Lens-Artists Challenge #213 – Here Comes the Sun

911 Memorial, rose, fountain, WTC
Never Forgotten

“Sharing tales of those we’ve lost is how we keep from really losing them.”

Mitch Albom

This week it seems Amy has given us free rein to share images of most anything “under the sun”. Since we’ve just returned from a visit to NYC, I’ m sharing some favorites from our trip. Although our visit was specifically meant to reconnect with our family, no trip to NYC (for me) would be complete without a stop at the 9-11 Memorial. In the image above I was focused on the lone flower left beside a loved one’s name. The granite slabs surround the water elements that fill the footprint of each of the twin towers while the city looms peacefully in the background. For me the scene reminds us that life goes on but those no longer with us are not forgotten.

9-11, reflection, courtyard
9-11 Reflection

“Memory warps time, as it does the sights and sounds and smells of reality; for what shapes it is emotion.”

Sherwood Smith

As I walked through the grounds outside the memorial, I was taken by the scene reflected in the glass walls. There we see people going about their everyday business as if time had erased the horror of that day. What the image does NOT show is the long line of visitors waited patiently to enter the memorial’s museum, proving that no, we have not forgotten, nor will we.

monk, iPhone, photographer, WTC, NYC
Subject Becomes Photographer

“The observer is the observed and therein lies sanity…”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

I couldn’t resist capturing the image above and sharing it here. Throughout Asia, especially while in Angkor Wat, I took so many images of monks I could fill dozens of posts with them. I laughed out loud as I saw the tables turned when this monk crouched to photograph the memorial.

wall art, colorful
Fun in the Sun

“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.” 

Joseph Addison

Each time I visit the area around the 9-11 grounds I’m amazed at the addition of yet another colorful creation of wall art. The one above screams to me of fun in the sun and playfulness that as “grown-ups” we would be wise to remember. After all, a hearty laugh is always balm for the soul.

horses, barn, black and white
Barn Buddies

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Winston S. Churchill

If you thought immediately that it was odd to see horses peeking out of barn windows in the heart of NYC, you’d be absolutely correct. In fact these two are housed outside of the city in the rolling hills of New York’s Hudson Valley. As different as it could possibly be from the noise and chaos of the city, the valley (just over 2 hours north) is a place of verdant foliage, peaceful small towns, and more horses than cars. This and the following images are from the nearby countryside.

horse, equestrian, rider
Equestrienne at Work

“There is much we can learn from a friend who happens to be a horse.”

Aleksandra Layland

Although my posts don’t often feature family members, this week I’m including the image above of our granddaughter . She’s a city girl – NYC born and bred but loves the country and especially her time with the horses. When not in school she also volunteers at a therapeutic riding center for the disabled.

sunset, orange
Under the Sun or Sun Going Under?

“The sunset paints scenery crimson and gold. Oh, wondrous nature dyed in colors bold.”

Richelle E. Goodrich

I’ll close this segment of my post with the final sunset of our Hudson Valley visit. I had to smile since Amy’s challenge is called Under The Sun. In the scene above, perhaps the vice is versa! In any case, it was quite brilliant until it had taken its final breath, and even then the sky was glorious as it finally faded to black.

NYC, billboard, upcoming show, Puppies
Free Puppies!

“He giggled like a puppy being tickled by a kitten wearing a duckling costume.”

Jim Benton

Back in the city, I happened upon this poster for an upcoming Broadway show. The quote below the image is exactly the way the poster made me feel! Here’s hoping it’s a big hit 😊.

(Note, obviously my signature applies to the photograph of the poster, not the poster itself.)

kiawah, sunset, home
Home Sweet Home

“If Light Is In Your Heart You Will Find Your Way Home.”


As always, as much as we love to travel and of course to be with loved ones, we are always very happy to get back home. Sunsets on Kiawah can be brilliant, as was the one I’ve shared above.

