Lens-Artists Challenge #211 – What’s Your Photography Groove

Lily pads, impression, green, yellow
Lily Pads in Motion

I believe in the photographer’s magic — the ability to stir the soul with light and shape and colour. To create grand visual moments out of small and simple things, and to infuse big and complicated subjects with unpretentious elegance.

Amyn Nasser

With a warm thank you to our July Guest Hosts, the Lens-Artists team is back this week with an interesting challenge from Anne – “What’s Your Photographic Groove.” I pondered the question as I went through the images for my post. What I found was that my images are all over the map – travel, wildlife, portraits, nature, landscapes, you name it, I’ve photographed it – and I have at least a few in each area that are among my favorites. There is no specific genre that interests me the most, nor on which I spend more time or energy. There is one thing that ties them all together however – I am a seeker of the light.

Bryce Canyon, Hoodoos, light
Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon

“Light turns the ordinary into the magical.”

Trent Parke

If we study the great photographers throughout history, one thing we will consistently see is the importance of light to a successful capture. We often read about finding the best light during the hour before or just after sunrise and sunset. Those times do indeed deliver amazing opportunities. But so too do the other hours of the day and night. As examples, my opening image was made from a small boat on a lake in the mid-afternoon. I loved the little buds popping out from the lily pads, and the motion of the boat delivered a lovely impressionist feel to the image. So too the image just above, captured one afternoon following a violent thunderstorm. In both cases the clouds parted in such a way that the mid-day light fell perfectly within my area of focus – but then, which do you think came first, the chicken or the egg? Did the light hit my subject at just the right moment, or was my eye drawn to the subject by the beauty of the light?!

stork, water, light
Strolling Stork

“It is the photographing of ordinary things, in extraordinary light, which results in extaordinary photographs.”

David Young

Once again, in the image above the light shone on the waters’ ripples surrounding the wood stork on which I was focused. The scene was transformed beyond a simple image of a bird. Rather it became a portrait of the light enhanced by the presence of the bird.

Leader of the Pack

“Where light and shadow fall on your subject – that is the essence of expression and art through photography.”

Scott Bourne

In Africa a typical safari begins just before daybreak and ends just after sunset with a break at mid-day. My close-up of the elephant above is enhanced by the light falling softly on its gnarled skin. Majestic creatures at any time of day, they are even more glorious in soft light.

Oak, light, moss
Majestic Oak

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” 

Aaron Rose

The image above is from another of my sunrise outings. It was a beautiful morning and the oak trees and their moss were truly magical. So too in the images that follow – no matter the subject they are all quite simply about the light.

From our travels:

alaska, midnight sun, whale
Midnight Sun and Whale, Glacier Bay Alaska
China, rice fields, Longsheng
Rice Fields, Longsheng China
Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia

Closer to Home:

Kiawah, sunrise, silhouette
Oceanfront Silhouette – Sunrise, Kiawah Island
magnolia, white, Kiawah
Simple Made Magical, Kiawah Island

“Light is to the photographer what words are to the writer; color and paint to the painter; wood, metal, stone, or clay to the sculptor.

Andreas Feininger

I appreciate Anne’s challenging us to identify our photography “groove”. I truly enjoyed the self-exploration and while I didn’t find a specific genre I did confirm what most appeals to me. We look forward to seeing what YOU find out about yourselves. Remember to link your post to Anne’s original here and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you. We also thank Sarah for last week’s Three Favorites challenge. It was great fun seeing everyone’s choices and even more fun to see the reasons behind them. We’ll be back next week when Patti leads us on Challenge #212. Until then please stay safe and be kind.

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100 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #211 – What’s Your Photography Groove

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  2. I especially like your pictures of the rice fields and Bryce Canyon. Bryce is one of my favorite parks because I am amazed by the photgraphic possibilities in such a place.

    • Thanks Siobhan – it was a very interesting day at Bryce. During the early afternoon shoot is wasn’t the best of light. Once the storm came in, everyone took off while my husband and I hung out awaiting its end. Afterwards it was the most incredible light and no people to ruin it. You just never know!

  3. Everything you touch with your magical camera, lens and eye – shimmers in a special light, Tina. I love that quote too:

    “Light turns the ordinary into the magical.”
    Trent Parke

    So, just look at yourself as a piece of that light, Tina! Thank you for this show – and my favourites are… the rice fields and the oak tree…or why should I pick favourites? They all are.

