Lens-Artists Challenge #239 – Finding Peace

ocean, chairs, flags, Kiawah
Perfect Perch

“If you are guided by courage, awareness, tranquility and peace nature will serve you.”

Amit Ray

Last week Ann-Christine challenged us to address Alone Time. Many of our responses spoke to the contentment we find when we are alone – doing things like reading, gardening, walking, etc. So this week, let’s take Ann-Christine’s challenge one step further, and address the ways we’ve learned to Find Peace in today’s ever-more busy world. In the image above the two seats are perfectly arranged for peaceful contemplation. Below, a sunset sail assures its passengers will have a peaceful evening.

sailing, sunset, water, Kiawah
Sunset Sail

“So be satisfied and quiet, be contented with your contentment. 

Jeremiah Burroughs

For me, time along the ocean – sitting and watching the waves. walking along the shore, or sailing calm seas – is guaranteed to bring moments of peace. There is something about the gentle pull of the waves, or their synchronized motion, that erases the creases on my forehead and reminds me that despite any perceived problems, for the most part all is right with the world.

pond, chairs, sun
Day’s End

“Learn to sit back and observe, not everything requires a reaction.”

Inner Peace Zone

Although the sea brings its own sense of peace, for me pretty much any water view will do. The image above features our quiet spot along the edge of one of Kiawah’s ponds. As long as no alligators are close by, it too fosters a sense of inner peace.

Foggy Day on Kiawah

“Peace is not the absence of the commotion outside, it is the presence of serenity inside.”

Bangambiki Habyarimana,

Somehow I’ve found that weather can be a profound influence on my sense of inner peace. A thick layer of fog, as above one morning on Kiawah, or as below during a fast-moving NYC rainstorm can be just the thing to quiet an active mind.

apartments, NYC, sunlight, rain
Afternoon Light and Rain, New York City

“World peace begins in each home.”

Mashona Dhliwayo

I have a very strong memory of the amazing NYC moment shown above. The sun was shining brightly in the late afternoon as the rain poured and the winds blew. It was something I’d never seen before and brought the city to a near standstill. The image is straight out of camera, showing the incredible light that late afternoon, which lasted only a few brief moments before it was gone.

egrets, water, flowers
Three Little Birds

“Whenever possible, choose peace.”

Donna Goddard

I’ve often posted about the many places on Kiawah where nature surrounds us, and where I find my most peaceful moments. The image above, however, proves that quiet and peace can be found anywhere. The scene was captured as we traveled to NJ for a family celebration. Only 20 minutes from the chaos of Atlantic City we came upon an area filled with hundreds of beautiful birds enjoying the sunlight as they fished in the tidal creeks.

Thanks to Ann-Christine for her Alone Time challenge last week which led me to today’s subject. This week we hope you’ll share the ways you find peace in your corner of the world. Be sure to link to my post and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you. Finally, we hope you’ll also join us next week when John will once again lead us on his Journeys with Johnbo post. In the meanwhile, as always please stay safe, be kind and enjoy the journey.

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152 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #239 – Finding Peace

    • Thanks I.J. – I suppose there couldn’t be two more different places – NYC vs Kiawah. Although it wasn’t my intent as guess it shows you can find peaceful moments anywhere!

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  2. Excellent photo examples and the quotes are perfect. I especially like this one; “Peace is not the absence of the commotion outside, it is the presence of serenity inside.” Bangambiki Habyarimana
    Now to find photos to illustrate!

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  6. Remarkable photo of the sunlight in NYC with those raindrops on the lens. I don’t think I’d feel very peaceful by the pond, though, wondering if an alligator would climb out of it. Sometimes these days we have to go out of our way to find peaceful moments, but it’s always worth it.

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  11. Tina, I now recognize some of the places in your images thanks to the tour you gave me and Lynn of your beautiful Kiawah. Truly, I can see you’ve found peace in that environment, so much so that you’ve made it your home.

    • Thanks John – each day here brings a new view of the beauty of nature and her creatures. From the moment we arrived we’ve felt at home. It’s a rare gift that we never take for granted.

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  13. What wonderful images of peaceful moments, Tina. Just lovely. I love that special moment of golden light in NYC. I remember seeing something like that just once before. It’s incredible. Your images also remind me of the fun we had in Kiawah/Charleston. What a great place to enjoy natural beauty and find those islands of peace. Here are a few ways that I’ve found peace. Have a good week, too.

    Lens-Artists Challenge #239: Finding Peace

    • Many thanks Patti – yes the golden light was stunning and I was happy to be able to catch it with my camera before it faded away. As I recall it was a very brief few moments, making it all the more memorable! Wishing you a week filled with peace and happiness.

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  16. The examples of your visions of peace are truly stunning, Tina! How wonderful to find the bird sanctuary so close to NJ! I’ve lived through many foggy days and being in the fog really muffles the ambient noises. As I finish my Sunday Stills post, you’ve inspired me to make a couple of adjustments. Peace will work perfectly with my theme. See you tomorrow!

  17. Like you, the weather really has an effect on my moods. The NYC photo looks almost surreal! As always, enjoyed your beautiful photos!

  18. The golden rain is an exceptional photo. Well done on capturing that. Being by the sea always brings peace to me (except when they are full of tourists) and of course on the top of ‘my’ hill.

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  25. Peaceful all of these images, and I agree, that NYC rain and sun is a remarkable catch! So glad you waited and grabbed your camera – a fabulous moment. The sail at sunset is a very peaceful image too – but they all are. Again you have captured the essence of the theme in words and images. Thank you for a beautiful theme to extend last week’s theme, Tina. I am looking forward to seeing many great responses.

    • Thanks so much Ann-Christine. Your challenge led me directly to this one which worked perfectly I think. So far it seems most of our followers have done a great job of creating new posts of similar but different thoughts which was my hope.

  26. I love everything about Finding Peace, including the chance to extend Ann-Christine’s post last week, Alone Time. The NYC photo is quite unique knowing it is a bustling city, any time of day or night. Tranquility indeed with a rainy and brilliant day.

    Your quotes spoke to inner peace and how we can find it anywhere. And my favorite photo was of the birds outside Atlantic City. I believe they are choosing peace too.

    A great theme, with a chance for all of us to reconnect to that inner peace.

    • Many thanks Donna. Sometimes the world can be so chaotic, it’s imperative that we find our way to peace, even if just for a few precious moments. The flash rainstorm in NYC was such a memorable moment for me – I’m so glad I took the extra minute to grab the camera and save it! The birds were part of an outing my husband and I took to kill some time before a wedding. We were so enthralled we nearly missed the ceremony!!

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  28. Beautiful post, Tina. Your photos capture the feeling of serenity so well. So do your words. Walking on the beach, watching raindrops splash on the window panes or just sinking back into a chair to soak the winter sun, blissful indeed.

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    • Thanks Margaret – it’s a funny thing about the weather. I love it when it’s teeming rain because unless I absolutely HAVE to be somewhere I can tuck in at home, read a book or just enjoy the peace and quiet except for the sound of the rain. No wonder they make machines for sleeping that have rain sounds!

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