Lens-Artists Challenge #176 – One Image, One Story

Kiawah, alligator, golf,
Blue Tees Anyone?

“Photography is just one tool in a storytelling kit. How an audience understands and feels a story is in your hands.”

Shannon Ghannam

This week Ann-Christine has given us a very interesting challenge – to tell a story with a single image. I couldn’t resist starting my post with an image that to me is about as obvious as can be. It’s quite an experience for visitors to our island when they come across one of our resident gators on the tee box. Imagine the stories, memories and photographs (from a distance of course) they’ll have when they get back to their everyday lives!

birds, cardinal, painted bunting, birdbath, wet
“Sorry dude, I was here first”

“If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.”

Lewis Wickes Hines

I watched with great amusement as the two birds in the image above negotiated their time in our neighbors’ birdbath. Clearly the large cardinal was bowing to the demands of the female painted bunting and her bathing rituals – sound familiar?!

fishing, boat, shrimper, birds
Gone Fishin’

“It’s not your story, it belongs to your subject. Never forget that.”

Edmond Terakopian

Speaking of birds, they are opportunistic creatures, following along with the local shrimp boats hoping for plenty of leftovers. Although the image above, captured just last week, tells their story, I also posted a longer story about the shrimpers and their boats some time ago here.

The Chapel at Middleton Place

“Life is about capturing the moment in its beauty and telling a story to every beautiful moment.”

Blanca Acosta

The image above is a bit less obvious in its storytelling. It captures a simple chapel, recreated from the original built in 1850 at Middleton Plantation. The chapel was used by slaves as a house of worship. We can only imagine the many prayers that were sent out from this simple room before slavery was abolished and the long road toward equality was begun.

flowers, blooming, dying
Life Goes On

“Some photographs are like a Chekhov short story or a Maupassant story. They’re a quick thing, and there’s a whole world in them. But one is unconscious of that while shooting. That’s a wonderful thing with a camera. It jumps out of you.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Finally, the story I see in my closing image relates to the passage of time, and the natural evolution which affects us all. As photographers, we find stories everywhere we look. I think Cartier-Bresson’s quote above perfectly describes the art and helps to explain why we so love it.

Here’s to Ann-Christine, who challenges us to think about the stories our images tell, and to the photographers who tell them. Please link your responses to her challenge here, and include our Lens-Artists Tag. We thank Lindy for guest hosting last week with her invitation to focus on our bliss, and as always our followers for your creative and interesting responses. Next week Amy will be leading us into the heart of the holiday season with a “Celebrating” challenge. In the meanwhile, as always, please stay safe and be kind.

86 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #176 – One Image, One Story

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  2. I enjoyed the various stories from each photo for this theme.
    smiling at the bride bath one because yes, that does sound familiar – and nice of the male to yield a bit 🙂

  3. Yes, I laughed at the familiarity of the bathing rituals. Who knew birds could have such expression. You are an accomplished photographer, I know, but dang…great capture.

    My favorite quote this week we It’s not your story”’ and could have gone with any of your photos. I will add that to my notes. It is so true, and thought provoking. Donna

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  5. I whizzed past the gator- they give me the creeps, Tina! But I loved the bedraggled birds and that last has always been a favourite of mine. Hope you’re having a good week.

    • Thanks Jo – the gators are prehistoric looking and honestly haven’t changed much since those times except they are a bit small. But we have some VERY big ones here! Happy you remembered the closing image, one of my favorites as well. Wishing you a good week too

  6. Many thanks Patti. Fortunately the island’s gators are well fed on much less troublesome prey, like birds, small animals and even sometimes deer. They also eat quite infrequently which is really interesting. I had to laugh at your smiling comment – they do indeed seem to be smiling but hopefully not at the prospect of having us for lunch!

  7. No matter how many times I see alligators (which fortunately hasn’t been that many!) I always think they’re smiling as they contemplate eating me for lunch. What a story they tell, in terms of their evolution and their ferocious appetites! A great choice. And the Middleton Plantations image was a poignant and sad story. The shrimp boat reminds me of the seafaring tales we read about as kids. And the flower is simply divine. What a gorgeous shot. Thanks for sharing these stories/images with us! I enjoyed them all.

  8. Your beautiful photos always tell amazing stories of your home and travel adventures, Tina. The gators alone send chills down my spine but I would be there with bells on to see them myself! Those shrimp boats are fascinating as well–I had seen them in Mexico. Lots o’ birds there, and I love the birdbath scene! Hope you had a restful holiday weekend!

  9. Love the stories these photos tell. When we stop and take the time to think about images, there is so much to see beyond the initial glance. You are an incredible “story teller”, Tina!

  10. Lens-Artists Challenge #176 – One Image, One Story On Saturday, November 27, 2021, Travels and Trifles wrote:

    > Tina Schell posted: ” Blue Tees Anyone? “Photography is just one tool in a > storytelling kit. How an audience understands and feels a story is in your > hands.”Shannon Ghannam This week Ann-Christine has given us a very > interesting challenge – to tell a story with a single” >

  11. The birdbath photo is wonderful, Tina. That little female painted bunting is really giving that cardinal what-for! Haha! I love it. The birds on the shrimp boat are beautiful. I think downtown at our pier is my most favorite place to be in the hope of capturing a photo just like this.

    • Thanks so much Lois – the boat was actually trawling for shrimp one evening earlier this month when I was out on the water with some friends. Because of that we got much closer than usual but I was pleased the image wasn’t fuzzy since both our boat and his were on the move. The birds are omnipresent while the shrimp boats are fishing.

  12. Tina, your words and pictures tell wonderful stories. My favorite is the last. There’s a reason we are drawn to take certain photographs. Our subjects capture us with their story, and, yes, we don’t realize it at the time.

    • I think you’re right on that Anne – I’m sure that one is a reflection of my thoughts of late, having just had a “decade” birthday this month. Good conjecture on that one.

  13. Tina – love your stories – and the one of the birds the most I think. The bathing one and the onlooker – so typical, and the expressions are hilarious. The light in the chapel makes the emotions stronger – I can almost see the people kneeling and praying there, sending their prayers up into the glorius light. Your last image and the Cartier- Bresson quote says it all. What great stories we all have to share!

      • thats pretty cool. i am wondering if your experiencing any sea level rise out there? in town, in Joliet, Illinois, im not bded ridden, yet i have a hard time walking due to service connected disabilities, sometimes i sit on my medical bed and look out my window and sketch and draw. made a painting last winter looking out my window, its really nice for a painting, yet the garage siding changed as my next door neighbor sided it. In Joliet, Illinoius it is currently 41 degrees in temp, cool just a bit. we went out just no to get a pizza from a famous place. had to get caough drops too.

      • i began a painting of a ship with old sails a year ago, it just shows the ocean and turburance in the clouds, im thinking of attempting to paint lightning in the picture with the ship. have to go feed the kitty. have a happy day, ma’am. Patrick 27 November, 2021 @ 5:21pm

  14. All great photos Tina! The chapel does bring to mind the history and the stories held within the walls. My husband has golfed quite a few times in the eastern warmer climates and has happened upon quite a few alligators! It’s always an exciting thing to see 😊

    • Thanks Lisa. The plantation has changed its name to “place” and is now owned by a foundation dedicated to presenting the real history and committed to righting the many wrongs.

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