Lens-Artists Challenge #183 – Memorable Events

starfish, seashells, beach, hurricane aftermath
After the Storm

“Photographs may be more memorable than moving images, because they are a neat slice of time, not a flow.

Susan Sontag

Ann-Christine’s challenge this week highlights an amazing visit to Morocco, a truly Memorable Event. Although all of our travels have been filled with marvelous memories, I’ve chosen to go in a different direction. For me the small moments that are often overlooked are also worthy of note. For example, a (happily) unusual and memorable event occurred in the aftermath of a Category 2 hurricane here on Kiawah. Shown in my opening image, when the storm abated my short walk was rewarded with an amazing array of ocean life strewn end-to-end along our beautiful beach.

Beach, ice, storm
Kiawah Scene Seldom Seen

“Memorable photographs have been made with the simplest of cameras using available light.”

Yousuf Karsh

In another memorable weather event, we experienced an incredible ice storm which for us here in the southern U.S. is an extremely rare and hence memorable event. Interestingly we are in the midst of another unusual freeze as I write. In 20+ years here, this is only the 4th time we’ve seen ice or snow – more than enough for me. On the other hand, there is definitely something to be said for the pristine beauty of a “winter wonderland”.

green, yellow, colorful, caterpillar, nature
Colorful Crawler

“Originality is the key to being memorable.”

Suzy Kassem

Nature often rewards us with small but memorable moments, and our images provide us with excellent reminders of them. Without my photograph I would probably have forgotten the surprisingly beautiful little creature above, which I discovered one afternoon in my neighbor’s garden.

leaves, reflection, water, plants
Making Lemonade from Lemons

“Life is a book, one page a day but only memories are making chapters”

Davan Yahya Khalil

I’ve often posted about our local photography club which has hosted many professional photographers over the years. Most sessions include a shoot with the visiting pro for field experience. During an outing with National Geographic photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins, the weather was rather miserable and the day’s subject, our usually-marvelous avian population, was less than cooperative. Frustrated by the sheltering birds, I decided to wander a bit and came across the simple reflection above. The secondary lesson – if your original plan isn’t working, find a new one 😊.

canola, yellow, barn, red, colorful
Canola Crop

“Each moment has the potential to be special and memorable.”

Steven Redhead

During a visit with friends in Montana, I was treated to this beautiful scene. I’d noticed the fields of canola during the approach to the small airport and my friend, who shares my love of photography, scheduled a day trip for us. The canola, combined with the aging red barn and bright blue sky, turned this simple outing with a good friend into a truly memorable event.

sunflowers, butterfly, yellow, green, field
Yellow on Yellow

“Nobody remembers the moment of birth or the moment of death. So between both, you better do memorable things.”

A.J. Beirens

While touring the beautiful Vanderbilt Mansion in nearby North Carolina my husband and I came upon a huge field of sunflowers. As I was composing my image, a little yellow butterfly cruised into my shot – a memorable event due to its fortunate serendipity.

workman, saw, hand, dust
Hard at work

“Only powerfully conceived images have the ability to penetrate the memory, to stay there, in short to become unforgettable.”


Another serendipitous and hence memorable event occurred while shooting with a friend in downtown Charleston. I am usually very shy about asking people if I can photograph them but this was a moment I couldn’t resist. The workman couldn’t have been nicer and I happily spent some time working the scene. I later submitted the image above for publication in the Charleston Post & Courier and it was featured as their Photo of the Week.

At the Majors

“One piece of good sense would be more memorable than a monument as high as the moon.”

Henry David Thoreau

Finally, I would be remiss if I neglected to include last year’s PGA Tournament held here on Kiawah’s Ocean Course in 2021. For the non-golfers among us, this is one of four annual “majors” and this year’s event was particularly memorable. Phil Mickelson’s win made him (at age 50) the oldest champion of any golf major. My images were captured during the practice round when both cameras and the contestants’ casual-wear shorts were allowed.

I’ll close with a simple thought – life is filled with memorable moments, found in events both big and small. For me, it’s the unexpected small moments that keep life interesting. Yes, big events are extremely important, but they are far less frequent than the little things that keep us motivated in-between.

Large or small, we look forward to seeing the memorable events you choose to feature this week. Be sure to link them to Ann-Christine’s original here, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to appear in our reader. Next week Amy will lead the challenge, so be sure to check out her interesting and beautiful blog. In the meanwhile, as always please stay safe and be kind.

79 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #183 – Memorable Events

  1. You have mentioned here probably the key to a more relaxed and happy life: absorb those small moments that are often overlooked because they contain something special as well. Doing so you can find little pieces of magic, like you’ve done with the photo “Making Lemonade from Lemons”. Some of the best times of photography (or just travel and life in general) is adapting the plan when needed, and usually the more often you change the better things go 🙂

    My favorite photo, in part because you have a great story along with it, is the photograph of the workman ~ beautiful, and made more beautiful because you put yourself in the photo by interacting with the scene. Agree it is never easy to ‘intrude’ especially with a camera in tow, but when able to click with the people and scene more magic is created. Well done, and with the fun of the photo making it into the Charleston Post & Courier. I’m sure the workman will have a fun story to tell too. Cheers to a great day and weekend ahead, Tina. Take care.

    • Many thanks Randall – it’s true, we often forget the importance of the little things – which of course are far more prevalent than those major moments in life. We need to push ourselves to take note of and appreciate them. As for the workman, that one is special to me because I had to leave my personal comfort zone to capture it and once I’d done that it created a truly memorable experience.

      • Those special moments of stepping out of a personal comfort zone can be tough, and it is great to hear how it led to such a memorable experience. When I travel and/or shooting, it can be tough to engage with locals but so wonderful when it clicks ~ 🙂

  2. Tina, what a wonderful, diverse collection of memorable events! Love the beach scene after the storm and seeing Phil’s picture again after his great win in 2021. Last but not least, my favorite is the workman in Charleston. Congrats again for having this featured in the Post and Courier newspaper.