We thank all of those who responded to Patti’s Motion challenge last week – it was great to see all of the creative approaches to different kinds of movement. We hope you’ll join us this week with your “under the sun” images. Be sure to link your post to Amy’s beautiful original here and to use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you. Next week Ann-Christine will lead us so be sure to check her out next Saturday. Until then, as always please stay safe and be kind.

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92 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #213 – Here Comes the Sun

  1. The opening photo is so serene. Beautifully shot, Tina; the focus is on the flower and then the backdrop. A lot of feeling about this one. I’ve yet to visit the 9-11 Memorial, but I very much look forward to when I do. You have captured what I love about the city, and it is also nice to see photos showing life outside the city – gotta love the horses and your horseback rider! Beautiful photo.

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  4. I love the emotional grab of the 9/11 memorial. Powerful photos, and I agree, we don’t forget.

    Glad you included your granddaughter, very special and the SunSHINE for so many who meet her.

    • Thanks Donna – the power of the memorial is very special. We’re fortunate that our family is so nearby so it’s an easy visit when we go to see them. As your our granddaughter, she really is the sunshine of our lives!

    • Thanks Siobhan. The memorial is really well done, simple but powerful. The museum is absolutely amazing. They took forever in the design and construction phases but the result was worth the effort.

  5. I love every one of these. We were struck with so much emotion when we visited the memorial and when we asked about the single flower and were told that they were placed every day beside the name of someone who would have a birthday on that particular day, we cried. That people take the time to remember those who passed away on the day of their birth.

    • Many thanks Kirstin. I’d seen the flowers before and thought perhaps they sold them somewhere at the site and people purchased and used them at their loved one’s name. I love that they’re for birthdays. That is so very sad and yet a wonderful thing. I think that’s true of the memorial overall, so very sad and yet so touching that those lost are so honorably remembered. Thanks so much for that info!

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  8. Perfect capture of the memorial with the flower and love the Barn Buddies shot. Had me a little worried though Tina as I scrolled down thru your post hoping to see a Kiawah sunset, but you came thru at the end…lol. Although I have to say that Hudson Valley sunset shot is impressive as well. Very nice 🙂

    • Thanks Andy – LOL re the Kiawah sunset. Heavens knows I have enough of them to draw from! There are, of course glorious sunsets everywhere. Always a moment of gratitude for them no matter where, right?!

  9. I was especially interested in, and moved by, your photos of the 9/11 Memorial. Last time we were in NYC Ground Zero was still a hole in the ground – we must go back again to see it now.

    • Thanks Sarah. Honestly they’ve done an amazing job – the museum is incredibly moving as is the way they’ve surrounded the tower footprints. It’s become a must-see destination both for those two things and the many attractions that surround them.

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  11. Next month we will be making our first visit to NYC. I am looking forward to it. You’ve surely increased my anticipation of the visit.
    On a limited schedule (we get on a cruise ship at NYC), besides the memorial and probably Central Park, what sights should we not miss?

    • Oh my John, that’s a tall order. Be sure to schedule extra time when you visit the memorial. Not only is it wonderful but right next door is the Calatrava building (great people watching inside and fun shops) and 1 block east is a great mall with marvelous restaurants. If you walk through to the other side of it you’re on the river and there’s a wonderful walking path that goes for miles. In Central Park be sure to stop at the John Lennon memorial just to have been there. It’s right across from his building where he was shot. 5th Ave just for the fun of it. The High Line is especially wonderful. You walk above the city on a path filled with greenery and end up at the new developments at Hudson Yards. A great way to see the city and its architecture and tons of photo ops. Speaking of photos, a stop at B&H will leave you dizzy with the equipment possibilities you can see there. Finally, if you have time the museums are amazing https://www.timeout.com/newyork/attractions/museums-in-nyc . The city is overwhelming but oh so much to see and do!!!

