Lens-Artists Challenge #210 – Three Favorites

sunrise, daybreak, dead tree, colorful sky
Daybreak, Botany Bay

“With the coming of daybreak even the tiniest particles of dust in this world sing and dance in the sunlight.”

Wang Any

This week our guest host Sarah has asked us to share three, and only three, favorite images, and to explain why they are special to us. She’s challenged us to be self-critical and to evaluate our own work. Now I have been a photographer for longer than I care to admit so one would hope I’d have a lot more than three favorites 😊, as I’m sure most all of us do. For my choices then, I’ve decided to share three of my personal favorites that have also been judged as special by others. My opening image for example was featured in the annual My Charleston magazine, published by South Carolina’s largest newspaper, the Post and Courier.

hands, work, dust, handsaw, construction
Tools of the Trade

“The hand is the tool of tools.”


The image just above was chosen for the Post & Courier’s weekly photography contest with the subject “Tools of the trade”. The image is special to me because it was one of very few times that I’ve asked a stranger for permission to photograph. I’m quite shy about that but he was wonderful and after giving me the OK proceeded to ignore me and go about his business. I loved the capture of the dust coming from his saw and the veins and tats on his very strong hands and arms.

My opening image is from a photography outing with a very good friend who sadly is about to move away from Kiawah, making the fond memory even more special to me. We hit the road at 4:00 am and if you know me, you know how rare that is! I said at the time that God delivered the most incredible sunrise ever because He or She knew how infuriated I’d have been if it weren’t. 😊.

Day’s End, Kiawah Island

“Just remember, there was never a cloud that the sun couldn’t shine through.”

Giovannie de Sadeleer

My third choice has found it’s way into my blog several times over the years. It is definitely a personal favorite and was also chosen as the winner of a magazine cover contest for Naturally Kiawah, a semi-annual publication of our island’s conservation organization. It’s been published several times since. Beyond its publication, it’s special to me personally because not only did I manage to capture the image of the amazing rays breaking through the clouds and reflecting on the marsh, I also found a way to lose my lens hood and lens cap in the process . I was pleased with myself for not venturing into the water to retrieve them!

My favorite publication story though is NOT one of my favorite images so I haven’t included it. For those who are curious, I posted a photo of the image as it appeared in the venerable New York Times here. I’ve often wondered why I chose to submit that image, and of course why it was chosen. It’s part of why I love blogging – seeing how others react to my images and for what reasons. My header this week is also a personal favorite, the colorful umbrellas of Laos.

Sincere thanks to Sarah for her invitation to share both our selections and our thoughts about them. We look forward to seeing your choices. Please be sure to link to Sarah’s original here and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you. Thanks also to Tracy for her marvelous Surrealism challenge, and to all those who responded so creatively. We thank all of our Guest Hosts this past month for their enthusiasm and commitment which offered our team a lovely break. We’ll be back again next week when Anne brings us her “What’s Your Photography Groove” challenge. Until then, as always please stay safe and be kind.

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98 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #210 – Three Favorites

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  2. It’s always a pleasure to view your photographs, Tina.
    The first one is spectacular. I love everything about it.
    It looks perfect for a murder mystery book cover. Phenominal … 🀩
    The others two photos follow the same path too. Spectacular !!!
    Izzy 😎

  3. How I love your choices, Tina – all of them. I remember them all except the sunrise. I am glad you had a perfect one now that you rose too early…;-D My pick is the hand and tool – I loved it the first time I saw it, and the story behind it I love too. His answer and reaction, the dust and the strong arm. Beautiful.

  4. Stunning photos, Tina. Loved reading the story and meaning behind each one. It’s a story in front of the lens as much as it is behind. And I think a good photo also has a good story behind it…even if it’s just a simple story. It is always nice to get a nice sunrise when you’re out early especially when you’re not a morning person. I’m not much of a morning person and when I have to get up before the sun makes its appearance for the day, I really hope to get a nice sky to start the day πŸ˜„ Hope you are enjoying summer and doing well, Tina 😊

    • Hi Mabel and thank you! Always nice to see your name pop up. We are indeed enjoying summer including visits with family this year. Covid made them a bit more difficult but worth the effort. Hoping you are well too!

  5. Tina – you are so humble and that is nice and it lets us fee proud of your work along with you (if that makes sense)

    And each of these selections were good choices
    (( And side note – regarding only three images – I went and cut my little collage out of my post – oops))

  6. Not only are your images stunning, Tina, but they are award-winners! Definitely someone’s favorite. I’m inspired to share my three faves for Wordless Wednesday this week just to play along, and one of mine I chose was recommended to be entered into the State fair years ago–it was one of my first photos taken with a digital camera and probably launched my photography interest. I love your image of the man’s hand working with the tool–really incredible, such a powerful image. YOur sunrise shot taken with your friend is amazing and will always bring you fond memories.

    • Thanks so much Terri – I look forward to seeing your choices! As you’ll see, it’s not so easy – like choosing your favorite child LOL. Hope you have some fun with it!

  7. Oh these are stunning Tina. I remember that lovely black and white hand image. But they are all lovely… picking three is hard

  8. Remarkable images, Tina! The Daybreak and Day End are spectacular. They deserve to be posted on these two magazines and for many more people to enjoy. The B&W image is special, it tells stories behind the scene.

  9. Great great selections. Why am I not surprised that you are published. Your husband could have been holding a flag at the South Pole for all I know. πŸ™‚

  10. Fabulous images and real photography, Tina. I so love that sunrise. Worth every second of lost sleep. I was up at 5.30 this morning to take our son back to the airport. Not so brutal, I admit, but I’m reaching the tired end of the day πŸ€—πŸ’—

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  12. How well I remember! Still one of those β€œgolden’ times…. We have lots of them to savor.


    Sent from my iPad


  13. Know this was a real challenge because you have so many fabulous photos from which to choose! I’m a sucker for sunrises and sun shining through clouds!

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