your photography, quotes and a touch of personal writing. So here, I am. Love the purple hair.

  12. Your opener is a dream, Tina – and then all of them are inspirational of course…My favourite is the candid shot of the artist. It lends us to thinking…wondering and then thinking again. I know I am greatly inspired by you, all of you and by our followers. Hopefully I will retrieve my mojo.

    • Ann-Christine, it’s hard for me to believe your mojo is missing – you inspire us all! That sweet young girl with her purple hair was a real treat. One always has to be open to fun surprises, don’t you think?

      • So nice to say, Tina…but I really need to get out and about a bit more to get some fuel. Or – a fun surprise might help!

  13. As usual, Tina, your images are inspiring and quite beautiful. Isn’t it amazing to be inspired by what may be something mundane and it becomes art in the photographers’ lens and hands. I always enjoy your impressionist filters, simply gorgeous! That first quote says volumes–inspiring ourselves! Have a wonderful week!

  14. Hi Tina, Your beautiful photos and image effect of the first one are inspiring. Thank you for your insights of this theme. The last capture is incredibly beautiful. I have learned much from our LPAC community.

  15. I love the shot of the artist at work, especially. I always enjoy watching someone who is inspired by the scene before them and to do more to capture the moment than to just take a “snapshot” (something that I am often guilty of, for sure.)

    • Thanks John – I didn’t ask her if she was doing it for her own pleasure or for some kind of class or project. She was truly engrossed and never noticed me photographing her until I asked.

  16. That was interesting to read about what inspires you, Tina, and that you are inspired by others around you. Sometimes the people around you have a different way of seeing things from you and that can get our creativity rolling. For me, a lot of my creativity comes from reflecting and journaling. Some of it also comes from others too, such as when I am catching up on blogs and bloggers like you, seeing what they have to share about their art or part of their world.

    With photography, at times the changing seasons or weather inspires me, or at least encourages me to take photos from different angles to highlight the current conditions.

    Beautiful shots all round as usual, Tina. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  17. Wow, Tina. Your image of that Iris blossom is very impressive as it stands out from the dark. πŸ‘ i also love your image of the young lady. Her head looks alike a blossom of clover, chives, or allium giganteum. Great find 😊

  18. I read everyone’s comments and marvel at the different things we see in one picture. I would love to know how you manage the black background of the beautiful iris

    • Thanks very much Appeltjie. For the iris image I used my 55-200mm lens full out at 200mm, at an f 4.8 aperture . That gave me a darker exposure to start with. I then used photoshop to clone the darkest areas of the image to eliminate any distractions, increased its contrast a bit and sharpened the edges of the flower. Admittedly a bit labor intensive but I loved both the shape and the colors of the flower and had just completed an online course about flower photography that “inspired” me to give it a try!

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    • Many thanks Cornelia – interesting that it was so often mentioned, I almost didn’t include it. Not typically one of my favorite flowers, this one really was a beauty.

  20. Hi Tina

    I hope your Juky time off was replenishing! Welcome back. I adore your lead photo Come into my Garden. I think I would never leave such an inviting place. Your choice of quotes is excellent once again, especially Gibson and Dupain. But what a vibrant, alove Color Purple omage, stunning.

    Here’s my submission this week:

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron on a Misty Morning


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    • Many thanks Anne -it was total serendipity to come upon her in the middle of the garden. She was really sweet about allowing me to photograph her and I think really got a kick out of it. I felt bad afterwards that I hadn’t gotten an email address from her so that I could send her the photos. She was adorable!

  22. Wonderful thoughts and images of what inspires you, Tina. I love the painterly effects of your first image and the candid shot of the artist. It’s fascinating how your inspiration comes from interacting with others and from the experts. My son is similar–he gets inspired by the challenges set by directors of the films he works on, not from self-generated ideas. I love this insight into your creativity!

  23. Self-inspire, you’re not alone in that regard. I find that extremely difficult. Usually, I need to see something or someone else’s view of things to say, “Let me try.” πŸ™‚

  24. Oh the artist capture has so much more than her purple hair and posture (as I am sure you know and it is what pulled you there) like her clothes – that high-wasted skirt and then the shift – her frame and youthful “hard on the knees” bending – ha! Then the gardens and the whole mood is quite inspiring –

      • Hi – I just saw the shoes – and they are choice!! (Nice slang adjective) and while looking I also saw how the flowers went from yellow to purple making the three photos in your post have even more of a transition and a cool leading us down into the last photo – full yellow – then all the mix of purple and yellow in the artist in action – and then ending with purple – bookmarked so well –

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