Lens-Artists Challenge #182 – Interesting Objects

church, hymnal, antique, colorful
Historic Hymnal, France

“If light and sight work out in an interesting way, then it’s a photograph.”

Moses Oliver

I must admit Patti threw me for a loop this week. I rarely photograph “objects”, especially here on Kiawah where for me it’s all about nature. So I’ve decided to stroll through the archives for images that meet the challenge. I’ve opened with an antique hymnal and the surrounding walls of a gorgeous little chapel in Le Vieux Oppede in Provence, France.

salt and pepper, man and woman, statuette
Mr. and Mrs., Ireland

“Interesting things often happen at the fringes, away from the main ‘action'”

Paul Russell

While visiting Kinsale, Ireland some years ago (and yes, it was a golf trip) we strolled along the main street, browsing the lovely shops as we passed. I was captivated by these little statuettes. The gentleman’s hairdo and mustache really made me smile.

oxcart, cambodia, children
Oxcart, Cambodia

“Serendipity, coincidence and chance are more interesting than any preconceived construct of our human encounters.”

Charles Traub

The image above from our visit to Cambodia remains one of my all-time favorites. Mr. Traub’s quote applies 100% in this case, as I was simply walking along on my way elsewhere when this ox-cart with its young driver came along. I literally ran down the other side of the street with my camera (which I happily had with me) to get in front of them for the shot. It’s surely not perfect as it was a moving subject captured in haste, but it’s a moment that for me is frozen in time.

monkey, Africa, valve
Cheeky Monkey, Zimbabwe

“Trust that little voice in your head that says ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if..’ and then do it!”

Duane Michals

As a first stop before heading to our safaris in Botswana, we settled in Zimbabwe for several days primarily to see Victoria Falls. It was our first exposure to animals in the wild (although to be honest, at this stop I use the term “wild” loosely). The cheeky monkey is of course what to me makes the otherwise plebeian valve a more “interesting” object 😊.

mosaic, wall art, Israel
Meaningful mosaic, Israel

“Working in color is an interesting ingredient in the juggling act of making an interesting photograph.”

Jeff Mermelstein

We came upon this creative and thoughtful mosaic while strolling along Rothschild Boulevard in beautiful Tel Aviv, Israel. I loved the message, which of course is so true. I often think of our ancestors here in the U.S., as not so long ago our parents, grandparents or great grandparents were most likely newly-immigrated. If we go back far enough, the same can be said of all of us. The world might be a better place if we were to remember it more often.

train, trestle, Harry Potter, Scotland
Harry Potter revisited, Scotland

“There are no uninteresting things, there are just uninterested people.”

Jerry Uelsmann

I chose to include the image above for those who, like me, love all things “Harry Potter” . While I have many images of our visit to Scotland that might command more attention, this overpass, which was used in the train scenes of the Potter movies, is one of my favorites.

Super Seat, Czech Republic

“The entire visual world is an incredibly interesting place. If that is not sufficient ‘subject’ for you, then I propose that you are in a ‘world’ of trouble, and had best get out while you can, because this game of photography is not for you.”

Priscilla Ferguson-Forthman

I’ll close with an image of one of the more bizarre objects I’ve come across, that of a chair I saw in Prague many years ago. I came across it while uploading some older images to my current archives and wondered what I was thinking as I captured the image! Whatever it was then, it certainly fits this week’s “interesting” objects challenge!

Many thanks to Patti for the opportunity to smile at some of my favorite memories as I browsed for this week’s challenge. Be sure to link your responses to her original post and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to appear in our Reader section. Thanks also to all of you who joined us last week for our “double-dipping” challenge. I was amazed at the number of challenges I’d not heard of before and look forward to participating in some of them in the weeks and months to come. Finally, Ann-Christine will be leading our challenge next week on her Leya blog so be sure to watch for it. In the meanwhile as always please stay safe and be kind.


101 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #182 – Interesting Objects

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    • Thanks Nora. Believe it or not it was a working chair! It had been put out front of a little cafe and I had my friend sit in it for a photo but decided not to share THAT one!!

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  3. In terms of interesting, it’s in your header image – the crates of wine with the papal coat-of-arms stamped on the crate. I would consider the crate to be a collectible in its own right. As for the mosiac, I don’t know if I totally subscribe to the notion we were once all refugees. But, I suppose any reason for immigration can be framed as such.

    • Thanks David – was hoping someone would notice that ! The image was from our trip to France years ago. We were in the cellars of Chateauneuf-du-Pape and my husband was in heaven 😊. As for the refugee statement, you’re probably right, immigrants would have been a better choice but the idea was sound enough for a mosaic I suppose.

      • O/T: Both AccuWeather and The Weather Channel have mentioned the possibility of Charleston, and I presume Kiawah too, of going into the deep freeze this weekend … maybe even some icing. Is that in your forecast? We had some icing along with some light snow yesterday and last night, which resulted in hoar frost this morning. A month late, though, with the Christmas scene. Stay warm.

