Lens-Artists Challenge #226 – Textures

leaves, snow, brown, black
Summertime in the Mountains

“I am convinced that abstract form, imagery, color, texture and material convey a meaning equal to or greater than words.”

Katherine McCoy

This week our Guest Host, Jude, has asked us to visualize texture – a subject near and dear to the hearts of photographers. In response, I found myself drawn to the many types of textures offered by nature. My opening image was captured this past June as my husband and I spent a week in the North Carolina mountains. Although the weather was absolutely perfect, some of the areas were so high that there were dustings of ice visible in the early mornings. Nearby (shown below), an example of some of the mossy magic to be found in the mountain forests. Can’t you just imaging one of the Hobbit’s elves emerging just after you’d passed by?!

moss, tree,
Mossy Magic

“There is something magical about photography.”

Harry Gruyzert

Speaking of magic, there are moments here on Kiawah that are nothing short of magical. My brother was visiting earlier this month and we went to the Ocean Course one evening for dinner. I had to tone down the colors of the iPhone image that follows because the sunset was so spectacular it would be hard to believe I hadn’t doctored it. As I mentioned in a previous post, the sweetgrass this year has been incredible – more colorful and longer-lasting than we’ve ever seen it. All of the elements combined that evening to add beautiful textures to the scene, but the sweetgrass color and texture are what to me make it special.

sweetgrass, sunset, Ocean Course, Kiawah
Sweetgrass at Sunset

“After sunset there is a gentle leaving of the light, the air begins to still and a quiet descends…A sense of magic prevails.”

John Sexton

Back on the beach textures are apparent everywhere we look. The other day while walking with my husband he drew my attention to a perfectly shaped starfish nestled into the sand. Although we see them sometimes they’re actually not very common here. I captured it with my iPhone along with the little sculpture created by Mother Nature and now adorning my desk. Although small in size there must be 20 shells all adhering to the larger shell at the base. A wonderful find!

starfish, seashells, sculpture, Kiawah
Gifts from the Sea

“Photography is about searching, finding and reacting.”

Jesse Marlow

Of course there are many other examples of wonderful textures outside of those offered by Mother Nature. In a recent post I shared an image of a horse peeking out of his stall at the barn. Here is that door when closed, showing us the textures Father Time will create given the opportunity.

barn, door, paint, worn
Age = Texture

“…I am not lonely. Shifting light, textures, shades; these are my companions.”

Steve Coleman

Finally, one more example of texture outside of Mother Nature’s offerings. When I saw the subject for this week’s challenge, my mind’s eye immediately went to an image I’ve posted before. As a former knitter, I do love the textures in this one.

knitting, hand
Knit One, Purl One

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone to having abundance in your life.”

Wayne Dyer

Sincere thanks to Jude for hosting our challenge this week. Please click here to see and link to her beautiful original post. Be sure to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you. Thanks also to Anne for her uber-fun Wildlife Close To Home challenge last week. What an array of marvelous creatures you all shared with us! Finally, I’ll be your host here on Travels and Trifles for next week’s challenge. Until then please stay safe and be kind, and my best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it. In fact, even if you don’t celebrate the holiday it’s a great opportunity to think about the many things for which we are, or should be thankful!

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107 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #226 – Textures

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  5. Tina, such wonderful examples of texture you have captured. I love, love, love the first one, partially because of the contrast between black, white and tan, and partially because I don’t even know what it is. I’m also partial to the beach textures; the sandy starfish and your ‘find’, a perfect small sculpture…

    • Thanks so much Elizabeth. Interestingly Ann-Christine identified the first image as a fungus that is also found in her world which is half a world away from me! I was drawn to the colors also and was so happy when she told me what it was!

      • I initially thought it was some form of peeling bark except for the way it was scattered in a somewhat even texture. Good to know it’s a fungus – I will be keeping an eye out for this amazing plant.

  6. Always such a softness in your photos and I was glad you ended with the blanket.

    I agree with the quote…”convey a meaning greater than words. Think the right photos definitely do that. Definitely a hobbit house to clarify. I love the way you walked us along your beach and came across the starfish nestled in the sand. Things like that are always reminders to cherish the little things in life. Always a pleasure.