  4. Glorious images Tina, the way in which you capture the light under so many different conditions is truly magical 💜

  5. I love that you picked light to bring light to both your photos and the challenge. I enjoyed how the light draws the eye in the rice fields of China. The view in Patagonia reminds me of a stage, or an amphitheater. I want to say Mother Nature certainly has a beautiful way of showcasing her work, and yet it is you you brought it all to light. Then again…maybe a team effort ? Always a pleasure. Donna

  6. For a good photograph, I need three things: timing, luck, and light. Your photos show just how essential light is to creating magic. Outstanding choices, Tina! And I like that your groove takes you far and wide 🙂

  7. WOW…as always your photos inspire me with their beauty! You have a great groove. I didn’t post this week to sunday stills. I was having issues with my computer and struggling to access my photos. Ugggh.

    • Oh no – there is nothing (ok mostly nothing) worse than computer issues!! We’ve become so dependent on them haven’t we? I’m quite the maniac about backups as we know eventually something will go wrong! thanks for your visit and lovely comment Kirstin

  8. Absolutely stunning gallery, Tina! The golden hues on the oak and rice fields make the scenes even more magical and Torres del Paine is otherworldly with that light. I like the quote by Aaron Rose that everything becomes extraordinary with the right light. Most of the times, I have to make do with whatever light I get during my daily commute or actual trips and I’m not the luckiest person ever with lighting, but during the luckier moments, I feel more in the groove too. (Bonus if I get good lighting when I’m doing film photography).

  9. The groove, t’m a little like you … whatever drifts in front of the viewfinder. This time of the year, it’s horses. But, I’m also doing a lot of portraits of the daughters. Tara is most agreeable. Deborah would rather be the picture-taker. Elizabeth, you kind of have to cajole her at times.

    • Your portraits are always beautiful David, but then you have marvelous subjects! I took many shots of our Elisabeth and her horse this past week but it was so hot they were in the barn so I’m not optimistic 😢. It was fun seeing how far she and her horse both have progressed since our last visit.

  10. Great post for this challenge Tina! Yes, photography is all about light. Light can make a photo outstanding and the lack of it can make a photo flat. Your photos demonstrate light beautifully. I’m glad this challenge helped you find your groove!

  11. I really like how you went with light as your groove theme – and I can feel that! Also had to smile as you said topics and subjects were all over the map – but I also call that variety and eclectic ….
    Travel rich , too!

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  13. Truly stunning images showing how light is done, Tina! You ask a great question if the light was enhanced by the stork or vice-versa. But you captured it because your eye was naturally drawn to it. Definitely a good groove for you!

    • Thanks Terri – I do honestly think the light draws the eye and it’s up to the photographer to make the most of it. Funny I hadn’t heard the term “groove” in a long time!

  14. When I first saw this challenge I was stumped. Your take gives me a better sense of how I might approach it! All these shots are stunning. Of course I love the waterlilies and the Woodstork, and each of the landscape shots are fascinating. Cheers to you!!

  15. There are certain photographers who have a style that captures me and speaks to me … and you are one of them. The first images caused me to stop and look …. and then the Patagonia pic put me over the top. Thanks for sharing your photography groove. Cheers Tina!

  16. I think everything is your photography groove! Of ourse you only show us the pictures you’ve chosen as the best, but they’re wonderful. I’ve tried to pick my own favourite … but I can’t.

  17. Wow, Tina. What stunning images! I can’t pick a favorite. But the last one is simply gorgeous. I keep returning to it. The light and texture of the flower are stunning. I hope all’s well with you!

  18. Magnificent shots! Light is the key factor for photography, thank you for showing us. All images are beautifully captured, I love the rice field especially.

    • Thanks Jude – one of my fondest memories. Interestingly our guide convince me to go out with him in the mid-afternoon which seemed odd to me. He assured me that by late afternoon the shadows would ruin the light within the valley. He was so very right!

  19. Wonderful collection, Tina. My personal number one is your image from Patagonia. I love the colors and the composition of lines. My number two is the one showing the rice fields in China 👍👍👍

  20. Wow!!! Every photo is amazing. I can’t wait to go to Bryce Canyon this September. What a beautiful photo of Patagonia mts.

    • Thanks GF – always love to see your name pop up! You’ll love Bryce. We got very lucky when we hung out through a violent storm and everyone else left. The light after the storm passed through was amazing.

  21. Oh yes, the light is everything! And your photos demonstrate that. Are we picking favourites?! If so, I choose the first two (lily pads and hoodoos), the elepahnt (of course!) and the rice fields in Longsheng. Oh, and that beautiful white flower 🙂

  22. Truly love your diversity, Tina! And, of course, the way you capture your subjects with just the right light!

  23. these r all beautiful Tina each with it’s own unique light quality. I have always noticed the very unique lighting your photography portrays..special!! The rice fields & actually that whole series of work from that trip always blows my mind….a favorite book of mine!!! U have a great eye!

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