      • Thanks for the tips. I didn’t think about going to B&H at all. What a great idea. “No, Lynn, I’m not going to buy anything… Just looking.” Do you think that will work? 🙂
        We would love to see a broadway play, but I don’t think that will be in the cards for us this trip. 🙂

  12. Amazing first photo of the 9/11 Memorial – have not been back to see it in two years…Also loved the final quote!

    • Thanks Laurel – honestly we’d not have gone if our family wasn’t there as we are still a bit nervous about flying but happily, no repercussions. Unlike our last (driving) trip to DE to visit the other side of the family where those who flew in ALL got covid. Sigh.

  13. Great stories and very nice images. You’re right, the topic can also be understood as a synonym for smiling. At least here in German we have the saying „Die Sonne geht auf!“ (the sun rises!) to acknowledge the change in one’s face when turning from bitter and anger to a smile and even cheer her up to do it further and leave anger and bitterness behind. In this context I like the single flower on the 911 memorial👍. But, you saved your IMHO best image for the end 😊👍

    • Many thanks Andre – love the idea of your German saying and its meaning. As for the last, I’ve seen many beautiful sunsets around the world but perhaps my affection for those of our little island adds a bit of extra something to those images 😊

      • 😊 yes, although one has so many similar images from so many locations, only few of them pop up regularly. Usually those are the images connected to certain emotions. And, yes, I also have some of these. 😊

  14. Wonderful post, as always. I have missed you in these months that I have been away from the blog. I hope to resume activity little by little and I hope to return to your challenges soon.

  15. Sometimes your posts find their way into my daily devotionals… the 9/11 memorial photos found their way into my heart this morning..giving thanks to God for the resilience of man…. By the Grace of God

    • Always happy to have inspired you Ms Linda. Yes, resilience indeed. One hopes the families of those who were lost find peace and just a bit of comfort from the memorial which is so beautifully done.

  16. Enjoyed your quotes and posts and thoughts!
    The reflection photo was creative and all artsy!
    The vibrancy of the horse color and smile of granddaughter was another fav today.

    • Thanks Susan – I find it hard to believe that it’s been over 20 years now. It truly does seem like it was yesterday. If only we’d managed to hang on to the way the country pulled together afterwards.

  17. Ahh. Superb as always. (Am I repeating myself?) I will be visiting the 9/11 Museum and Memorial next Saturday. Lest we forget. LOVE the Home Sweet Home. Serene.

  18. What a series, Tina! Happy to see your granddaughter, so sweet. And, the under the sun and home sweet home images are stunningly beautiful! Fun in the Sun, indeed. Thank you for the treat! 🙂

  19. Perfect for remembering 911, two weeks away. My friend and family just returned from New York and they could never have enough of it. Is it the sun or anything under the sun? Regardless, your post wants me to take a puppy home.

    • Hi Perpetua – honestly I hadn’t thought of that or I might have waited with that one. However I agree, it’s always on my list when I’m in the city. The challenge is anything under the sun so pretty wide open! And yes, the billboard made ME want to take a puppy home too!!

    • Thanks so much Margaret – I wish everyone would have the opportunity to visit the memorial, it is among the most moving I’ve seen anywhere. There was a HUGE battle here between the original designers and the families of those who were lost. The final result couldn’t be better IMHO.

  20. Hi, Tina. You know how much I love that photo of your granddaughter. 😀❤️. The twin set of horses was also fabulous, as well as the 9/11 Memorial shots. I haven’t been back to the memorial in a while. I was so moved by it. The monk image is priceless! Have a good week.

    • Honestly Patti, your comment last week led me to include it so thanks for that especially. The memorial never ceases to move me. I was so happy to see the long line going in. And the monk….that was really a gift LOL.

  21. I presume that is the horse. Since you hung around the barn, I assume you can name every piece of tack. And, you do know every flying insect around a barn has a name too. (LOL)

  22. Darn, Tina! I thought you had written a book about dogs–and I was ready to buy a copy!
    The Barn Buddies is a heart warmer. Your granddaughter must get so much joy working at the riding center. Another heart warmer.

  23. That opening image is so lovely, Tina. The sky such soft colours on that sad scene. And I love the photo of your granddaughter, captured against the light. You must be very proud of her. 🤗💗

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