Lens-Artists Challenge #163 – Keep Walking

Beach, umbrellas, colorful, ocean, Bethany

“Life is a summer, full of fun. At the beach, under the sun.”

Debasish Mridha

This past week after nearly two years I was happily participating in a family reunion at Bethany Beach, Delaware (shown above). Although I’d seen one or two of my family members, I’d not seen most of them in nearly two years due to COVID precautions. Everyone made a major effort to gather, such that when all was said and done there were 24 of us, including my husband and me, my four brothers and their spouses, their children and their grandchildren (6 of whom are under the age of 5). So, in response to Amy’s “Keep Walking” challenge, I’ve decided to share some images from a fun walk my husband and I took one afternoon to explore the nearby attractions.

Jitney, Bethany Beach, bus, blue

“Beaches are God’s poetry.”

Steven Maraboli

My opening image captures the crowds sharing their spots in the sand as the ocean’s calm and the day’s heat combine to delight them. As someone used to Kiawah’s wide open beach and limited smattering of people, I’m always amazed at the crowds in more populated areas. Parking is a precious commodity, so many residents and visitors use the jitney busses such as I’ve shown above to move more easily from place to place.


“In every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”

Rachel Carons

Clearly the residents of the area take great pride in their homes, many of which are seasonal rentals. I was enchanted as we walked by the white picket fence shown above with its beautiful flowers gracing one of many such homes. The town is small and quiet for the better part of a year, until summer’s visitors arrive to swell the population exponentially.

beach, kite, sunset

“There can’t possibly be anything more beautiful than a seaside Beach at sunset.”

Bryn McCarren

As sunset approached and the day’s hot sand no longer burnt one’s feet, several visitors took to the beach to fly kites. I loved the one featured in my image above, a whirling, swirling octopus which reminded several of us of Harry Potter’s “dementors”. Fans of the series will know exactly what I mean by that 😊.

signs, locations, colorful

“There is no place like the beach… where the land meets the sea and the sea meets the sky”

Umair Siddiqui

After four full days of driving and four days of chaotic family fun, my husband and I returned to walk the beach on Kiawah (below). I was only a bit facetious with my “Kiawah Crowd” title on the image. As this is the final week before Labor Day, the “unofficial” end of the summer season, there are a few more people than I’ve shown, but not many LOL!.

beach, Kiawah Island, walking

“Walk along in that wide, peaceful, whispering hush of the sea that gives every sound, near or far, some mysterious importance.”

Thomas Mann

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little walk and encourage you to visit Amy’s much more exotic and beautiful examples in her original “Keep Walking” post here. Remember to link to her post and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us all find you.

Finally, sincere thanks for your amazing response to last week’s “It’s All About the Light” challenge. I cannot imagine a more diverse and compelling display of the incredible affect of light in photography. Speaking of which, we hope you’ll join us next week when we’re honored to have Sofia Alves of Photographias joining us as Guest Host. Her theme will be “Looking Up/Down”. Be sure to use the link to check out her beautiful and always-interesting blog. Until then, please stay safe and be kind.

111 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #163 – Keep Walking

  1. Hi Tina

    This quote you chose is perfect for your beach photos “There is no place like the beach… where the land meets the sea and the sea meets the sky” Umair Siddiqui

    And I adore your final photo of the Kiawah “crowd.”

    Here’s my offering with a Heron who keeps walking on the dock looking for his friends:

    Great Blue Heron Weekend of Fun

    Best, Babsje

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  5. A lovely walk, Tina – and most of all – how great you could all meet up! Family is family – and there’s been too much sorrow and missing these two years. A happy, sunny, flowery walk!

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  7. Those east coastal island communities seem like such a fun place to live, but I imagine the influx of summer vacationers can be a hassle.
    I especially like that final image of people walking on an open, uncrowded beach.

    • Hi Babsje – thanks for noticing the fence in the kite image – very deliberate on my part, glad it got your attention! And yes, great fun to meet the latest family members and share some fun with the family again. It had been much too long!