  3. that is a great photo to have featured in the Charleston newspaper- wow – the strength in the forearms and action – along with the watch and other details

    also, love how you reminded us to stay open to other shots if the current subject is not there –
    and my favorite takeaway from this post was how photography truly does help us to remeber and you write
    “Without my photograph I would probably have forgotten…”

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  5. Hi, Tina. I totally agree with your thoughts: “I’ll close with a simple thought – life is filled with memorable moments, found in events both big and small. For me, it’s the unexpected small moments that keep life interesting. Yes, big events are extremely important, but they are far less frequent than the little things that keep us motivated in-between.” I think that’s one of the wonderful joys of photography. Capturing those big and small moments–especially the unexpected ones. Lovely images, as always. I was especially drawn to the man’s hands. I love your choice of sepia. Have a great week, too.

  6. This is a wonderful and “memorable ” collection of photos Tina. So many lovely ones I cannot choose a favorite. Although that colorful crawler is at the top of the list if I made a list.😀

  7. Lens-Artists Challenge #183 – Memorable Events On Sunday, January 23, 2022, Travels and Trifles wrote:

    > Tina Schell posted: ” After the Storm “Photographs may be more memorable > than moving images, because they are a neat slice of time, not a > flow.”Susan Sontag Ann-Christine’s challenge this week highlights an > amazing visit to Morocco, a truly Memorable Event. Although a” >

  8. You make such a good point about photos serving to remind us of the small but special happenings we might otherwise forget! I think my favourite of your photos this week is the Canola Crop – I love the simple geometry of your composition and the vivid colours 😀

    • Well said Frank – nature truly can be surprising! The beauty of that icy day was amazing to me, perhaps because it’s so rare down here. Wouldn’t want lots of experience with ice but that was a fun day!

  9. Some beautiful images to bolster your memories here. The photo from Charleston is especially memorable. I also remember seeing that high key B&W of the plants and their reflection. So that is definitely memorable!

    • Thanks I.J. – to have an image remembered is a wonderful compliment! For me the Charleston moment was memorable not only because I love that image but also because I overcame my normal reticence when approached the workman.

  10. you’re so right with the small and tiny events in life. “love more and complain less” and “love what you have as long as you have it” or, to quote the bible “better the sparrow in your hand than the pigeon on your roof”. Last year, I was able to capture some twigs sealed in ice. That one and the leaves mirroring on the water surface are my favorites. Great captures!

  11. I really like this post, Tina. Thanks for sharing your memorable moments, in both words and pictures. So many wonderful images. I like the caterpillar the best, but it’s a tossup with the butterfly on the sunflowers. What a serendipitous moment!

    • Thanks so much Dianne. They were both very serendipitous and that contributed, I’m sure, to why they were memorable for me. We just never know what gifts nature will bring us, do we? One of my favorite things about photography – it makes us pay better attention!

  12. Such wonderful images. The one from Charleston Photo of the week really struck me. Wonderful detail. And all those starfish on your first image – what a sight that must have been.

    • Thanks Karina -the Charleston image is a personal favorite. As for the beach, it was incredible to see the beach creatures go on and on all the way down the beach. That said, hope not to see it again any time soon!

  13. First thing first … any ice or just a lot of frost?

    Most people find those in the trades to be unapproachable when they are working, when in the reality they don’t mind the break to chat. I have hired my share of contractors and they don’t mind when I’ve talked with them. I found a custom window installer who liked chatting while working. I try not to talk too much, otherwise they may try to put me to work, lol. I tell our friends they are more than welcomed to visit North Ranch, but when it’s a busy day, we might put them to work. 😉

    • A bit of ice on the roads overnight but just lovely frost this morning, and all gone after a couple of hours. Pretty while it lasted but I’m ready for our usual temperate weather to return.

  14. Oh, Tina! Once again you hit the mark and give me inspiration to present some of my small moments too. On a sad note, our sweet Jelly passed last Wednesday. Her little heart gave out and our hearts are broken. So glad I have many photos of her indomitable spirit!

  15. Wow, just wow, Tina! Memorable moments indeed. That reflection image is incredible in its simplicity–a photographers’ dream…who needs birds? I thought about you as I watched the news unfold about the snow and ice storms moving across your area. I have a couple friends in Chattanooga who saw some rare snow. Your icy picture looks right at home as we ventured out yesterday to a world covered in white–literally, every tree branch iced over. Love the sunflowers and kudos for capturing the workman and being featured!

    • Many thanks Terri – yes, we were covered in white this morning also – but frost, not snow. Of course it’s all gone now and the golfers are actually out but it’s way too cold for my Southern-adapted blood!!

    • 😊 Thanks Jo – funny how little things stick with us over time isn’t it? For example, I won’t forget today’s cold snap very soon either! Appreciate your warm wishes, hope they come true!

      • I’m sure they will, Tina. I have a gilet on myself while I think about going into the kitchen to cook. Often warmer outside than in, here 🤣💕

  16. You are so right, Tina–it’s those little serendipitous moments that are usually the most rewarding. What in the heck is going on with our weather?! There was frost on my front yard this morning! We could have stayed in Jersey for this!! 🤣

    • Lois – I couldn’t agree more! 27 degrees here this morning and frost everywhere. It was beautiful but I simply couldn’t motivate myself to go out in it!!! Jersey was actually 3 degrees warmer than Kiawah today!!!

  17. Great take on this week’s challenge Tina! It truly are the little things that make great memories. I especially liked the butterfly captured on a sunflower. Usually all I see are bees.

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