Lens-Artists Challenge #212 – Motion

water, motion, fountain
Water, Water Everywhere

“Water rolls, clouds move and light reflects off all it touches. My camera records in one image all this movement of light.

Steve Coleman

Last week we were challenged to show our photographic “groove” and I can tell you for sure – motion would NOT be mine! After her short break Patti has done a wonderful job of showing us the many ways to capture motion, and has challenged us to do the same. I’ve given it my best shot with a disclaimer that it has never been my strength 😊.

birds, pelican, oyster catcher, marsh, flight
On The Fly

“Inside movement there is one moment in which the elements are in balance. Photography must seize the importance of the moment and hold immobile the equilibrium of it.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Those who follow me know that I am enamored with the incredible birds of our lowcountry. In the image above I was excited to see a flock of oystercatchers in flight (the only time in 20+ years), along with a lone pelican. Because I was specifically focused on birds the morning of the capture, I was shooting in shutter speed priority, something I rarely use. Likewise in the image below I was focused on some rare black skimmers feeding on the tiny fish in a small saltwater pond. Although difficult to spot in the image, this one actually has a fish in its beak. The splashing water helps to tell the story of its motion.

Skimmer, fishing, water
Skimmer’s Suppertime

“The ideal picture …holds the feeling of movement thereby implying the continuity of life.”

Bert Hardy

I’d say “speaking of fish” but the magnificent killer whales below are actually mammals. We’d been freezing on a jet boat for hours trying to locate a pod during our visit to Canada. We finally came upon these amazing acrobatic creatures putting on a show. Happily, it was more than worth the wait!

Killer Whales, acrobatic
A Whale of a Good Time

“It is the instantaneous, disappearing nature of a beautiful moment that of course makes it all the more precious. To capture that is something only photography can do.”

Charlie Waite

From the cold in Canada to the warmth of Africa, it seems my images of motion are primarily trained on creatures of the wild. The image that follows captures a group of startled reedbuck as they race through the waters of the Okavango Delta.

Africa, stream, reedbuck, splash, water, Okavanga Delta
The Escape

“You are the conductor. Your orchestra are shapes, textures, stories, objects, patterns, emotions, design, moments, depth, focus, rhythm, shades, color, movement and light.”

Steve Coleman

Finally, two images that couldn’t be more different, neither of which includes a bird or an animal! The first, from a night shoot in downtown Charleston and the second a capture of our lovely sweetgrass blowing in the wind.

Speeding By
Blowin’ in the Wind

“To me photography is about motion. To get a dynamic picture, you’ve got to have movement.”

Henry Benson

Many thanks to Anne for giving us last week’s opportunity to share our “groove” . We greatly enjoyed seeing those of all who participated. We’re happy to welcome Patti back from her break and hope you’ll join us with your favorite Motion images. Be sure to link them to her original here, and to use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you. Finally, Amy will lead us next week in Challenge #213 so be sure to watch for that. Until then, as always please stay safe and be kind.

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103 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #212 – Motion

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  2. Tina Ji the Most admired, Most Talented, crosses the 100 likes mark within minutes of the new uploaded images. A perfect compliment for the high standard creative work. “Swift is the motion in all aspects” Have missed Lens Artists.Life has kept me involved but to day I was determined to visit my friends. Hope all is going well. Prayers and best wishes.

  3. Tina, I enjoyed seeing your variety of motion shots. Based on these, I think you and your camera handle motion very well. My favorites are the Skimmer and, of course, killer whales (what thrilling moments seeing them in action) plus the lovely sweetgrass blowing in the wind!

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  5. Brilliant. Impressive capture of the night shoot in Charleston. Brings abstract to what’s real. I love the uniqueness of the lone pelican with the oystercatchers. It is probably the one photo I looked twice at before reading, because I did notice the pelican. The reedbuck shows great movement, speed and grace. Well done.

  6. Amazing pictures.
    I really like the orcas… They are amazing animals that you don’t see very often (at least over here).

    (At the moment I can only comment via Twitter… WordPress is blocking access to itself with an overlay over the login button.)

    • Yikes re WP Rabirius – Hope it doesn’t last long! Thanks for the extra effort! We never see the orcas either, we were vacationing in Vancouver where they’re more prevalent but still elusive.