      • You’re welcome. One look at the light bathing the fence slats and I said to myself “Tina did that on purpose.” Truly lovely to see!

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  10. I really enjoyed the walk Tina. And especially liked that colourful sign pointing to all those different places.

  11. Beautiful. It’s good to see family. When I was a kid we would go to Rehobeth Beach. Wayyyy back when. I loved walking or biking Hilton Head beaches off-season.

  12. It’s great that you were able to meet up with so many of your family at the beach 🙂 But I have to say that I prefer your almost-empty home beach to one full of sunshades, loungers etc!

    • Many thanks Sue – it was one of those days were the near-stifling heat meant avoiding the hot sand on the beach and taking a little stroll on the boardwalk. Glad you enjoyed along with me.

    • LOL, thanks I.J. – distance is all relative isn’t it?! Those signs definitely put distances in perspective don’t they?! Somehow I always wonder how accurate they are!

  13. Great collection, Tina. I love the quote from Umair Siddiqui. Your comparison of the kite with a dementor is great. I like especially the image showing the signpost. Whenever I stumble upon one, I also can’t resist taking an image. They give us an idea how small we are in relation to our planet 🌏

  14. Dementors near? Take care, please! 😉
    3708 mi to Spain? We are almost neighbours, only a big puddle separates us.
    I am glad that you have been able to enjoy the family. Lovely pictures!!!

    • Yes we must all keep an eye out for Dementors, mustn’t we Ana?! 😊 Yes it was great to see everyone at last. We have a family wedding coming up in October and are all hopeful we’ll be able to gather for that as well. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  15. It is so good to hear you were reunited with everyone!! I love all the color in your opening photo. My favorite beach is also on the desolate side – Pea Island Wildlife Refuge in Hatteras.

  16. I’m so happy you finally got to get together and had such a good time. You have a wonderfully eclectic group of photos but I have to admit that by the time I got to the end, I was happy to see that last one. The “crowd” there is much more my type of crowd. 🙂


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  18. Was the beach that busy for your family reunion? If it was, it would be enough to turn us around, covid or no covid. But, of course, we’re not the reunion types either. Hope you’re having a good Sunday. We’re making our final prep for the Michigan trip for three horse shows. It’s the cap of the season for the daughters. Everything is still a “go.”

    Stay well.

    • Actually I never actually went onto the beach! The family house was right on the beach so I spent time with everyone there. People came and went and all gathered for dinner and evening festivities so all of that was fine with me! I get plenty of beach here at home, and my husband and I enjoyed the peace and quiet of a condo nearby when things got too chaotic for us! It was a great way to enjoy the family without any stress along the way! Good luck to the daughters, somehow I know they’ll be great!

  19. How wonderful to get the family together like that. It would take a miracle for my family to do so! As for your Kiawah beach photo, there may not be many people, but there are an awful lot of footprints! Enjoy your weekend. We are hoping that this week will be the start of a quieter Cornwall.

    • Yes, definitely quieter here now that school is back in session Jude. It was great to see everyone. We are all spread out but everyone can drive (we are the furthest away) so it’s doable. Got to meet 3 grand niece/nephews for the first time. How fun is that?!!

  20. I hate it when our beaches are crowded in summer but when it’s hot that’s where everyone wants to be, and who can blame them? We’ve had a relaxing weekend back from the UK but I just might venture to the beach tomorrow, Tina. Thanks for the inspiration and glad of our family time. 🤗💕

  21. A lovely post Tina. Just reading along and scrolling down admiring each photo and the KAPOW That last photo is a WOW WOW WOW. I think the frame really makes it just so good 🙂 🙂

  22. What joy this brought to me. With all the sadness and fear we all are experiencing, it was a lovely respite. Many thanks, Tina! Also, so glad you were able to spend the time with your family!

  23. The photo on Bethany Beach brings to mind Asparagus Beach in the Hamptons, NY. So named because it was so crowded that everyone always stood up side by side to look at one another to see who was there, thus looking like an asparagus patch !!! It certainly makes us appreciate the beach at Kiawah. Wonderful photos as usual T. So glad you were able to spend time with your family.

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