Lens-Artists Challenge #214 – Favorite Finds

markets, bazaars, shopping
Shopping Around The World

“There’s different shopping in Paris than there is at a bazaar in Istanbul, but they’re all wonderful.”

Iris Apfel

This week Ann-Christine challenges us to share some favorite finds of all kinds. Throughout our travels we’ve visited many local markets (including those in my opener) but for me they are more about people watching than purchasing 😊. As “things” are rarely our focus these days, I’ve taken A-C at her word and chosen some other kinds of favorite finds. First, some recent finds in nature, starting with a little skink, a fairly common critter here on Kiawah. He looked so comfortable sitting on the gnarled old oak I simply had to capture his moment in the sun.

skink, striped, oak
Catching Some Rays

“Every being, created by God and unspoiled by man, is perfect.”

Danail Hristov

During a morning walk through the New York countryside last week, I noticed a lovely flower along the side of the road. It was only as I bent down to photograph it that I notice the little bug on its surface. Both this image and my previous capture were made with my iPhone – always on hand for those unforeseen finds with which we’re sometimes gifted.

flower, bug, nature
Stopping By

“The smaller the creature, the bolder its spirit.”

Suzy Kassem

The images combined below are a bit older but are among my favorite nature finds. I captured both while visiting the beautiful fields of The Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, NC

butterfly, sunflowers
You Are My Sunshine

“When all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful.”

Ruskin Bond

Beyond the many markets, several of my other favorite finds come from our travels, including the colorful umbrellas featured in my header this week. I’ve included some other favorites below. The first is a steaming brass cauldron we came across while visiting Southeast Asia.

cauldron, ladle, steam
Steaming Hot

“Enthusiasm is the steam that drives the engine.”

Napoleon Hill

Next, from Provence in Southern France, I was photographing this lovely scene in a private garden when I spotted the black cat jumping onto the roof. He was quick but I was quicker!

France, cat, fruit, tile, Provence
Cat on a Hot Stone Roof

“Never try to outstubborn a cat.”

Robert A. Heinlein

My husband is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. We were stunned to find a young man with a Sox hat weaving a rug during our visit to Sfat in Israel. Who knew?!

Red Sox, hat, weaver
Red Sox Nation

“Every man is the craftsman of his future, whether he hone it himself or allow fate do it.”

Ogwo David Emenike

Last but not least, some favorite finds that have earned a place in our home. First, actually my husband’s find, is my piano. He found it through a newspaper ad and it’s been in each of our homes for some 30 years now. To the right of the piano, another favorite find – two paintings done by his cousin, one of my favorite people and a very talented artist.

piano, paintings, Steinway
My Husband’s Find

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

Victor Hugo

Another of our favorite finds is a small but very heavy sculpture we found during a visit to France. The artist named the work Desolee and we both loved how incredibly expressive it is despite its lack of detail.

art, statue, Desolee

“A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.”

Paul Cezanne

Finally, the best find of all, this beautiful island that we call home.

home, sweetgrass, Kiawah
Sweetgrass, Kiawah Island

“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard.” 

Noel Langley

Thank you Ann-Christine for giving us a fun opportunity to share some of our favorite finds. I’m looking forward to seeing what others choose for this one! Please be sure to link your responses to Ann-Christine’s beautiful post here, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you. Thanks also to Amy for last week’s Here Comes the Sun challenge. We enjoyed your beautiful assortment of images featuring the star of our solar system and its effect on the world around us. Finally, be sure to join us next week when John will lead us on his Journeys with Johnbo site. Until then, as always please stay safe and be kind.

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93 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #214 – Favorite Finds

  1. You show a very nice side of yourself with these photos, all something special ~ different ~ framed perfectly with a story of meaning. Very much enjoyed reading this, although my first thought afterward is you need to get your husband a Seattle Mariners hat 🙂 The artwork you share here (your piano and the paintings behind) helps me understand where you get your creative talents, and the sculpture is impressive – I like the shadows it creates. Excellent work, Tina, with the capture of the jumping cat the highlight – a quick trigger with your camera; well done 🙂

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  3. WOW Tina these r Fantastic!! I can not believe u caught the cat jumping…truly WOW!! And the shot of the piano n 2 paintings quite spectacular….brother in law is very talented!! Great post!!

  4. Love your selections, Tina. The lizard is a great shot. The steam from the pot is my favorite too. Nature images are alway beautiful from your lens. 🙂

  5. Tina, I’ve always enjoyed the way you weave your amazing photos with quotes and reflective thoughts. Your lovely piano caught my attention, in particular. My granddaughter just learned how to play “Chopsticks” on our upright piano… I’m imaging how she would react to a Grand Piano 😊 💕 🎵

    • Thanks Jane. I had an upright as a kid and must admit my enthusiasm was greatly increased by the Steinway upgrade LOL. I credit the original with fostering my lifelong love of music. Hope your granddaughter finds the same!

