Lens-Artists Challenge #202 – Minimalism/Maximalism

tennis, action, blue
Men in Blue

“Less is not necessarily more. Just enough is more.”

Milton Glaser

This week Sofia has challenged us to speak to minimalism and/or maximalism. I’ll admit this one required a bit of extra thought on my part. Having recently covered a significant tennis tournament here on Kiawah, I decided to use some examples from the event, which covered the entire range of fashion extremes. For the most part, the male participants went minimalist – choosing simple blue and tan or white in solid colors as shown above.

Colorful, tennis, female
Girls Rule!

“The more minimal the art, the more maximum the explanation.”

Hilton Kramer

On the other hand, many of the ladies did not disappoint. They chose to show not only their skill, but also their fashion sense. Blues, greens, pinks, purples, you name it, they wore it!

tennis, colorful, ladies, sports
Dressed to the Nines

“I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”

Yves Saint Laurent

With few exceptions, my images for today’s post include a tennis ball in play. I’d set myself this extra challenge to make both my task and its results more interesting. I don’t often shoot action so it was a great opportunity to practice the skill. That said, I couldn’t resist the maximally adorned ladies in the center of the triptych above.

red, white and blue 
tennis, action
Red, White, Blue and BAM!

“When in doubt, wear red.”

Bill Blass

Of course there were also male competitors showing some maximalist fashion flair. I’ve included Exhibit A, the agile and athletic gentleman above in his red, white and blue outfit – including matching hat and tennis shoes.

tennis, ladies, blue
Ladies With Style AND Skill

“Why take minimum from life if you can take maximum? Both are on the table!”

Vambola Tullus

The ladies in blue above demonstrate that even monocolor minimalism can be effective when worn with both style AND skill. The gentlemen below, while obviously skilled, wore their blues a bit more casually.

tennis, ball, player, sport, action
Focused Forward

“Minimalism is saying all by saying nothing.”

Will Advise

My thanks to Sofia for her challenge, which gave me a chance to offer a bit of an unorthodox response. We look forward to seeing your approaches on this one. Please remember to link them to Sofia’s original here, and to use the Lens-Artists tag. My thanks also to Ann-Christine for her Three-of-A Kind challenge and to all of those who so creatively responded. As you can see, I decided to take the challenge a bit further and carried it into my response this week. Our host next week will be Anne Sandler of Slow Shutter Speed so be sure to check in on her always-interesting blog. Until then, as always please stay safe and be kind.

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78 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #202 – Minimalism/Maximalism

  1. Great action shots, Tina, you capture the mood with not just your photos but words as well ~ what fun you must have had to shoot this. It is great to be able to stretch the photographer’s mind between such shoots as landscape, street, and action photography… a bit exciting actually to think about 🙂

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  3. Tina
    This was such a fresh and original post with a jovial tone and so many takeaways
    Wow – love the ladies in mono blue and my fav quote (always hard to narrow it down)
    “Why take minimum from life if you can take maximum”

  4. A really fun take on this challenge, Tina! And you are of course good at everything – action shots too! Well done. I really have to try action photography, but it is difficult!

    • Hi Marlene and thanks. Yes, I did the photography for them and they posted all of the photos on the event website. There were some 200+ photos as the event was over 2 days and there were probably somewhere close to 100 players. It was a wonderful charity event that raised lots of cash for a very good cause.

  5. Great action shots Tina! It’s interesting to think about Minimalism/Maximalism in terms of fashion rather than photographic technique – a different approach 🙂

  6. Your examples are unique Tina Schell!
    I doubt whether any other participants covered the theme in this way.
    Milton Glaser quote beautifully explains in simple language.
    I admire your selection of clicks and the girls vs boys, displaying varieties of clothes.
    Vambola Tullus quote makes sense.
    Enjoyed your presentation.
    Thank you.

  7. The Hilton Kramer quote is quite spot on. I’ve read about huge art canvasses with so little on it, the artist is going through a convulated explanation of what you should be seeing and what is being represented. 🙂

  8. That’s a great self-challenge. Eyes on the ball, lens on the ball. I tried it in an indoor game of ping pong recently, and it’s hard to do. I like your interpretation of minimal 🙂

  9. Certainly it was great practice with action shots, something I should do myself! I love your take on this, I wonder if we’ll have anyone else thinking in terms of fashion 🙂

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  12. You set quite the challenge for yourself, Tina, to capture each photo with the ball in play. And mastered it beautifully! When you capture Nadal next, I’d like him to autograph a copy for me, please? 😅😉

  13. This post made me chuckle as I can remember being asked to leave a
    Tennis court when I did not have on all whites! A colorful
    Post indeed as these happy colors may just make for a livelier game!

  14. Interesting take on this week’s challenge, and I like how you reflected last week’s challenge in the process.
    It’s cool to see all of those action shots. Nice work!

  15. Wonderful action shots, Tina! I imagine you had to take quite a lot to get the few you share here? I also enjoyed your take on maximalism vs minimalism. I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more minimalist in my fashion. Probably because I’m retired, too, and no longer have to adhere to a dress code 😉

    • Thanks Marie – like you I’ve become quite a minimalist – life is easier that way LOL. I did take a ton of shots but happily most were “keepers” as I knew they’d be posting on the event website. I don’t often shoot action so it was a great challenge for me.

    • Thanks Janet – that was the goal! I did have fun working on my action shots but of course there were lots of others to go with them. I think all of the participants enjoyed the event and they raised a lot of money for charity which is wonderful.

  16. Great tennis action series, Tina. I particularly like the serve shots! The backhand hit of the lady is really good.
    Hubby has been watching the tennis tournament this week. 🙂

  17. Wow, great action shots of people playing tennis, Tina! You capture still lives and landscapes so well but your action shots show their facial expressions and the grit it takes to get through rounds of tennis! Well done, my friend!

    • Many thanks Terri – I’m not much of a sports photographer but I did enjoy the challenge. Also reminded me of how much I used to love the game but gave it up when I took up golf.

  18. I’m the kind of fan who watched Wimbledon once a year, then gets a shock on discovering – again – that tennis gear doesn’t have to be white. These are great shots, but actually – perhaps tennis gear does have to be white.

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