Lens-Artists Challenge #192 – Earth Story

flowers, bridge, lake, landscape
Lovely Landscape

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ah, Mother Earth….this week we’ve been challenged to focus on her beauty, her strength, and perhaps her vulnerabilities. As I mentioned last week, I spent a beautiful spring day at Magnolia Gardens in nearby Charleston. I’ve decided to highlight some of Mother Earth’s most beautiful elements in some additional images from that day. My opening capture shows a wider landscape that includes the little white bridge shown in the background of an image last week.

trees, magnolia leaves
A Poem Lovely As A Tree

“I think that I shall never see, a poem, lovely as a tree.”

Joyce Kilmer

Although her namesake magnolias are not yet blooming, the image above shows the ancient trees that will be dressed in beautiful blossoms beginning in late April or early May. Each of the large, deep green clusters of leaves house a bud which will burst forth with an amazing fragrance when the time comes.

water, light, clouds, trees
Light of Day

“O sunlight, the most precious gold to be found on Earth.”

Roman Payne

Mother Earth often gifts us with amazing light, if only we are open to it. The image above highlights one of those moments from our excursion on the river. The day started with a misty drizzle and ended in brilliant sunshine. In between, moments like the one captured above showed just how lovely the transition can be.

birds, light, water, grasses
Just Passing By

“When the sun of compassion arises, darkness evaporates and the singing birds come from nowhere.”

Amit Ray

Mother Earth delivers not only beautiful light but also nourishing waters in which many creatures thrive. Each spring flowers bloom, grasses green and many of earth’s creatures give birth to yet another generation. Mother Earth’s gardens offer them respite and safety as they nest, give birth, and nurture their young.

tree, water, flowers, pink

“Symbiotic relationships in nature teach us cooperation and show that we are all connected.”

Sanchita Pandey

I loved the way the ancient tree shown above seems to be leaning down to allow the flowers a safe environment in which to grow. I felt there was a whisper of some other creature in its trunk and limbs – perhaps an elephant or a giant bird about to launch. Do you see something else hiding in its form?

tree, heart
At The Heart of It

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” 

Rainer Maria Rilke

I’ve chosen to close with an image that looked to me like the tree was offering us its heart – and after all, isn’t that what Mother Earth offers us every day? Mountains to climb, oceans to cross, food to eat, light to warm us and darkness to soothe us as another day comes to a close. There is beauty everywhere, it is up to us keep our eyes open to it. I expect this week’s challenge will show us how very aware we should be of earth’s many blessings. Let us remember too that our role is to protect her for future generations, especially as we become ever more cognizant of her vulnerabilities and our historic disregard for her needs.

Thanks to all of those who responded to Ann-Christine’s Curves challenge last week. Your responses illustrated how very prevalent curves are – from nature to architecture to food and to art, you showed us that they are everywhere! This week we look forward to seeing your focus on Mother Earth. Please remember to link to Amy’s original here, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag. Finally, be sure to check out Journeys with Johnbo next Saturday, when John will lead us in his challenge “Birthdays”. He’ll invite us to share images that highlight what we find special about birthdays, anniversaries and/or other special events. Until then, as always, please stay safe and be kind.

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113 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #192 – Earth Story

  1. Tina, I love how mossy your trees are. The moisture in the air must be tremendous. I can almost smell it as I breathe deeply. It makes your world look like a fairy forest.

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