  4. You’ve truly found some interesting objects for this week’s challenge. That chair is totally unique, and I’m glad I don’t have to sit on it. My favorite shot is the one taken in Cambodia. It’s so hard for me to capture faces without aggravating the people, but you’ve captured them in a daily routine moment, one that is so foreign to us but so common to them. You never cease to amaze us with your entries each week!

    • Rusha, you are so kind, thanks! Yes that Cambodia photo warms my heart honestly. I have a shot from nearby of a family seated on their floor preparing dinner while their 2 cows lean over their shoulders. Yet another priceless moment. In Cambodia they didn’t seem to mind the lens altho it probably helped that I was at 300mm.

      • I did ask permission before I took a couple of photos, but basically I tried to make myself as obscure as possible. Hard to do sometimes! But angering someone in a foreign country wasn’t something I wanted to get into!

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  6. Although the “Harry-Potter”-bridge was on my bucket list, I wasn’t there. Unfortunately, the distance was too big. Driving half a day for each direction for only one image was definitely too much. The object in the last image looks in my eye as being a kind of fancy chair. Great finding! I suspect the little monkey already learnt what to do with the red wheel, but is too weak to handle it. Funny story!!!!

    • Thanks Andre – yes I think it was definitely “a bridge too far” LOL. But for me it was a beautiful day with marvelous natural scenery and a great hike so it was worth the trip. And yes, it’s definitely a chair. In hindsight I wish I’d taken a side view image. I do have one with my friend sitting in it but trust me, she would NOT be happy with publishing that one!

  7. What a great collection of images Tina. I’d like your Mrs & Mr from Kinsale. And that last image certainly made me smile.

  8. I love this set of interesting object selection, Tina. The monkey is a great capture. the image you captured in Oxcart is priceless, Meaningful mosaic, wise words!

    • Many thanks Amy – I struggled a bit with this one but as I saw others’ posts I realized I missed quite a few things I could have chosen. Never thought of food and wine for example!!

  9. I so enjoyed seeing your interesting objects and reading the stories behind them. I loved the cheeky monkey shot in particular – the combination of red valve, green grass AND the monkey make it a winner! The ox cart reminded me of our time in North Korea. They’re used extensively there but we weren’t allowed to photograph them as the country is embarrassed at not having fully modernised its farming methods. We couldn’t convince our guides that these carts are seen all over Asia and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about 😆

    • The oxcart story is really interesting Sarah! This was the only one we saw traveling throughout Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Not only was it unique but I was stunned at how young its driver was. The monkey was indeed cheeky LOL. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  10. Very expressive

    On Saturday, January 15, 2022, Travels and Trifles wrote:

    > Tina Schell posted: ” Historic Hymnal, France “If light and sight work out > in an interesting way, then it’s a photograph.”Moses Oliver I must admit > Patti threw me for a loop this week. I rarely photograph “objects”, > especially here on Kiawah where for me it’s all about ” >

  11. I enjoyed your collection, Tina. It’s truly diverse! The monkey of course is priceless as well as the ox cart and the mosaic. (I agree with its message whole-heartedly.). Have a great week and hopefully sunshine for golf and photo outings!

    • Thanks Patti – diverse indeed LOL. Hopefully the rest of our week will be an improvement over the nasty, wet stormy Sunday we’ve started with. I suppose tho it’s a vast improvement over most of the rest of the country! Wishing you a terrific week as well.

  12. Given your travels, I was anxious to see what you would share. After all, I’ve got the feeling you have more than your share of interesting objects. Whereas I love the monkey watching for the signal of when to turn the value, the closing photo took the cake! Enjoy your Sunday, Tina!

  13. Ah, some great images, Tina. I remember your image from Oppede-le-Vieux, because I hadn’t thought to try and get inside that church when I was there 40 years ago! The ox cart image is great, and do all our images need to be tack sharp?? And that viaduct looks a place worth seeing

    • Thanks very much Sue – well for me the oxcart is more of a memory than an object so the racing to catch it from the front is part of that memory. Normally I’d say yes, they do have to be tack sharp LOL. The little French chapel was a total surprise for me. There was a little flower growing in a front window which was what drew me in. The interior was a breathtaking unanticipated gift!

  14. For someone who doesn’t take photos of objects you have some very cool photos. I love the first one, just beautiful colours and that last one is possibly the quirkiest thing I have ever seen!

    • Thanks Sofia – must admit I’d totally forgotten that last one until I went into the archives. Really crazy isn’t it?! And the chapel was a real surprise, very nondescript from outside.

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  16. What a wonderful diverse selection of images and stories, Tina! Once again you took me around the world and showed me how it was to actually notice the world we live in fleeting moments.

  17. I am going to have the same problem in looking for objects I have photographed. I don’t have too many either. 🙂
    I do love that Harley chair. I have a photo of my wife and some of her friends sitting on bar stools that look like they are riding horses. You won’t see it, though. It’s not one of my wife’s favorites. >grin<

  18. The Harley photo made me laugh! We drove to the beach yesterday and as we’re walking the pier, my husband says, “You hear that?” “Hear what?” “That potato-potato sound.” Not a clue. Supposedly that’s the sound a Harley makes. Well then…

  19. You never fail to amaze me, Tina, with the wonderful diversity of your images! I felt like I was “there” in each one!

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