      • I hope so, too❣️She doesn’t know it’s a player piano… that was the undoing of her mom’s piano studies-when she enjoyed playing with her feet instead of her hands 😂

  6. pS
    Thanks again for letting me know my Elvis Presley images from the Ralph Burns exhibit were small!
    For some reason the gallery i used only showed thumbnails
    But I fixed and whew! Glad for that

  7. Tina
    This post was couture rich and colorful
    When I first skimmed the post is was the variety
    Of color that drew me in
    But then as I read – it was the variety of experience that
    Delighted – included the personal connections like with that hat
    Of your husband’s team! How cool
    And maybe a top photo is the “steaming brass cauldron”

  8. Love these “ finds! “. I am always amazed that you can “find” these wonderful “finds!” What a filing system! That piano struck a cord with me…. Having never heard you play! Ha!

  9. EEk, I meant to read this yesterday, Tina! Fabulous finds indeed! How fun to see the weaver in Israel in the Sox hat–small world, eh? The cat image is amazing and of course, your sweetgrass is always a pleasure to see!

  10. Hey T-Bear, Loved all of these. Particularly the leaping cat. What a “catch” that was. And your beautiful piano. Just great rainy Monday morning reading. Dar 😘

    Sent from my iPhone

  11. Good group of finds Tina. Nice colors and variety in your opening collage and I really like the steaming cauldron shot. Catching that cat in mid-jump is impressive…well done! Also, pretty cool seeing a Red Sox fan in Israel. I remember when we had a pro baseball team in Pittsburgh…lol.

  12. You really included a broad range of great finds, Tina. The piano, framed art, little creatures, your beautiful island, the cat, the sculpture….impossible to pick just one favorite. But I must say that the cat really caught my eye. 😀😀😀 And the Boston Red Sox fan….and…. Have a good week. I’ll be thinking of you…

  13. A wonderful post, Tina – again. I love your island home too, and I did not know you played the piano! How great! My favourite is the steamy pan – a photo I wish I had taken myself..

    • The pan is probably one of my top 10 favorites ever A-C. One of those unexpected moments when it all came together. And a fond memory to go with it I might add! As for the piano, not only do I love it but it’s a funny memory because the owner would only take cash so I sewed the money into my raincoat because we were so nervous carrying it around!!

  14. You have a keen eye for catching those small creatures. It was cool you managed to capture the cat while jumping.

    I can also related to the quote and your paragraph about visiting shopping streets/markets. I don’t really shop a lot, but in recent years, I have been drawn to these places as it’s really fun to watch whatever is going on and take photos of the beautiful items when the shop owners allow. The more I visit markets and shopping streets, I have started to find things I like and actually buy some items to support some communities and take a tangle piece of memories home.

    I also like the photo of Sweetgrass a lot. Such a beautiful view.

    • Thanks very much Gift – a reflection of your age vs mine I think. We get to a point where we just cannot add one more thing to our homes, which is where I am. Fun to think of younger people adding special items !

  15. As always I love your photography, and some of your finds in particular! That French sculpture is beautiful and your nature discoveries really lovely – the flower with the bug, the skink 🙂 But my favourites are the sunflowers (both shots) and ‘steaming hot’ – the latter so simple but so effective!

  16. Great finds Tina Schell.
    Love the Shopping Around The World click and your husbands Piano.
    I love piano music, but don’t know how to play the same.
    As usual I enjoy the various quotes (which you never miss to mention), especially Paul Cezanne quote about art.
    Thank you.

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  18. What an amazing post, Tina. The cat one is awesome, I bet you were really happy to see you managed to catch it and in such a wonderful position! My favourite is the steaming brass one although it was hard to choose.

  19. I love that gardn scene, how low you had to get to capture that image. The cat is the cherry on top and draws the eye to a quick escape. Desole, wow, how the artist captured emotion in a seemingly simple form. Perfect.

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  21. Each and every one of these is so lovely, Tina. I had to laugh at you being quicker than the cat, though. On one of my visits to the vet, my cat jumped to nip him as the vet was doing a check-up. I cringed. He said, “My fault. Nothing is quicker than a cat.” I will be sure to correct him. 😹

  22. Really enjoyed your favorite “finds”, Tina. You have such a broad appreciation of things, spaces, nature, creatures, etc! Especially loved the butterfly on the sunflower and the scene in Provence with the cat!

    • Thanks Laurel – I did have some fun with this one. That butterfly couldn’t have been more perfect if I’d made it out of plastic! Even it’s color is a perfect match. How fun was that?!

  23. Great favorites Tina. I can see why you chose them. It’s even difficult for me to choose my favorites, but here goes. I like the steam coming from cooking in the market and the Israeli wearing a Boston Red Sox cap while weaving. Oh, and I can’t forget the cat jumping onto the roof!

  24. I am continually amazed at your talents, Tina… but piano extraordinaire I was not aware of!! Much love from your college Roo.

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