  7. I always love a bit of drama and those dark skies with the Orcas are fabulous, Tina, but as everyone has said, well done you! Great shots of the bucks and the birds. πŸ€—πŸ’—

  8. The first photo with the water shooting up is great. It feels like I could touch the falling droplets.
    I’ve never seen a Reedbuck. Their hoofs splashing through the water is mesmerizing. All of the photos are perfection, Tina.
    You never disappoint when it comes to these challenges, Have a wonderful week to come …
    Izzy 😎

  9. Ah, I think you underestimate your motion photography capabilities Tina. Nice timing on the skimmer splashing the water and the reedbucks racing ashore. Also liking that tennis shot in your header…well done πŸ™‚

  10. I don’t think you can say that this isn’t a strength Tina, when you share shots as good as these! The skimmer and reedbuck images are exceptional but all of them are great representations of motion πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sarah – I guess it’s more of a case of my not ranking motion as a favorite subject so I’ve never really worked at it. Happy to get lucky now and then 😊

    • Thanks Beth. The sweetgrass image was calling my name as I walked into the gym one morning. It was in full bloom and waving in the breeze – hard to resist! The bucks were a definite challenge but I was determined! You didn’t see my throw-aways LOL

    • LOL thanks Sofia. I’ve never much liked action photography and always wonder about those guys you see on the fringes of sporting events with their huge, heavy lenses working to capture the one shot that will make the magazine/newspaper/tv. Not my cuppa tea but always fun to try something different.

  11. Despite the disclaimer that it’s not your groove, these are beautiful works. Animals splashing/moving on the water show the motion so well. The blowing flowers also have a nice abstract feel to them.

  12. I’ll see your water fountains with my water fountains and raise you one gigantic waterfall. I LOVE the bird formation! All superb. ‘The answer, my friend, is blowing’ in the wind…’

  13. I love this post, Tina. Your photographs do a beautiful job of expressing a sense of movement. Maybe you need to spend time expanding your portfolio in this area. πŸ™‚

  14. I think you’ve done exceedingly well with these motion shots, Tina. The photo of the pelicans is flawless, but more importantly, it is a lovely composition of the birds in their natural setting. I particularly like your Charleston and sweet grass photos.

    • Thanks so much Tracy. I almost didn’t include those but was glad I did. I was with a group photo shoot practicing shooting car lights in Charleston which was great fun, and you know how much I love our sweetgrass when it blooms. Hoping for a banner crop this fall!

    • Thanks Anita – it was a long cold day on the water and we were so thrilled to finally find them. I couldn’t believe the show they put on – almost as if they’d been waiting for us!

  15. Tina–these are all such great shots. My favorite, though, is the pelican flying with the oystercatchers. Somehow, the look on his face is along the lines of ‘well, I want to be in the picture, too!’

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  17. Tina, photographing motion is something you can be proud of. Great images! I love the sweetgrass and reedbuck images. And you stopped action so well that I saw that tiny fish in the bird’s mouth!

    • Many thanks Anne – the skiers are pretty rare here, and seeing them actually feeding was an amazing gift! Fortunately I was out shooting with a good friend and we were extraordinarily lucky to catch that. I must admit I did love that sweetgrass image. It’s such a beautiful plant when it’s in season.

  18. Wow! I love the black skimmer with the fish in its mouth. The downtown Charleston is also great movement.
    Great photography !!

  19. Wow- that whale shot is a killer (lol). I’m always going on boat trips to look for orcas and have been disappointed so many times. Finally saw an amazing pod in Alaska. To see one breach like this is incredible. And, of course, your capture was perfect!

    • Thanks Karen – yes I think that’s why we so love sightings like this one, because they ARE so rare! It was similar in Africa when we saw our first elephants, or in Australia with our first koala or kangaroo. Mother Nature is fickle but when she delivers it’s with moments of wonder we don’t soon forget.

      • Agreed. So many of our favorite travels have included wildlife in their natural settings. Leopards, White Sharks, and Polar Bears top my list!

  20. Wonderful, Tina – you are so excellent at everything you take on! I greatly enjoyed all of these, and maybe especially the birds and the Escape. I can feel your joy of seeing the orcas as well – astonishing animals. We saw them in Iceland, and I will never forget the moment…

    • Many thanks Ann-Christine, I am indeed totally enamored with wildlife and the orcas were a special treat. We appreciated them even more because we’d worked so hard to find them!

  21. Fabulous motion shots, Tina. Are you really, really sure this isn’t one of your favorite types of photos??? πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. Your motion shots are stunning. I especially loved your wildlife images.

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