    • Thanks Donna – I hadn’t thought of the “little things” aspect but you’re so right. If we’re open to them they can enrich our lives in the most unexpected ways. Hoping things are going ok for you and your family, especially with the holidays upon us.

    • YOU DID IT A-C!!! You found the object of my image. I’m so grateful – a fungi it is! And yes, the sweetgrass image is from the golf course. Lucky you to have a new little one to knit for❤️. Thanks Ann-Christine.

      • Sheer luck we happened to have that fungi at our summer house as well. I found it interesting the first time I saw it and looked it up! Glad to have been of help!

    • Thanks Sarah – fallen tree bark I think but as I admitted to Jude, I’m not really sure! I was in my set of images from our NC mountains visit this summer but I don’t honestly remember. It was the texture and color that drew me to it so it worked well for the challenge. As for the starfish, I’d never have seen it it was so well buried in the wet sand. Full credit to my husband for spotting it!

    • Thanks Sofia – if my husband hadn’t pointed out the starfish (which was very well blended into the sand) I’d never have spotted the little sculpture. Definitely a treasured find and I was happy to have an opportunity to feature it!

  7. Nice texture on your two finds at the beach Tina. Love the starfish pic. And the sunset on the Ocean Course is my favorite…such a pleasing shot. Of course looks like that’s all I’ll have now are pictures of golf courses until maybe mid-March 😦 But I’ll keep my eye on the forecast here each week hoping that something around that 50 degree mark pops up letting me sneak in another round…lol.

    • LOL indeed Andy. I played twice last week and we all whined the whole way round about how cold it was. I guess we need to not complain if it’s warm enough to be out there at all! I’ll admit I had 3 layers against the 50 degree temps but once you have southern blood, cold becomes more insidious. Then again, the multiple layers were an excellent excuse for bad shots. Interestingly though, one of my playing partners had a marvelous eagle on a par 4 – a moment of excitement for the group!

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  9. Lovely textures, Tina. I love the knitting image and that spectacular sunset….made by Mother Nature and not Photoshop!! The starfish is a real find, as well as the sculpture. I really appreciated the focus on textures this week. Yours are perfect for the challenge. 😀😀

    • Thanks Patti – both for the lovely comment and for managing the process for this week. Jude’s post was really beautiful, the challenge is great fun and seems to be very well received.

    • Many thanks Andrew – I think this week’s challenge will get quite a response. Jude is a wonderful and very well-known/beloved blogger. We were immensely pleased when she agreed to lead us. Glad you enjoyed this one; it was fun putting it together.

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  11. What lovely examples of textures Tina! They are all beautiful, especially the nature’s made sea sculpture that now adorns your desk. But I think my favorite is the knitting image. To me it shows more than texture, it shows love. Take care.

    • Thanks John – our sweetgrass is quite ephemeral so I love to capture it while it lasts. We were fortunate that it had such a long tenure this year! The knitting is the only archive photo this week but I couldn’t resist including it 😊

  12. Your textures are stunning, Tina! I love that first shot of the bark–goes with my theme this week, too! Your sunset image on Kiawah is fantabulous! Textures caught in photos are somehow more magnified. I could just squish my hands through that knitting!

    • LOL for “squishing” your hands Terri – I suppose that’s the best compliment one could use to describe a texture image! Glad you enjoyed these, much appreciated. I’m off to check out your post today.

  13. I knew you’d have something special for this week and you don’t disappoint. Love the knitting photo – I used to knit too – long ago. The wonderful Sweetgrass contrasting with that velvety undulating golf course and the gifts from the beach are my favourites. But what is that first photo of? I have been studying it for ages and still can’t decide whether it is leaves that look burnt or peeling paint from a building. I suspect the latter, but… ?

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to guest host this week Tina (and the rest of the gang) I am enjoying seeing what textures everyone has to share.
    Jude xx

    • Many thanks Jude. The funny thing about my opening image is I too spent far too long trying to figure out what it was!!! I’m leaning toward tree bark but the truth is I don’t remember although it was just this past summer. Sigh. But it rather proves your point that one doesn’t need to know the actual subject, rather it was the look and feel of the texture that drew me to create the image ❤️

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