Lens-Artists Challenge #219 – Treasure Hunt

child, colorful, beach, bucket
Searching for Treasure

“Riches you hold in your hands are inferior to treasures you store in your heart.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

As we announced last week, this week’s challenge is a Treasure Hunt (see the end of this post for a list of the treasure items). I’ve opened with my CHILD image – which also looks a bit like a hunt for treasures on a somewhat smaller scale 😊.

umbrellas, art
Marching Umbrellas

“The mind is like an umbrella. Its most useful when open.”

Walter Gropius

The image above is my UMBRELLA image, although it’s a bit of a “double-dip” because it was a FUN FIND on the side of a building during a walk we took while visiting Tel Aviv. I loved the sign, especially the colored raindrops on the marching men.

pagoda, reflection, musicians
Evening Reflection with Music

“Time and reflection change the sight little by little ’til we come to understand.”

Paul Cezanne

I love a beautiful REFLECTION and have captured many through the years, but I think the image I’ve chosen above is my favorite. It was a beautiful evening as my husband and I strolled by, totally unplanned, to see and hear a choir performing at twilight on a lake near our hotel in Shangri-La. Sometimes the best memories are created from totally unplanned events.

moon, moonlight, ocean
Full Moon, Kiawah Island

“We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun.”

John Lennon

Not unlike reflections and probably like most photographers, I have many images of THE MOON and THE SUN. I’ve included one of each above and below. Sadly I couldn’t find any with both in one image. The moonlight in the image above is shining on the distant light of a shrimpboat. The sun in the image below was captured during a sunrise shoot on the water. It was a glorious morning and an amazing day so a very fond memory.

sunrise, birds, marsh, low country
Here Comes the Sun

“Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”

Roman Payne

Next, two images featuring CLOUDS – one on a lovely day with beautiful sunlight highlighting the landscape, the second on a stormy day with a double-dip that includes UMBRELLAS. As an aside, my header this week includes clouds with visible rain – extra credit 😊.

clouds, sunlight, landscape

“I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.”

Joni Mitchell
clouds, umbrellas, storm

“Clouds add character to the heavens.”

Dahi Tamara Koch,

Below, a rather unique TRUCK, carrying delicious libations from a California vineyard (yep, extra credit again 😊).

truck, old, wine barrels, vineyard
Not Quite Retired

“They can put people on the moon but they can’t make a quiet truck!”


Next, a good friend’s beautiful, beloved PET who recently passed over the rainbow bridge.

dog, pet, animal

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”

Martin Buber

Here in the Southeastern US we’re headed into AUTUMN. Unlike our northern neighbors we do not lose most of our plants and leaves, nor do we get the brilliant colors of their fall season. But we have our beautiful purple sweetgrass and the changing colors of our marsh grasses to usher us into our temperate winters.

autumn, golden, grasses, marsh, Kiawah
Autumn Grasses, Kiawah Island

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

L.M. Montgomery

Finally, some FUN FINDS from my many walks both near and far.

Teddy bears, suitcase
Triple Teddies
flowers, water droplets
In The Pink And A Drink, Last Week’s Walk
multi-color, singers, statues
Quiet Choir

“The bottom line is to have fun and enjoy life.”


Thanks so much for hanging in there with me! As the challenge host I wanted to include images for all of the treasure objects. Rest assured you can do one, many or all of the objects in the treasure hunt, which are listed below. Please remember to link to my original post and to use the Lens-Artists Tag.

Sincere thanks to Donna of Wind Kisses for guest hosting last week. Her beautiful post was inspiring for all of us, and your responses were truly wonderful. We hope you enjoy this week’s Treasure Hunt. Once again here is the list of items:

  • A pet or pets (yours or someone else’s)
  • The moon or the sun (extra credit for both in one image)
  • Clouds (extra credit if you also include rain or snow)
  • A reflection
  • A child (extra credit if with other family members)
  • An umbrella (extra credit if you include a person using it)
  • A truck (extra credit if you include the driver or what the truck is hauling)
  • Autumn foliage (extra credit if it’s something that only blooms in the fall)
  • Something fun you found on a walk

We look forward to seeing your treasures. Until then, please stay safe and be kind.

Interested in joining the Lens-Artists challenge? Click here for more information.


176 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #219 – Treasure Hunt

  1. Bit late with this comment but I wanted to let you know how much fun this challenge was, and if it hadn’t been a crazy busy week for me I would have gone on with treasure hunts in at least two other places. As usual your photos are all superb but I especially like the light before the storm (did you end up running for shelter just after you took the photo?) I also love the raindrops on the pink flowers – such a unique vision.

  2. Pingback: Last week went by so fast – mazeepuran (माझे e-पुराण)

  3. I loved this challenge,Tina. It was truly a treasure/scavenger hunt. Your photos were fun and engaging. I loved the little girl, and the reflection on your walk at Shangri-La is breathtaking. But I do love the playfulness of the quiet choir. Interesting. Im a little late to “the party”, but I was truly out “hunting”. Thank you for the motivation. And thank you for the kind comment on my link.

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