Lens-Artists Challenge #170 – Street Art

hummingbirds, street art, wall art, colorful
The Birds, The Birds

“Street art is nothing else but urban poetry that catches someone’s eye.”

Christian Guemy

This week Patti invites us to share images of street art which appears more and more often in the most unlikely of places. I’ve seen it in multiple countries and on a myriad of platforms – railroad cars, bridges, building walls, playgrounds, you name it. It ranges from scrawled messages all the way up to the most elaborate of commissioned work. The artists have come into their own such that they no longer have to hide their identities, in fact they’ve become rather iconic as leaders of a new and exciting genre.

primary colors, street art, black woman
Strength and Beauty

“I use art to express myself and to escape from work. It is sacred.”

Guido Van Halten

I was in California when I came upon my opening image, and in the heart of NYC for the second. The first was in a quiet outskirt on the wall of a store, the second was beside the famous Calatrava Oculus. Both seemed perfectly positioned in areas that could not have been more different. I was drawn to both for the amazing use of color to draw the eye and to express emotion.

little green men, street art, musical instruments
Little Green Men

“Don’t have much to say that wouldn’t look better on a wall.”


Because I’ve focused on the most colorful of examples, my selection this week offers quite a range of locations, themes and approaches. The image above, taken in Hudson New York, was on a wall outside of a Mexican restaurant. I thought it was great fun with its green street musicians.

street art, eyes, bird, colorful, faces
The Eyes Have It

“Few people go to art expeditions. The power of Street Art is that it goes to people’s daily life to be seen.”


One of my favorite street art encounters was in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. Seen above we actually saw the piece as it was being created by a very focused painter. Obviously street art is a global phenomenon although I suppose there are places where it would not be allowed, or where it would be more controlled.

Colorful, street art, open air market
Market Day, Tel Aviv

“Street art …is so democratic. Art by anyone for anyone.”


The image above was one piece of a large street art painting in Tel Aviv, Israel. I loved the colors and what I saw as portrayal of a happy, fun day at an open-air market.

street art, street performance, vulture
Carried Away

“If our creativities are guided by public policies, we are not gonna be able to paint anything at all”


I’ve chosen a personal favorite as my closing image. Th gigantic vulture was an amazing example of street art just outside of Charleston SC. It was made even more special by the performance of a street artist, the young man shown “falling” in front of the art. There are a dozen terrific paintings in the area and he performed for our photography club one afternoon much to our delight. I combined the vulture images into a tryptic to create a feeling of his having been dropped by the bird.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection this week. I apologize that I’ve not included the names of the painters, unfortunately I don’t have them. But each of my quotes this week is from a well-known street artist which I hope makes up for that in some small way.

Many thanks to I.J. for leading us last week with his Ordinary challenge. It was great to see how each of you was able to turn everyday objects and places into something magical. We hope you’ll join us this week to celebrate the street artists and their craft. Remember to link your response to Patti’s original here, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you. Next week Ann-Christine will lead our challenge so be sure to stop by her blog next Saturday. Until then, as always please stay safe and be kind.


103 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #170 – Street Art

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  2. I love your beautiful selection of street art, Tina! I think your examples are quite varied which makes the presentation every more interesting. My favorite one though shows the vulture along with the street artist performing. You captured his movements perfectly and showing them in tryptic terrific – it tells a story. Wish I had been with you all for this photo shoot in Charleston. I also really like The Birds, The Birds, such beautiful rich colors and patterns. And of course, the green street musicians made me smile. This has to be one of my favorite post!😊

  3. I loved all the bright murals but the street artist performing in front of the buzzard is really special – a combination of arts. He almost looks like he was painted there on the wall in mid-motion, until you see the next photo and realize that he’s real. Wow – must have been something to see!

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  6. You share an exquisite selection of street art, Tina! I’m happy that street artists have come into their own to share their masterpieces. That hummingbird artwork is masterful! Carried Away is indeed spectacular. Thank you for sharing your finds!

    • Thanks so much Terri – yes it’s become quite an accepted form of art with several rising stars and some of it is really amazing. That hummingbird painting was truly spectacular. I’ve shown only a small part of it.

  7. Wow… what a collection of street arts, Tina! I love the bright and beautiful colors of the birds, the market day made me smile, The last one is way too cool!

  8. I always like your quotes for what they bring to a post and today found the phrases and quotes to augment the photos reminding us of how street art can be done anywhere and by anybody (and might be controlled or not allowed in certain areas ) but also how the “power of Street Art is that it goes to people’s daily life to be seen.”
    So true and great global photos showing us culture

    • Thanks Yvette – I was amazed when I looked for quotes this week to see how many of the more famous street-artists have been quoted and are well-known. The only one I’d heard of, of course, was Banksy. So I learned something this week – always a good thing!

      • Banksy was one of the first names that I learned ahen it came to street art – and then a few more came along – and it seems in the last five or six years there has been a wave of street art – and that sure can bring color tomorrow world – but I do admit to not liking many of the ones in Richmond, VA – some is in poor taste – it dark! But as you showed us here – there can be vibrancy and color – like green lizard-y musicians – hahaha 🎶🎶🎶

      • I agree Yvette – just like other art forms it’s all about our personal taste. I chose to go with uplifting, colorful examples but have seen many that are quite “dark” . And yes, the green lizards cracked me up too!

    • I’m thinking the street artists would not be fond of the term “legalized graffiti” John LOLOL. It can be beautiful and charming, but like all art, not always and often only in the eye of the beholder. It makes me sad to see how run-down some of the street art gets but then most art isn’t exposed to the natural elements. It’s quite an interesting phenomenon but definitely has its challenges!

      • One cool thing I’ve noticed is that many cities have taking to painting those large gray/green utility boxes that are necessary infrastructure to give them a pleasant look.
        My favorite is one I saw in North Carolina where a large box and two tall and skinny boxes were painted to look like a gas station and two gas pumps. 🙂

  9. Fantastic examples of street art! I was going to pick one or two favourites but realised I love them all 😀 However the triptych at the end is particularly special, with that performance artist indeed looking as if he has been picked up and dropped by the bird – so much so that I thought he was part of the paintings at first!!

  10. Fantastic collection, Tina. I really admire these artists. They are capable of creating such huge paintings on gigantic canvases. My personal favorite is the lady’s headshot in #2. I like the crispy and intense colors as well as the strength and beauty of her face. Top choice. 👍

  11. I realy enjoyed your shots of these examples of street art. They really are of exceptional beauty!
    I like this kind of art and have written a few blogs about it.
    You can find them by looking up “street art” in the search field of my blog.
    Kind regards,

    • Thanks very much Rudi. I too love street art, which is a terrific subject for photography. One of these days tho, we need to have a challenge about street art that’s faded and losing lustre. Unfortunately there’s lots of that too.

  12. These are all eye-catchingly wonderful, Tina. I love the vibrant colors and the birds especially appeal to me. I also enjoyed that first quote. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.


    • Thanks Anne – honestly I have mixed feelings about it because I’ve seen so many examples of street art y.that isn’t kept up and just peels and becomes sad and messy. I do love it when it’s well-done, fresh and new. The hummingbird painting was glorious, I hope it stays that way

    • Funny how they seem to arrive in “clumps” Lois – the little shopping area where the street performer was helping us must have 20 of them all together and then nothing more until 20 miles away in downtown Charleston. They are fun tho, aren’t they?!

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